Music Involvement at Gonzaga

By: Sandra Vance, Class of 2018 Ever since I visited Gonzaga during my junior year of high school, I have heard people …

Join us for Preview Day!

We consistently hear our current students echo this point: the sense of community at Gonzaga just feels like nowhere else they’ve ever been. And that is a testament to the incredible students, faculty, and staff who are part of the community here.

Too Much Time On My Hands! Part II

By: Rodrigo Vazquez, Class of 2018 I mentioned before that you aren’t restricted to Gonzaga’s campus, you have the freedom to go …

Tapas, Tapas Everywhere

Or should I say jámon everywhere! Not to mention how do these people stay up so late?! My study abroad in Madrid, Spain, was not only about surrounding myself with tapas and ham, but with people from all over the world who challenged my values and beliefs in a way I did not think possible.

Opportunities for Accepted Students

Congratulations on your acceptance! This is a huge milestone and all of Gonzaga shares in your joy. We are excited that you are interested in sharing your talents with the GU community!

Why Gonzaga?

As an out-of-state student, I am all too familiar with the question, “Why Gonzaga?” To this question, there is no clear reason I can give, no connection to the university or family members who attended Gonzaga. So, I tell the story of how I was first introduced to GU when I was ten years old.