What Makes Spokane Special

Photo by Visit Spokane

Story by Madeline Hueske ’19;  Gonzaga News Service.

When I drive into Spokane, heading east on I-90 down Sunset Hill, there’s a point where the highway dips and the Spokane skyline spreads out on the horizon. Every time, my heart surges. I look for Beacon Hill and Mt. Spokane at first, and as I get closer, I search for the smokestacks at the steam plant, the imposing brick of the flour mill, and of course, the spires of St. Al’s.

I love this city. Because get this: the two largest state parks in Washington are within 20 minutes of town, the 40-mile Centennial Trail alongside the river offers countless views of varying topography and places to enjoy a swim.

Dozens of restaurants offer locally-sourced ingredients, and the local music scene has something for everybody’s taste.

Best of all, Spokane is affordable. Music to my college-student ears.

After four years (and one summer) here in the Inland Empire, I’ll let you in on the secrets, compiled by a group of Spokane-loving Zags.

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