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Careers in the Global Community! Where do you want to go?

March 26, 2015 · Comments Off

“Careers in the Global Community Where do you want to go?”
Join the conversation!


Six Panelists engaged in professions internationally

Hear from experienced professionals how to navigate careers in
• international business
• non-profit and service
• academics
• and the Diplomatic Corps of the U.S. State Department

Thursday, April 9, 6:30 pm
Jundt Art Museum, 110 Auditorium
Panel Discussion, Refreshments and Networking

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Rock your First Internship or Job!

March 26, 2015 · Comments Off

Just landed your first Internship or Job?

Now, learn how to rock it!


Join us for this great networking event!

*Special Guests from Nike & Microsoft!*

Receive tips from professionals on quick and continued success in the workplace!

@Knights of Columbus

Wednesday, April 8th, 4-6:30 pm

RSVP for the event at zagtrax.net>>events>>workshops



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Looking to be a leader on Campus? Apply to be a Career Center Representative!

March 19, 2015 · Comments Off

The Career Center Representatives (CCRs) are students who work as peer mentors in professional development.

CCR Retreat Group

We are looking for students who are excited to be a part of a leadership group on campus and enjoy working with other students to help them grow and develop.


• Assist peers with résumés & cover letters, interviewing, internship and job search, and networking assistance during weekly office hours (minimum of two per week).
• Attend weekly CCR meetings and trainings.
• Deliver scheduled presentations to classes and residence halls.
• Work in teams to create and promote career initiatives.
• Promote, attend and assist with Career Center events.


We Are Looking For:

Engaged, organized and dependable people to play a very important role on the Career Center team. We want a person who wants to be part of something really special, this includes representing the Career Center & GAMP and providing excellent customer service to your peers. If you are looking for an exciting opportunity to gain leadership experience, work independently and in a team, assist others with career coaching, and also look forward for a chance to get a head start on your own career—this is the role for you!

*We will train you on all the career development knowledge you will need, so there is no experience necessary!*

 To apply or learn more:

Go the ZagTrax.net, job posting #16117.

 Application closes March 31.

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Paid Internships in PacNW

March 16, 2015 · Comments Off

From our friend Moryt at Internbound.com

Week of 3/16/15

Crane Aerospace & Electronics (Redmond, WA)

INTERN: Marketing [3999]
Posting Link: https://preview.internbound.com/internship/crane-aerospace-electronics/1654/

INTERN: IT Oracle ERP [4026]
Posting Link: https://preview.internbound.com/internship/crane-aerospace-electronics/1652/

Crane Aerospace & Electronics (Lynnwood, WA)

Manufacturing Engineer Intern [55]
Posting Link: https://preview.internbound.com/internship/crane-aerospace-electronics/1651/

Manufacturing Engineer Intern [58]
Posting Link: https://preview.internbound.com/internship/crane-aerospace-electronics/1650/

Intern- Mechanical Engineer – Custom Power [3557]
Posting Link: https://preview.internbound.com/internship/crane-aerospace-electronics/1649/

Intern- Electrical Engineer- Custom Power [3559]
Posting Link: https://preview.internbound.com/internship/crane-aerospace-electronics/1648/

Intern- Electrical Engineer- Custom Power [3556]
Posting Link: https://preview.internbound.com/internship/crane-aerospace-electronics/1647/

Intern, Sales Operations [22]
Posting Link: https://preview.internbound.com/internship/crane-aerospace-electronics/1646/

Intern – Systems Engineering [3558]
Posting Link: https://preview.internbound.com/internship/crane-aerospace-electronics/1645/

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Catholic Charities Food For All is hiring!

March 16, 2015 · Comments Off

Catholic Charities Food For All is growing their team!


Looking to hire a full-time, full- benefits Project Manager.

  • Perfect for a systems-oriented thinker with an eye for detail
  • Seeking applicants with experience in team-oriented management and innovative project design.

Program & Position Description:

Catholic Charities Food For All (CCFFA) is a catalyst through which growth in our region’s food and agriculture systems improve the affordability and accessibility of healthy food in eastern Washington. Modeling tools and innovations emergent in our region’s agricultural economy, building capacity within the food supply chain, and enabling transformative systems-change, CCFFA is a leader in the building of a healthy, prosperous and equitable food system.

Pursuing opportunities for impact and responding to pressing need, CCFFA is experiencing exciting, demanding growth as a program. Recognized as a leader at the growing-edge of food system work, CCFFA has the chance and the challenge to mature its operation in tandem with expansion of its activities. Succeeding in this organizational growth will be essential to internal program health, the external impact of its activities, and in CCFFA’s opportunity to model operational efficacy within a growing movement.

The CCFFA Project Manager will play an essential role in the continuing growth of the Food for All program. Ensuring project activities align with program vision, the Project Manager will work with staff to maximize impact and optimize efficiency. Leading the identification and facilitation of needed resources, the Project Manager will empower staff to act with a high level of efficacy and sense of value in their work.

Working in a management role across CCFFA activities, the Project Manager will guide activities across their lifespan, supporting project staff by coordinating project design, implementation, outputs tracking and evaluation. In this capacity, the Project Manager’s leadership will ensure constant attention to targeted outcomes, creative and focused problem-solving, excellent teamwork and conscientious use of program resources.

Follow this link for a full position description and to submit an application:


Cover letter & resume sent directly to bestes@ccspokane.org are also welcome, but must be accompanied by a submission via the weblink.



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Zags Volunteering Opportunity!

March 9, 2015 · Comments Off


What is a Walking School Bus?

A Walking School Bus is a group of students walking safely with trained and screened adult volunteers along a set route to school on a daily basis. If a child lives a short distance from a Walking School Bus route, he or she can walk to join the route at dedicated stops near their homes. Children living further from the school can join the Walking School Bus by being taken to a “Stop and Walk” location at the beginning of the route where volunteers will be present.


Who can join the Walking School Bus?

Just sign up at your child’s school when they offer registration for the Walking School Bus program. Parents and caretakers of children enrolled in the WSB are welcome to walk with the bus whenever they are available.

The Walking School Bus will be accompanied by at least two trained, adult volunteers at all times. These volunteers can be parents, grandparents or community members who have passed a background check and are official school district volunteers. To learn more and request volunteer forms, call Annie at 509.324.1452 or email aszotkowski@srhd.org.




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Executive Director opening for First Night Spokane

March 9, 2015 · Comments Off


Executive Director | First Night Spokane

About the Organization:

First Night Spokane is a 501(c) 3 charitable organization and part of the “National Association of Community based New Year’s Eve Arts Festivals”.  As one of nearly 100 First Night celebrations around the world, we are a multi-cultural, artistically unique, alcohol free, family friendly and affordable public celebration that marks the passage from the old year to the new with art and festivity. First Night’s mission is to broaden and deepen the public’s appreciation of the visual and performing arts through an innovative, diverse and high quality New Year’s Eve program which offers the community a shared cultural experience that is inexpensive and accessible to all. For more information visit our site at: www.https://firstnightspokane.org/

About the Position:

We’re looking for a dynamic and talented leader to who will manage, all aspects of the First Night Spokane New Year’s Eve annual event, as well as the monthly First Friday events, and the curation of visual arts for the Kress Gallery. The Executive Director will have the oversight and management of the fiscal responsibility and operational integrity for these events, as well as other duties specifically assigned by the Board of Directors. This position requires demonstrated success in fundraising, board support and leadership. Successful candidates must bring a strong knowledge of fundraising, ability to lead/develop teams and proven experience managing the day-to-day operations of a non-profit organization.

Program Oversight & Operations Include, but are not limited to:

  • Oversee all aspects of First Night Spokane’s program planning, implementation, evaluation and overall event quality.
  • Create, develop and present fundraising and sponsorship proposals (both cash and in-kind).
  • Research, develop, write and present grant writing opportunities.
  • Establish annual financial goals, operating budget, and the annual event timeline for the approval by the Board of Directors.
  • Plan and direct all aspects of First Night Spokane’s public relations policies, objectives, and ensure that all external communications result in positive public relations.
  • Coordinate and manage all venue selection and contracting of facilities.
  • Coordinate, contract, and supervise all visual and performing artist selections.
  • Selection and coordination for visual and performing artists for First Friday events and for Kress Gallery.
  • Create Strategic partnerships with Musicians Union, Spokane Arts Commission, and other organizations as appropriate.


  • Bachelor’s degree in Business, Marketing, Communications or other related field; or five-seven years related work experience; or equivalent combination of education and related work experience.
  • Successful event planning experience.
  • Proven record of sales, fundraising and strategic planning.
  • Experience creating and maintaining high-level relationships within the community.
  • Strong knowledge of marketing, media relations and social media.
  • Self-starter and creative thinker with experience producing results in a deadline-driven, fast-paced, dynamic environment.
  • Experience with a non-profit preferred.

Compensation & Benefits:

  • Competitive Non-Profit Salary
  • Vacation, sick and holiday pay

How to Apply:

Please email your cover letter AND resume to elizabeth@riverparksquare.com OR you may mail your cover letter and resume to First Night Spokane, Attn: Board of Directors, PO Box 977, Spokane, WA 99210. We are an Equal Opportunity Employer. Position open until filled.


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Paid Internships in PacNW

March 6, 2015 · Comments Off

PAID INTERNSHIPS IN PACNW (Seattle, Vancouver, Corvallis)

From our friend Moryt at Internbound.com

Week of 3/6/15

Facebook, Inc.(Seattle, WA)

Product Security Engineer Intern

Posting Link:       https://preview.internbound.com/internship/facebook-inc/1591/

Software Engineer, University Grad

Posting Link:       https://preview.internbound.com/internship/facebook-inc/1579/

Software Engineer, PhD University Grad

Posting Link:       https://preview.internbound.com/internship/facebook-inc/1578/

Software Engineer, Intern/Co-op

Posting Link:      https://preview.internbound.com/internship/facebook-inc/1570/

Research Intern, Oculus (Redmond, WA)

Posting Link:      https://preview.internbound.com/internship/facebook-inc/1569/


Amazon.com (Seattle, WA)

Photography Studio Intern [309870]

Posting Link:     https://preview.internbound.com/internship/amazon-com-inc/1597/

Photography Studio Intern [308927]

Posting Link:     https://preview.internbound.com/internship/amazon-com-inc/1596/


Hewlett-Packard Company (Vancouver, WA)

Masters MBA Intern [Supply Chain] (1381379)

Posting Link:     https://preview.internbound.com/internship/hewlett-packard-company/1600/

Technical Intern- [Supply Chain] 1375286

Posting Link:     https://preview.internbound.com/internship/hewlett-packard-company/1599/


Hewlett-Packard Company (Corvallis, OR)

Firmware Engineering Intern (1370891)

Posting Link:     https://preview.internbound.com/internship/hewlett-packard-company/1608/

Mechanical/Chemical Engineer Intern (1353686)

Posting Link:     https://preview.internbound.com/internship/hewlett-packard-company/1607/

Writing Systems Engineer, College Intern (1379394)

Posting Link:     https://preview.internbound.com/internship/hewlett-packard-company/1606/

Mechanical Engineer Intern (1355678)

Posting Link:     https://preview.internbound.com/internship/hewlett-packard-company/1604/

Print Services Modeling Intern (1376327)

Posting Link:     https://preview.internbound.com/internship/hewlett-packard-company/1603/

Mechanical Engineer (Intern) (1383103)

Posting Link:     https://preview.internbound.com/internship/hewlett-packard-company/1602/

Manufacturing Technician Intern (1352687)

Posting Link:     https://preview.internbound.com/internship/hewlett-packard-company/1601/

Engineering Intern [ME EE CS] (1377652)

Posting Link:     https://preview.internbound.com/internship/hewlett-packard-company/1598/

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Paid Internships in NorCal

March 6, 2015 · Comments Off

Paid Northern California Internships

from our friend Moryt at Internbound.com

Week of 3-5-15

Kaiser Permanente (Oakland, CA)

National Product Mgmt Intern-Undergraduate (328417)

Posting Link:       https://preview.internbound.com/internship/kaiser-permanente/1540/

Facilities Risk Management and Compliance Intern-Graduate (321769)

Posting Link:       https://preview.internbound.com/internship/kaiser-permanente/1541/

National Medicare Administration Intern-Graduate (326530)

Posting Link:       https://preview.internbound.com/internship/kaiser-permanente/1544/

Healthworks & Product Innovation Intern-Graduate (325572)

Posting Link:       https://preview.internbound.com/internship/kaiser-permanente/1545/

National Product Mgmt Intern-Undergraduate (324706)

Posting Link:       https://preview.internbound.com/internship/kaiser-permanente/1547/

Predictive Analytics Intern-Undergraduate (330338)

Posting Link:       https://preview.internbound.com/internship/kaiser-permanente/1552/

National Pricing Solutions Intern-Undergraduate (330458)

Posting Link:       https://preview.internbound.com/internship/kaiser-permanente/1554/

HealthWorks and Product Innovation Intern-Graduate (325533)

Posting Link:       https://preview.internbound.com/internship/kaiser-permanente/1546/

Pricing & Underwriting Intern-Undergraduate (323674)

Posting Link:       https://preview.internbound.com/internship/kaiser-permanente/1548/

Consumer Loyalty & Retention Intern-Graduate (330264)

Posting Link:       https://preview.internbound.com/internship/kaiser-permanente/1550/

Intern-Undergrad (327995)

Posting Link:       https://preview.internbound.com/internship/kaiser-permanente/1558/

Market Strategy and Sales Operations Intern-Undergraduate (329479)

Posting Link:       https://preview.internbound.com/internship/kaiser-permanente/1543/

Kaiser Permanente (Pleasanton, CA)

Intern-Grad (327671)

Posting Link:       https://preview.internbound.com/internship/kaiser-permanente/1556/

Intern-Grad (328054)

Posting Link:       https://preview.internbound.com/internship/kaiser-permanente/1557/

Incubation & DevOps Engineering Intern (329859)

Posting Link:       https://preview.internbound.com/internship/kaiser-permanente/1559/

Facebook, Inc. (Menlo Park, CA)

Mobile Software Developer (WhatsApp)- Intern

Posting Link:       https://preview.internbound.com/internship/facebook-inc/1595/

Security Engineering Intern

Posting Link:       https://preview.internbound.com/internship/facebook-inc/1594/

Security Engineering Intern – Threats

Posting Link:       https://preview.internbound.com/internship/facebook-inc/1593/

Security Engineer Intern, Corp & Prod Hardening + Oculus

Posting Link:       https://preview.internbound.com/internship/facebook-inc/1592/

Incident Response Intern

Posting Link:       https://preview.internbound.com/internship/facebook-inc/1590/

Product Support MBA Intern

Posting Link:       https://preview.internbound.com/internship/facebook-inc/1589/

Product Marketing Manager, Intern / Co-op

Posting Link:       https://preview.internbound.com/internship/facebook-inc/1588/

Quantitative Researcher Intern

Posting Link:       https://preview.internbound.com/internship/facebook-inc/1587/

Teen Community Intern, Instagram

Posting Link:       https://preview.internbound.com/internship/facebook-inc/1586/

Storage Hardware Engineer, Intern/Co-op

Posting Link:       https://preview.internbound.com/internship/facebook-inc/1585/

US Sales MBA Intern

Posting Link:       https://preview.internbound.com/internship/facebook-inc/1584/

Content Strategy Intern

Posting Link:       https://preview.internbound.com/internship/facebook-inc/1583/

Communication Designer, Intern/Co-op

Posting Link:       https://preview.internbound.com/internship/facebook-inc/1582/

Facebook University for Business Intern

Posting Link:       https://preview.internbound.com/internship/facebook-inc/1581/

Growth Analyst, Marketing Partnerships, Intern / Co-op

Posting Link:       https://preview.internbound.com/internship/facebook-inc/1580/

Software Engineer, University Grad

Posting Link:       https://preview.internbound.com/internship/facebook-inc/1579/

Software Engineer, PhD University Grad

Posting Link:       https://preview.internbound.com/internship/facebook-inc/1578/

Mobile Software Developer (WhatsApp)- New Grad

Posting Link:       https://preview.internbound.com/internship/facebook-inc/1577/

Product Designer, University Grad

Posting Link:       https://preview.internbound.com/internship/facebook-inc/1575/

Data Engineer, Analytics Insights Fellows (CA Winter 2015)

Posting Link:       https://preview.internbound.com/internship/facebook-inc/1574/

Construction Management Summer Intern

Posting Link:       https://preview.internbound.com/internship/facebook-inc/1573/

Data Engineer – Analytics, Intern/Co-op

Posting Link:      https://preview.internbound.com/internship/facebook-inc/1572/

Research Intern, AI

Posting Link:      https://preview.internbound.com/internship/facebook-inc/1571/

Software Engineer, Intern/Co-op

Posting Link:      https://preview.internbound.com/internship/facebook-inc/1570/

Research Intern, Oculus (Redmond, WA)

Posting Link:      https://preview.internbound.com/internship/facebook-inc/1569/

Market Operations Intern, Instagram

Posting Link:      https://preview.internbound.com/internship/facebook-inc/1568/

Network Engineer, Intern/Co-op

Posting Link:      https://preview.internbound.com/internship/facebook-inc/1566/

Antenna Intern

Posting Link:      https://preview.internbound.com/internship/facebook-inc/1565/

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Master in Teaching (MIT) Information Meetings

March 6, 2015 · Comments Off

Gonzaga’s Master in Teaching Program

MIT Information Meetings – Rosauer Room in Rosauer Center
Tuesday, March 17th, 5:00 – 6:00 pm
Thursday, March 26th, 5:00 – 6:00 pm
Saturday, March 28th, 9:30 – 10:30 am

  • Why Consider Gonzaga’s Master in Teaching Program?
  • Add value to our bachelor’s degree by earning a master’s degree and a Washington State teaching certificate at the same time
  • Gonzaga’s MIT program has one of the highest placement rates in the region
  • From the first day, MIT candidates are actively involved in K-12 classrooms working with experienced teachers to practice skills they need to be effective teachers
  • 1 and 2 year programs available

Applications are Now Being Accepted
Go to https://www.applyweb.com/gonzagvc/

To Register for a MIT Information Meeting go to www.gonzaga.edu/MITinfosession
If you are interested in meeting with an education advisor, please contact Gale Snyder at 509.313.2161 or email her at snyderg@gonzaga.edu

Click here for more information

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