ZAG ALUM SEEKS ZAG for non-profit job in Montana!

Hope all is well in Spokane! I thought I would pass this [message below] along for any graduating seniors with an interest in promoting healthy and local food in schools. We would love to have some GU alumni in Montana next service term! If you do have any interested folks, they would be welcome to contact me with questions about FoodCorps. It is a pretty cool program. Thanks, Katie Halloran, Montana Local Food Specialist, Montana Healthy Food and Communities Initiative | | (406) 723-7582 |


Dear Friend of FoodCorps,

Have you been looking for an opportunity to help improve kids’ health? To get your hands dirty? To help your community thrive? To create real, lasting change that tastes as good as a freshly dug carrot and lasts as long as an apple tree?

Become a FoodCorps service member and you could get started on all of those goals in 2015! >>

Since September, our current crop of 182 service members has reached over 100,000 kids in limited resource communities around the country, introducing them to sweet potatoes, teaching them how to make hummus, bringing them out into the garden to grow seedlings into hardy greens, and giving them a shot at a healthier future.

At the same time, through their service, our members are learning new skills and paving the way towards their future careers as educators, farmers, chefs, and public health advocates.

The FoodCorps application is now open.

We are seeking up to 210 leaders to help kids in their communities grow up healthy through our three-ingredient recipe for change: food and nutrition education that gives kids the information they need to make smart choices; hands-on activities like gardening and cooking that foster skills and pride around healthy food; and lunch trays filled with nutritious meals from local farms.

Read more and apply here >>

We hope you’ll join us,

Curt Ellis
Co-Founder and CEO