As the Portland Trek approaches, the host companies are preparing to meet our students. Michelle Schwartz, the Manager of Diversity and University Programs, is excited to introduce Cambia Health Systems to our trekkers. So that students are able to come to the Trek fully equipped, Michelle sent in her set of networking tips and career advice for the Portland Trek. 


Q&A with Michelle Schwartz:

Who from your company is coming to the Trek?

 Former interns now working full-time and managers/leaders from different teams including Artificial Intelligence/Data Technology Solutions, Marketing, Accounting/Internal Audit, Strategic Communications and other areas of the business.


What should students know about Cambia as they prepare to meet employers? 

We are a not-for-profit organization seeking to transform healthcare. Our team members and leaders care deeply about the work we do and are excited to share how we are shaping the health care experience of the future. Cambia is a great place to learn and grow. We take pride in cultivating a culture of belonging.

Here is a blog of a summer intern’s experience you can review!


Interns of Summer 2019 at an annual Intern Innovation Challenge event


Can you give a brief behind-the-scenes pitch for your company? Why should students be excited to speak with Cambia at the Trek? 

Cambia Health Solutions, headquartered in Portland, Oregon, is dedicated to transforming health care. We are a family of over 20 companies that work together to make the health care system more economically sustainable and efficient for people and their families. Our solutions empower nearly 70 million Americans nationwide, including more than 2.6 million people in the Pacific Northwest who are enrolled in our regional health plans.


What career and internship opportunities does Cambia have for college students? What positions are you seeking to fill? 

We are seeking to identify candidates who are a match for both internship and full-time positions post graduation. We hire approximately 65 interns annually. On average, fifty of these internships tend to be full-time summer internships in our Seattle or Portland office.

With an internship at Cambia, you’ll have the opportunity to cultivate real-world experience in the workplace using everything you’ve got—from academic experience to life skills. You’ll collaborate with directors and participate in projects delegated by senior management, plus network with other interns on exciting assignments.

Engaging in challenging assignments is a given for interns at Cambia. You might formulate health care premiums, refine the claims process, develop training programs and software, engage in risk-assessment or develop customer-driven marketing solutions. One thing is certain: Your work will be crucial to the transformation of health care.

In addition to providing all interns competitive pay, we offer these extras:

  • Activities and networking events exclusive to interns
  • Personal interactions with senior leaders
  • Weekly Brown Bags headed by corporate management
  • On-site fitness center membership (Portland and Seattle only)
  • Career development through training opportunities


Why is Cambia a good place to consider starting a career? 

We’re not just working. We’re changing lives. Join our Cause to transform health care, creating a person-focused and economically sustainable health care system. At Cambia, we believe that diverse voices and perspectives drive innovation and the achievement of our Cause.

Why join the Cambia team?

  • Work with and learn from diverse teams building innovative solutions that are changing the way people experience health care
  • Earn a competitive salary and enjoy a generous benefits package
  • Take advantage of Career Development Opportunities
  • Give back by participating in community outreach programs supported by the company
  • Participate in our Award-Winning Wellness Programs
  • Connect with colleagues who share like-minded interests and backgrounds through our Employee Resource Groups


What advice do you have for students going on the Treks? 

Be prepared. Learn a little about the organization and ask questions. This is your opportunity to stand out to a potential employer as well as make sure an organization is the right fit for you. Make sure your resume reflects your personality as well as clearly outlines your experience and interests. It is your opportunity to brand yourself. Invest the time in making sure it is a good reflection of you.


Please add anything else that you have in mind that would be valuable to hear for GU students 🙂 

At Cambia, we value the communities we serve, our members and our employees. We are committed to attracting top talent to serve our consumers, bringing together individuals with diverse talents, skills, backgrounds and abilities. We recognize that our team members not only contribute to the success of our organization but also assist in our goal of transforming health care from the inside out.

One of the ways we are committed to diversity, equity and inclusion is through our community investments. We strive to break cycles of poverty through the support of programs like Bridge Meadows in Oregon, mobile dentals vans in Washington, or Community Action Partnership in Idaho. We partner with organizations to empower girls through the work of the YWCA of Utah, Mary’s Place in Washington, and Girls, Inc. and the Center for Women’s Leadership at Portland State University in Oregon. We also support organizations that highlight challenges facing specific minority groups like the LGBTQ, Hispanic and immigrant communities.


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