I found an interesting article on TweetMyJobs.com, the job hunting site through Twitter…yes the site with the little bird.  The article has 3 things every resume should have…especially in this tough economy.  According to Claudia Loens  , these three attributes are:

  1. A FOCUSED Objective
  2. Accomplishments
  3. Personal Attributes

Read below for more information from Claudia.  Great tips, consider adding them to your resume today!

An objective with focus – A resume which doesn’t have an objective is like having an airplane ticket with no destination. It’s a huge investment in ambiguity. Tell your employer exactly what you are looking for. Make it sound focused and dynamic. It doesn’t have to be more than one statement and avoid using “I” or “my”. An example is, “a strategic role in Customer Service Management in a fast-paced environment”. Simple and yet direct.

Accomplishments – Employers are no longer looking for WHAT you did, but HOW WELL you did it. Don’t simply list all of your duties and responsibilities. Make at least one or two bullet items illustrate what you achieved. For example, “saved the company $2 million by implementing a new tracking database” OR “achieved 130% of quota for three quarters in a row.” Put these in bold so they catch the readers eye.

Personal Attributes – When I read a resume, I like to know more about the person. It’s difficult to convey this in a document, so add a section titled “personal attributes”. List several power words which describe you and your work style and put them in a phrase. Words that work well include, enthusiastic, high energy, strong work ethic, strategic thinker, innovative, creative, hard working, dedicated, loyal and team player. Just remember to think about what exactly you want your resume reader to know about you and keep it professional. Things like “strong family man” and “active church member” don’t relate to the job and therefore, don’t belong on your resume.