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Don’t get burned: What Not to do at a Career Fair

Retro-Oven-Range_2E7BDBD2Going to tomorrow’s Career Fair could be a first meeting with a future employer and you have to treat it that way! Just as you wouldn’t sit down to an interview chewing a fresh piece of Big Red, there are some big taboos that must be avoided!

Here are a few of our personal favorite:

  • Wearing your backpack: Pulling your resume out of your Jansport that’s been crushed between your planner and math book is not acceptable! Drop it off in the coatroom, please.
  • Don’t come a few minutes before the Fair ends because some employers may have to leave early.
  • Don’t bring the whole floor of your dorm with you. The employers want to meet you, not your whole entourage.
  • Don’t walk up to a booth and as “So what do you guys do?” Do your homework and know about the employers you are interested in.

Going in with a professional mindset will definitely equip you to present employers with your best non-flip flopped foot forward.

Written by: Courtney Jacobsen, Class of 2011

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