A letter from CIEE’s (Council on International Education Exchange) Director of Teach Abroad Programs Matthew Redman appeared on my desk on top of the keyboard.

“Dear Colleague, I write today to share two interesting facts for your graduating seniors: It is easy to get an international job and gain valuable international professinal experience; Graduates of any major are eligible to teach English abroad.”

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CIEE Teach Abroad is not a corps. Not Peace Corps, not Teach for America Corps, not Army of Engineers Corps. CIEE Teach abroad emphasizes being a program provider and not a recuiter.

  • Teaching programs are located in Chile, China, Dominican Republic, South Korea, Spain, Thailand, and Vietnam.

The Nuts and Bolts from the poster:

With CIEE Teach Abroad, You’ll have access to:

  • Unparelled services and support from contract negotiation to insurance to visa assistance or procurement.
  • Expert advisors to help you plan your teach abroad journey and provide detailed information and recommendations
  • In-depth oritentations to familiarize you with the lozal language, culture and teaching techniques including immersion progreams, language classes and TEFL training.
  • On-site staff who are there to assist and advice you while you’re abroad.

CIEE prides themselves on being different. The program states a commitment to transparency with an engaged alumni that embrases the world by questioning perceptions and investigating the similarities and differences between cultures.

Come to the Career Center in upper Crosby  to see the poster or check-out ciee.org/teach for more information. To hear from real participants about their experiences abroad through blog entries, photos, video and more, visit ciee.org/teach/taught.