foodpics 217aWhat to Wear to a Career Fair

Time to dig through your closet and push aside your favorite sweatpants and t-shirts. Remember, this could be your first meeting with a future employer so dress to impress!

Ladies: Style your hair so it doesn’t fall into your face; less is more when it comes to jewelry, makeup, and perfume; no flashy labels or designer names; no chipping nail polish; no cleavage; closed or peep-toe shoes, moderate heel, no sling backs

Gentlemen: Comb your hair; clean the dirt out from underneath your finger nails; conservative on jewelry and cologne; wear dark socks; no flashy ties; wear dark colored slacks or a suit (black can sometimes seems too formal)

Overall, dress like your going to meet your new love-interest’s parents for dinner! And remember, that your iron is your new best friend.

Written by: Courtney Jacobsen, Class of 2011