We are here to coach you throughout the summer through resume reviews, job search tips and coaching along with interview prep!  Recent graduates, current students and experienced alumni consider us your one stop shop for your career development.   If you need to kick start your career development, e-mail us at careercenter@gonzaga.edu.  Our friendly staff is willing and happy to answer your questions.

If you are still job hunting (or even internship hunting for that matter) keep in mind ZagTrax! The positions listed below are about to close on our internal job board… does one spark your interest?  Consider applying!  Go to ZagTrax, under Job Postings search with the listed ID #.  Make sure to note the various deadlines!I s your resume not quite perfect yet?  That’s okay, we can help with that too!

Analysts – Trading / Wealth Management / Research / Investment, ID # 4657, (6/7)

Early Childhood Educators, ID # 4787  (6/8)

Clinical Services Manager, ID# 4791 (6/9)

Multi-Line Insurance Agent, ID# 3160 (6/11)

Technical Translator Intern, ID# 4779 (6/11)

Technical Writer (Full Time), ID# 4851 (6/11)

Inside Sales (Full Time), ID# 4859 (6/12)

Regional Labor Economist (Full Time), ID# 4718 (6/12)

Real Estate Appraisal Trainee, ID# 4793 (6/14)

Community Access Volunteer, ID# 4709 (6/14)

Leadership Development Program, ID# 4781 (6/14)

Project Attorney, ID# 4861 (6/15)

Sales Rep, ID# 4810 (6/15)

Special Education Teacher, ID# 4004 (6/18)

Coordinator, Admissions/Enrollment Services, ID# 4852 (6/17)

SQA Engineer Internship, ID# 4834 (6/18)

Financial Analyst, ID# 4823 (6/19)

Reporter/Weekend Weather Anchor, ID# 4833 (6/20)

Business Development/Account Management, ID# 4820 (6/21)

Business Development Project Leader, ID# 4830 (6/22)

Design Engineer, ID# 4783 (6/22)