In the past, we’ve compiled undergrad business outcomes data from hardcopy surveys disseminated during the senior comprehensive exam.  It is important that we continue to collect data on your plans after graduation (jobs/internships/academic opportunities, etc.).  This data is required for our accreditation reports.

Also, more and more parents and prospective students are requesting this type of information from the University, as well as the media (i.e. Business Week).  Naturally, we do not want to give anyone unfavorable or incomplete data.

Therefore, I am asking you to please continue to help us by completing the survey found in the link below:

*If you have already taken this survey you may disregard this request.

Jenn Klein, Career Data, Computer & Research Specialist, is coordinating this project for the University.  She is eager to begin the collection and compilation process and is well qualified to answer any questions.  You may reach her at 313-4237 or