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How Do You Know How to Work A Room?

The time has come for many of our Zag seniors to break out of the safe and cozy campus of Gonzaga in order to begin networking with fellow Zags to find the most coveted of all things: a real job.  What a great concept, right?


Three Keys to Easy, Breezy Networking:

1.       Prepare Your Introduction of Yourself:

    1. Your introduction may be called an elevator greeting or a quick pitch, but the first words out of your mouth should be your name, what you do and why you’re there.
    2. In order for your intro to be effortless and easy, you have to practice…and then practice some more.
    3. Here are three examples:
    • “Hi, my name is Catherine Lee. I’m glad to have this chance to meet you and learn how a psychology major can break into the pharmaceutical industry.” [Employer Information Session]
    •  Good morning, I’m Bryan Sampson, a former summer intern at your Los Angeles branch.” [Career Fair]
    •  “Hello, my name is Jessica Garcia. I’m a junior rhetoric major looking to find out what it’s like working in public relations and marketing.” [Communications Career Night]

2.       Have a conversation starter that is comfortable to you. Read the newspaper or surf the web for current events that may be interesting to have a conversation about.  Note: Steer clear from topics that may be controversial (ie: politics or religion)

3.       Send a Genuine & Timely Thank-you note.

  • a.       Make sure to collect those business cards for specifically this purpose: MAILING ADDRESSES!
  • b.       You may consider that an e-mail will suffice, but you will get lost in the shuffle of an inbox.   A personal note or card however will get you to stand out and be remembered.

Things to Bring:

1.       A pen (after you meet someone new, write details about them on the back of their business cards)

2.       Business Cards (with current & permanent addresses):  Go to Office Depot, Kinkos or just Google “business cards” for on-line design firms.  For example: offers 250 cards for $3.99!

3.       Positive Attitude


A upcoming event that will allow current students to practice their networking skills is the Alumni Sharing Knowledge Event coming up on April 8th at the Red Lion at the River beginning at 7 pm.  For more information, students can e-mail

Get out there and happy networking!


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  2. Belinda Bobko
    Belinda Bobko

    May 4, 2009 at 9:04 AM

    Feel free to bookmark us and check back in the future! More tips and advice to come!

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