Hey ZAGS!  Check out these great internship opportunities in the Bay Area sent to the Career Center & GAMP by our friend Moryt at InternBound.com. There’s internships in several areas, from writers to business to engineering and computer science to working with contracts!


These are the latest from the Bay Area.

Google Inc. (Mountain View CA)

Enterprise Applications Developer, New Grad – Mountain View CA
Posting Link:       https://internbound.com/internship/5413/

Internal Technology Residency Program, New Grad – Mountain View CA
Posting Link:       https://internbound.com/internship/5414/

Software Engineering Intern, Summer 2013
Posting Link:       https://internbound.com/internship/5414/

Hardware Engineering Intern, Summer 2013 – Mountain View
Posting Link:       https://internbound.com/internship/7440/

Software Engineering Intern, PhD, Summer 2013
Posting Link:       https://internbound.com/internship/7441/

Associate Product Manager Intern, Summer
Posting Link:       https://internbound.com/internship/7438/

User Experience Design Intern, Summer 2013
Posting Link:       https://internbound.com/internship/7443/

User Experience Research Intern, Summer 2013
Posting Link:       https://internbound.com/internship/7444/

Decision Support Engineering Analyst Intern, Summer 2013
Posting Link:       https://internbound.com/internship/7439/

Software Engineer, New Grad 2013
Posting Link:       https://internbound.com/internship/7380/

Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

ROTC Student Intern (10979)
Posting Link:     https://internbound.com/internship/7448/

Multimedia/Web Student Intern (10966)
Posting Link:       https://internbound.com/internship/7450/

Global Security Student Intern (10950)
Posting Link:       https://internbound.com/internship/7447/

Editing/Writing Student Intern (10968)
Posting Link:       https://internbound.com/internship/7449/

Info Technology Temporary Student Intern (10980)
Posting Link:       https://internbound.com/internship/7451/

Animation/Multimedia Student Intern (10967)
Posting Link:      https://internbound.com/internship/7452/

Oracle Corp. (Redwood Shores CA)

Student / Intern – Incentive Planning Analyst – GIC Intern (IRC1919662)
Posting Link:      https://internbound.com/internship/6171/

Student / Intern – Contract Specialist (IRC1985652)
Posting Link:      https://internbound.com/internship/7454/

Student / Intern (IRC1989654)
Posting Link:      https://internbound.com/internship/7455/

Oracle’s Product Development Internships
Posting Link:      https://internbound.com/internship/6174/