Hey Zags!  Check out these internship annoucements that have made their way to the Career Center!  For more information on how to get started, give us a call at 509-313-4234 or e-mail at careercenter@gonzaga.edu.

International Relations / Political Science / Social Science / all majors

(WII) Washington Internship Institute – three programs available:

• Capital Experience – for all majors; interested in careers in WDC

• The Embassy and Diplomatic Scholars Program – int. rel.; languages; business

• Go Green! – environmental action and policy majors


Congressional Intern Candidates for 8th federal congr. district located on Mercer Island

• Constituent focused office –good job description available,

application both online and in the career center


White House Internship

• Application deadline for spring 2011: October 3

App. needs resume, 2 essays, 3 letters of recommendation


also a special interest to economics / business/ math/ computer science / as well as above:

Dept. of Commerce – postsecondary students – for enrolled undergrads and grads

Fall internships are full, but spring and summer are still possible

Oakridge Institute for Science and Education (ORISE)


Social Science / Psychology / Sociology / Education / Community Relations / service learning majors:

Salvation Army – 6 separate internships posted

• Transport and monitor assistant

• Sally’s House Intern

• Receptionist / Foodbank

• Stepping Stones – Transitional Housing Operations Specialist

• Family Emergency Shelter

• After School Program Assistant

Contacts and phone numbers available, contact Career Center (careercenter@gonzaga.edu) for information.

Theatre / Performing Arts / Public Relations / Communications / all majors

• Disney College Program Walt Disney World

• Spring (mid / late Jan – mid May)

Spring Advantage (approx late Jan mid Aug)

Culinary (ongoing)

Must be enrolled as full or part-time student; online applications and interviews