A Career Fair can be a little overwhelming, but as long as you know a few key skills and bring the pertinent supplies (i.e. copies of your resume, a smile, and a firm handshake) you’ll look like a seasoned veteran to the game.

Working a Career Fair centers around what you say to each company’s representatives. Developing a small speech to start out with will open a conversation door. Now, no index cards are needed because you’re going to be talking about one of your favorite subjects: yourself!

It’s a simple combination of name, class standing, major, opportunities you are seeking, relevant experience, highlights of skills and strengths, and knowledge of the company.

See? That won’t be too painful. Then just be ready to ask the representative questions about their company or any job openings they have. The most important thing to do is practice talking about you. I’m sure that your roommate would love to know about what career venues interest you.

Written by: Courtney Jacobsen, Class of 2011