Have you ever thought about working in North Dakota? We’re having an information session in late January about student internship opportunities in North Dakota. If you’re interested, watch this video and read below to see student quotes from past North Dakota internship positions!

“You’re representing Gonzaga, and Jim Powers put his word out to set everything up, so there was this feeling of nervousness. You had to give 110 percent because you were representing so much more than yourself. These people had never been to Gonzaga. They’ve seen the basketball but they’ve never experienced what it is to be a Zag. What you do here will forever be what Gonzaga stands for.”

“The Gonzaga interns provided the kind of talent that we need – highly skilled, talented, autonomous students who can come in and fill a critical need. And because the students came from Gonzaga, that actually provided an endorsement to a community under stress.”

“All the students should have had one nice thing in common – an experience in an environment unequal to anything they have ever seen. You can do it all in Williston, everything the Jesuits want – I think. You can have a good job, make money, pay taxes, give back and jump into the community and make it better. Work and a pay check solve a lot of problems and create all kinds of opportunity.”