…And here are some opportunities for those of you who want to be in Northern California! Check out these great internships:

Accenture (San Jose CA)         
Accenture Future Technology Leaders Program – College Freshmen (14)+ [00227539]
Xilinx, Inc. (San Jose CA)
IP Verification Intern [IRC100575]
Hewlett-Packard Company (Roseville CA)         
Network Systems Test Internship-1238897
 Global Procurement Intern-1197101
 Posting Link:       https://internbound.com/internship/11753/
HPN Software Development Intern-1214236
Hewlett-Packard Company (Palo Alto CA)         
Global Cyber Security – Software Engineer INTERN-1242350
Global Cyber Security – Technical Writer INTERN-1242336
Posting Link:        https://internbound.com/internship/11759/
HP Labs– Intern, SYSTEMS RESEARCH LAB (PL)-1239948
Posting Link:        https://internbound.com/internship/11762/
HP Labs– Intern, SYSTEMS RESEARCH LAB (PL)-1239948
Posting Link:        https://internbound.com/internship/11762/
HP Labs- Research Associate, Optics-1227185
Posting Link:        https://internbound.com/internship/11763/
Global Cyber Security (GCS) Website Mgmt Intern-1236693
Posting Link:        https://internbound.com/internship/11764/
User Experience Research Intern-1226681
Posting Link:        https://internbound.com/internship/11767/
Hitachi Data Systems Corp. (Santa Clara CA)         
Sales Support Intern-011489
Posting Link:        https://internbound.com/internship/11768/
Santa Clara Valley Water District
Posting Link:        https://internbound.com/internship/11772/
Horn Group (San Francisco, CA)
 Intern- Tech PR [89]
 Posting Link:        https://internbound.com/internship/11776/
 Finance IR & Treasury Intern – Summer 2014
 Posting Link:        https://internbound.com/internship/11791/
 Corporate Strategy MBA Intern – Summer 2014
 Posting Link:        https://internbound.com/internship/11790/
 Strategic Planning & Analysis Intern – Summer 2014
 Posting Link:        https://internbound.com/internship/11792/
Strategic Planning & Analysis MBA Intern – Summer 2014
Posting Link:        https://internbound.com/internship/11793/
Strategic Planning & Analysis User Growth & Engagement Intern – Summer 2014
Posting Link:        https://internbound.com/internship/11794/
Design Intern – Summer 2014
Posting Link:        https://internbound.com/internship/11795/
Engineering Program Management Intern – Summer 2014
Posting Link:         https://internbound.com/internship/11796/
Marketing Competitive Intelligence Intern – Summer 2014
Posting Link:         https://internbound.com/internship/11797/
Product Marketing Pricing Intern – Summer 2014
Posting Link:         https://internbound.com/internship/11798/
Benefits Intern – Summer 2014
Posting Link:         https://internbound.com/internship/11799/
Platform Intern – Summer 2014
Posting Link:          https://internbound.com/internship/11800/
Sales Operations MBA Intern – Summer 2014
Posting Link:          https://internbound.com/internship/11801/
Technical Operations Intern – Summer 2014
Posting Link:          https://internbound.com/internship/11802/
Inkling Systems, Inc. (San Francisco CA)         
Engineering Intern – Web
Posting Link:           https://internbound.com/internship/11806/
Engineering Intern – Android
Posting Link:           https://internbound.com/internship/11803/
Engineering Intern – Cloud
Posting Link:           https://internbound.com/internship/11804/
Engineering Intern – iOS
Posting Link:           https://internbound.com/internship/11805/
Intel Corporation (Folsom, CA)         
Knowledge Representation Data Scientist Intern – 727191
Posting Link:            https://internbound.com/internship/11822/
Games Software Engineer Intern – 727244
Posting Link:            https://internbound.com/internship/11823/
Component Design Engineer Intern – 726747
Posting Link:            https://internbound.com/internship/11824/
Intuitive Surgical Inc. (Sunnyvale CA)
Mechanical Engineering Intern, Instruments – 140261
Posting Link:           https://internbound.com/internship/11829/
Mechanical Engineering Intern – 140257
Posting Link:           https://internbound.com/internship/11830/