Hello Bay Area Zags! Today we have a whole slew of internships located in various cities around the Bay.

The Climate Corporation (San Francisco CA)

— Software Engineer/CS Internship, Posting Link: https://internbound.com/internship/11095/

VMware, Inc. HQ (Palo Alto)

— Intern – Treasury Analyst Job [45567BR], Posting Link: https://internbound.com/internship/11096/

— Intern – Security Engineering Opportunities Job [47075BR], Posting Link: https://internbound.com/internship/11097/

— Intern – Networking Engineering Opportunities Job [47072BR], Posting Link: https://internbound.com/internship/11098/

— Intern – Quality Engineering Opportunities at VMware Job [45278BR], Posting Link: https://internbound.com/internship/11099/

— Intern – Systems Engineering Opportunities at VMware Job [45288BR], Posting Link: https://internbound.com/internship/11100/

— Intern- MTS- Virtual Graphics ESX Platform Job [46164BR], Posting Link: https://internbound.com/internship/11103/

— Intern- MTS- Virtual Machines and Software Lifecycle Platform Job[46163BR], Posting Link: https://internbound.com/internship/11102/

— Intern- MTS- Fault Tolerance Job [46165BR], Posting Link: https://internbound.com/internship/11101/

Yahoo! Inc. HQ (Sunnyvale CA)

— Yahoo Legal Internships – Washington DC or Sunnyvale [1352316], Posting Link: https://internbound.com/internship/11104/

— Security Operations Intern [1351658], Posting Link: https://internbound.com/internship/11108/

Disney ESPN, Inc. (San Francisco CA)

— Mobile Marketing Internship, Disney Interactive/Palo Alto- Spring 2014 [152799BR], Posting Link: https://internbound.com/internship/11114/

URS Corp. (San Francisco CA)

— Engineering Intern [IE85924], Posting Link: https://internbound.com/internship/11132/

URS Corp.  (Fresno, CA)

— Intern [IE85569], Posting Link: https://internbound.com/internship/11133/

Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco

— Part-Time Internship – Systems National Cash Product Office-23404], Posting Link: https://internbound.com/internship/11137/

— INTERN – Business Analyst-234018, Posting Link: https://internbound.com/internship/11138/

— Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco 2014 GOLD Summer Internship Program – 233701, Posting Link: https://internbound.com/internship/11136/

Hewlett-Packard Company (Roseville CA) 

— Global Cyber Security (GCS) Information Security Analyst Intern-1221923, Posting Link: https://internbound.com/internship/11144/

— Global Cyber Security (GCS) Information Security Analyst Intern-1217539, Posting Link: https://internbound.com/internship/11145/

— Firmware Software Engineer Intern-1219670, Posting Link: https://internbound.com/internship/11147/

Intel Corporation (Folsom, CA)

— System Validation Graduate Intern (MS/PhD Level)2014 – 723310, Posting Link: https://internbound.com/internship/11159/

— 2014 Summer Business Analyst Intern – 723607, Posting Link: https://internbound.com/internship/11157/

— Reliability Intern – 723756, Posting Link: https://internbound.com/internship/11156/

Intel Corporation (Santa Clara CA) 

— PDG Undergraduate Intern (BS Level) 2014 (723531), Posting Link: https://internbound.com/internship/11158/