If you’re looking for a job or internship opportunity in Northern California, you’ve come to the right place! Check out these positions, including some MBA positions, and apply now!

Citrix Systems, Inc. (Santa Clara CA)
Operations Consulting Intern [20733]
eBay Inc. HQ (San Jose CA)
Product Marketing Intern Buyer Exp eBay [94677BR-1]
Intern Technical PHD Search eBay CS [94419BR-1]
Product Marketing Intern Buyer Exp eBay [94677BR-1]
Product Marketing Intern Buyer Exp eBay [94678BR-1]
Technology Finance Intern eBay [94681BR-1]
Intern Graduate Student eBay [94710BR-1]
Financial Analyst Intern eBay [94683BR-1]
Community Management MBA Intern eBay [94711BR-1]
Strategic Partnership MBA internship eBay [95090BR-1]
Assistant Merchandiser Intern eBay [95119BR-1]
Intern Graduate Student eBay [95063BR-1]
Summer Intern(Marketplaces) eBay [95064BR-1]
Intern Graduate Student Buyer Exp eBay [95180BR-1]
Intern Graduate Student Buyer Exp eBay [95181BR-1]
Software Engineer Intern Mobile [89208BR]
Software Engineer Intern Front End [89205BR]
Software Engineer Intern Back End [89207BR]
Product Management Intern [89204BR]
Network Security Engineer – Intern [88501BR]
Data Center Design Engineer – Intern [88506BR]
Comms Public Relations Intern [88502BR]
Software Engineer Quality Intern [88547BR]
Posting Link:        https://internbound.com/internship/12039/
Software Engineer Intern Tools [88677BR] 
Posting Link:        https://internbound.com/internship/12040/
Software Engineer Intern Mobile [89201BR]
Posting Link:        https://internbound.com/internship/12041/
Software Engineer Intern Front End [89206BR]
Posting Link:        https://internbound.com/internship/12042/
Software Engineer Intern Back End [89203BR]
Posting Link:        https://internbound.com/internship/12043/
Research Engineer Intern Big Data [88680BR]
Posting Link:        https://internbound.com/internship/12044/
MBA Product Management Intern [89178BR]
Posting Link:        https://internbound.com/internship/12045/
Intern MBA, Business Development [88498BR] 
Posting Link:        https://internbound.com/internship/12046/
Research Engineer Intern Big Data eBay [88678BR]
Posting Link:         https://internbound.com/internship/12047/
eBay Inc. (San Francisco CA)
Software Engineering Intern PayPal [95265BR-1]
Posting Link:        https://internbound.com/internship/12048/  
Facebook, Inc. (Menlo Park CA) 
Data Engineer – Analytics, Intern/Co-op
Posting Link:         https://internbound.com/internship/12049/
Production Engineer, Intern/Co-op
Posting Link:         https://internbound.com/internship/12050/
Data Center Energy Program Manager, University Grad
Posting Link:         https://internbound.com/internship/12051/
Product Design, University Grad
Posting Link:         https://internbound.com/internship/12052/
Quantitative UX Researcher, University Grad
Posting Link:         https://internbound.com/internship/12053/
Associate Product Marketing Manager – Parse, University Grad
Posting Link:         https://internbound.com/internship/12054/
Data Engineer – Business Intelligence, University Grad 
Posting Link:         https://internbound.com/internship/12055/
Front End Engineer, University Grad
Posting Link:         https://internbound.com/internship/12056/
Global Vertical Strategy – Vertical Intelligence, Intern/Co-op
Posting Link:         https://internbound.com/internship/12057/
Product Design, Intern/Co-op
Posting Link:         https://internbound.com/internship/12058/
UX Researcher, Intern/Co-op
Posting Link:         https://internbound.com/internship/12059/
Network Engineer, Intern/Co-op
Posting Link:         https://internbound.com/internship/12060/
Application Engineer, Intern/Co-op
Posting Link:         https://internbound.com/internship/12061/
Data Engineer, Business Intelligence (Intern/Co-Op)
Posting Link:         https://internbound.com/internship/12062/
Quantitative Scientist, Intern/Co-op
Posting Link:         https://internbound.com/internship/12063/
Network Sourcing Analyst, Intern/Co-op
Posting Link:         https://internbound.com/internship/12064/
Electrical Test Engineer, Intern/Co-Op
Posting Link:         https://internbound.com/internship/12065/