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Speed Dating, Nope..Speed Interviews!

speed dateIt can only take a few minutes for two people to click. During speed dating, prospective partners hop from one table to another hoping to find that spark. Yes, it’s terrifying, nerve-racking, and more than a little exciting. What can be even more emotional is not sitting across from a potential first date, but across from someone that will critique your experience, evaluate your character, and decide whether are not you are right for their company. No need to prematurely wave a white flag.

Come to the Career Center’s Speed Mock Interviews tonight at 7pm and get some practice sitting and talking with someone that could change your career as opposed to your lonely Saturday nights.

Make sure to RSVP at or stop by 2nd Floor of Crosby!


  1. wow speed mock interviews is a wicked idea

    hope it goes well

  2. Yes speed dating is good but as a speed mock interviews to find a good candidate one or the different tables and deciding the person is perfect or not for there company is some what good, hope it goes fine in future…

  3. What a unique concept. Great for the company. Might be a bit nerve wracking for the potential employee. But I can see the concept catching on.

  4. Belinda Bobko
    Belinda Bobko

    February 4, 2010 at 11:50 AM

    Thanks! It’s always a fun event with great feedback from students and employer participants.

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