Through hard work and dedication and have landed the interview for a dream gig.  Now, it’s time to put your researching hat on to become prepared and feel more confident about the company you are interviewing with. LinkedIn, once again can be a great tool!

There are four questions you should be prepared to answer, or at least have knowledge of when at an interview:

1. What is company’s mission/product?

2. Who is the competition?

3. What does the corporate culture look like?

4. Company changes/forecast.

This video will give you tips and tricks for handling these questions, plus:

  • Quickly learn the basics about any company—and their competition
  • Find out and prepare for unique job requirements for each position
  • Follow your target companies using the Company Buzz app
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If you find yourself stick stuck after going through these video tutorials, the Career Center is happy to help you!  Give us a call 509-313-4234 or  We are happy to coach to you towards effective LinkedIn strategies.