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Post Grad Service Panel – FREE PIZZA 12:10 Thur 3/1

Attention Gonzaga students interested in Service Work after graduation:  Come learn information about various opportunities from a panel of service organization volunteers!  Hear stories, ask questions, and enjoy FREE PIZZA!! AmeriCorps, Peace Corps, JVC, and ACE will all be here to answer your questions!

Date:  THURSDAY, MARCH 1, 2012

Time:  12:10 to 1 p.m.

Location:  COLLEGE HALL, ROOM 101


Welcome Class of 2014!

We are getting excited for New Student Orientation! During graduation, the Career Center asked Seniors to give some advice to the incoming Class of 2014. Curious what they had to say? Check it out! For GU Alumni, what advice would you give to a new Zag?

YouTube Preview Image

Do Business and Alcohol Mix?

It’s the age old question: Can you mix business with pleasure?  Or in other words, can you be responsible with alcohol at a business function when you are representing your company, yourself and yes…even your boss. If the idea of handling alcohol in a responsible and professional manner with etiquette and tack seems like a daunting task join us for this great event this Thursday!

Student Wellness Resource Center & Career Center

Business After Dark (BAD) Event  (All Majors Welcome!)

Have you ever been to a work function where they served alcohol? How did it go?

Thursday, April 29th from 7:00-10:00pm in the Herak Club Room (downstairs McCarthy Center)

Enjoy fine wine and beer, delicious appetizers and the opportunity to mingle with business professionals and alumni while learning about the etiquette of alcohol in business settings.

Must be age 21 or older to attend, I.D.’s will be checked at the door

Please dress business-casual for this event.

Please submit any questions and RSVP through email

at by this upcoming Tuesday April 27th

***This event is FREE but limited due to space restrictions.  RSVP as soon as possible to guarantee a space!***

Fall is Here.


I love fall.   It is by far my favorite season of all four.  The is something magical about way the world seems to transform  almost overnight.  I cannot think of better things in the world than awakening on a chilly October morning, before the light fog has risen.   With coffee in hand, the world seems to be full of sheer opportunity and possibilities.  The vivid colors of the changing leaves with crispness in the air is a pairing that cannot be matched any other time of the year.   Campus truly seems to come alive as the trees are reminiscent of a 3-year old’s coloring experiment.

Each tree seems to have a different story to tell or a different point of view towards this magical transformation.

Just like how each tree expresses fall differently, so should your approach be in regards to writing your resume. Throw out the idea of using a template and create a document that is a reflection of your personal story and point of view.

Answer the questions: Who are you?  How do you stand out from the crowd?  What is your point of view?

Although daunting, the process of self-discovery will allow for you to gain advantage in both the job and internship hunt on your horizon.

If your resume isn’t reflecting the story you’d like to tell as vividly as possible, come see us here in the Career Center.  Our staff can coach you to develop your resume to perfection.  No resume started?  No problem, we can coach you from start to finish.
To make an appointment, e-mail us at  or swing by the 2nd Floor of Crosby.   Also, feel free to join us for drop in hours…every Tuesday from 12-1 pm where we have staff on hand to answer any and all career development questions!


Is Your Job Search Giving You the Shock of Your Life?

You’ve been applying for positions on a daily basis.    Your parents are wondering if they will ever get you out of the house and if tuition was money well spent.   You may have even had an interview, but you’ve yet to land a job.

Now is the time to contact the Career Center.

We are here to help our Zags get that job that will launch your career through various coaching steps.


Maybe your resume is good, but not great.  We can help you with that.  Maybe your cover letter is getting passed over because it rather generic instead of specific.  We can help you with that.  Maybe when you went on that interview, you didn’t feel as prepared as you wish you were.  We can help you with that, too! Oh yeah, we also have resources to help you with job searching as well from helpful links to getting familar with networking tactics.

Just come by…call… or email (   If you feel like you are getting shocked by the reality of your first job hunt, then come see us at the Career Center.

What NOT to do After an Interview…


We always tell job seekers what to do before, during and after an interview.  From researching companies to sending a well written thank-you note, there are some “basics” when it comes to interview etiquette.  Sometimes we forget however what job seekers shouldn’t do after an interview.  Yes, there are many no-no’s for post interview but in a Facebook and Twitter world some of the rules are being re-written.

For example: HR recruiters are in fact using social media websites like Twitter,  Facebook and MySpace to find out more on individual candidates.  (Ethical implications of this is still undefined and under debate.)

With that, consider that your Facebook Status as well as your Twitter updates up for grabs for recruiters, potential bosses and individuals to network with.  It’s recommended that job seekers to never update Facebook status or Twitter regarding the success (or failure) of an interview.

Saying, “That interviewer was such a jerk, and they would be lucky to have me on their staff.”  Probably wouldn’t read very well if someone from that company comes across it.

Or, “That interview was a snap and that job is in the bag and is mine.”   Being arrogant and ostentatious about the possibility of landing the job also will not make you appealing to employers.

My tip for you?   Follow the instructions of the Twitter Bird here on the blog and know what to Tweet/Facebook and what to leave alone.

Is Your Poker Face Ready?

Driving into work today my iPod was helping me get ready for my sunny day I have in store for myself here in Spokane.  All of a sudden, Lady Gaga’s “Poker Face” (one of my favorite songs for the 2009 summer), came on and I made a connection back to Career Development: the all important interview.   


Think about it: entering an interview full of confidence and not allowing any line of questioning to affect your well constructed “Poker Face”.  There is no question too difficult or confusing, as you are knowledgeable in your strengths, accomplishments and skill sets.  You have done your research which allows you to be an expert of both the company and position that you are applying for.   There are no “giveaways” of your weaknesses, as you are also aware of your body language from fidgeting to eye contact and the dead ringer of conversational fillers of “Uh”, “Um” and “Huh” do not exist.

Are you prepping for an interview soon?  Here are my top tips for you:

1.       Know yourself.  Seems pretty basic, right? You’d be surprised.   Many interviewees don’t come prepared with accomplishment statements, strengths and future goals. Have an idea of how your answers will be structured to highlight these elements.

2.       Know the company. Again, pretty basic.  But even more so job hunters neglect that having knowledge of the company along with mission, clients, history, etc is critical to have a conversational style interview rather than the uncomfortable grill.

3.       Know when to stop talking.  Keep answers short and concise.  The idea of the interview should be closer to 50/50 rather than the interviewee talking the entire time. Ask questions throughout to engage the interviewer in the process as well.

All before I had my iced Americano, pretty impressive…right?

Tip from ’06 Grad:

This piece of advice came to me via Linkedin  through the Gonzaga University group where I posted information regarding our new Facebook group.  (Have you joined yet? If not, check it out here.) In my discussion post I asked fellow alumni to consider what advice or tips they would give to current students and recent grads in light of our current economic conditions.  

This was Matt’s reply:

I am a GU alumnist, class of 2006. My biggest advise for recent college grads is too exaust all outlets. What I mean by this, is too post your resumes on the, kind of sites. Find local recruiters around your area that can help set up interviews for you. 

My biggest advise is too go on as many interviews as possible. Even though you may know the job is not for you going into the interview, the experience itself is worth the time. The more interviews you go on, the better in the long run. 


Matt Fergen, Account Specialist at Guy Carpenter


Any other alumni out there who would like to share some advice or tips for current GU students or recent grads? I’d love to hear from you!  Comment here or e-mail me directly at  


Thanks in advance for connecting with fellow Zags!