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NorCal Internships

Teradata Corp. (San Carlos, CA)

Teradata Analytics Applications Intern- San Carlos, CA-154953

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GSO Product Support Analysis Intern-154618

Posting Link:

2014 SW Dev Intern- Teradata Enabling Solutions- SD, CA-153833

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Adobe Systems Inc. HQ (San Jose CA)

Intern IT Communication (28703)

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Brand Innovation Intern (26244)

Posting Link: Intern (28569)

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Creative Studio Tech Lab Intern (28485)

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University Talent Partner (28341)

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AutoDesk, Inc. (San Francisco CA)

Intern123D Content Creation [14WD14558]

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Intern ReCap Object, Furniture Finder, Selector [14WD15086]

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Intern Analytics, IPG Products [14WD15136]

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Intern Google Glasses [14WD14894]

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Intern Viewing & Rendering [14WD14898]

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Intern Film & Television Marketing [14WD14548]

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Facebook, Inc. (Menlo Park CA)

Sales – Financial Services Vertical, Intern/Co-Op

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Edelman (San Mateo CA)

Digital Social Media Analytics Intern [4092]

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Intern – Corporate PR (Summer 2014) [4080]

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Intern – Tech PR [3972]

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Intern – Tech PR (for Summer 2014) [4035]

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Genentech, Inc. (South San Francisco CA)

Staffing Programs Co-Op [00431580]

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Healthcare Law Intern [00431541]

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Site Services Intern – 2 [00431121]

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Site Services Intern – 1 [00431120]

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Intern – Clinical Pharmacology [00431322]

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Commercial Category Management Analyst Intern [00431144]

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ADP ( South San Francisco, CA)

Sales Internship Job [71044]

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Sales Internship Job [73331]

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ADP (Sacramento CA)

Entry Level Paid Sales Internship [71833]

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Entry Level PAID Sales Internship [72760]

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ADP Sales Internship Paid [72601]

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ADP (Milpitas CA)

Paid Sales Internship Job [73024]

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California Internships

Northern California
AutoDesk, Inc. (San Francisco CA)
Intern Game Engine Data Prep Service [14WD14588]
United States-California-San Francisco [14WD14494]
Intern 3D Printing Web Services, Autodesk Consumer Group [14WD14539]
Intern Cross Product Experience Research for Construction Workflows [14WD14677]
Intern Information Security Risk and Controls Program [14WD14632]
Intern Web Software Development [14WD14534]
Intern Project Management [14WD14508]
Intern Advocacy/Marketing [14WD14546]
Intern Marketing [14WD14491]
Intern Instructables Content [14WD14521]
Intern Marketing Operations [14WD14510]
Intern Web Visitor Profile and Scoring Model [14WD14564]
Intern Global Search Program [14WD14561]
Intern Web Product Management [14WD14492]
Intern Autodesk Advocacy, Brand Programs [14WD14494]
Intern Building Performance Education [14WD14487]
Intern Design Construction Integration [14WD14501]
Intern Social Media eCommerce Integration [14WD14685]
Intern Threat Intelligence [14WD14576]
Intern Web Marketing Research & Evaluation [14WD14486]
Intern Data Analyst [14WD14509]
Intern New Markets [14WD14702]
Intern Autodesk Foundation Marketing [14WD14547]
Intern Sustainable Operations [14WD14552]
Intern Web Automation Development [14WD14673]
Intern Data Scientist, Predictive Modeling [14WD14624]
Intern Market Intelligence & Product Design [14WD14504]
Intern Gallery Engineer/Designer [14WD14541]
Intern Subscription Marketing [14WD14511]
Intern Automation Developer [14WD14585]
Intern Customer Lifetime Value Marketing Operations [14WD14533]
Intern App Store SEO Marketing [14WD14522]
 CBS Interactive HQ (San Francisco CA)
 Summer 2014 CNET Audience Development Intern [17623BR]
 Summer 2014 Business Intelligence Intern [17687BR]
 Summer 2014 Desktop Technician Intern [17625BR]
 Summer 2014 Network Product Marketing Intern [17627BR]
Summer 2014 Network Product Marketing Intern [17627BR]
Summer 2014 Accounting Intern [17681BR]
Summer 2014 Communications Intern [17624BR]
Summer 2014 CNET Video Production Intern [17684BR]
Summer 2014 Software Engineering Intern [15969BR]
Summer 2014 Editorial Intern [17685BR]
Summer 2014 Associate Partnership Manager Intern [17606BR]
Southern California
CBS Interactive (El Segundo CA)
Summer 2014 Sales Intern [17683BR]
CBS Interactive (Los Angeles CA)
Summer 2014 Mobile Ad Operations Intern [17580BR]
Summer 2014 CNET en Español Intern [17607BR]
Kiewit Corp. TIC West District (Bakersfield CA)
Booz Allen Hamilton Inc. (Los Angeles CA)
Electrical Engineer Intern-01169611 
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California Internships

Can you believe it’s almost March? Where has the time gone?! We’re here with (yet another) group of fabulous internships, this time all located in either Northern or Southern California. Be sure to apply ASAP, as some of the deadlines are approaching!

Northern Cal/Bay Area

Jive Software HQ (Palo Alto CA)

Engineering Summer Intern – Palo Alto or San Francisco
Finance/Accounting Summer Intern
Human Resources – Summer Intern
Marketing Summer Intern – Palo Alto
Sales Summer Intern
Apple Inc. (Cupertino CA)
iTunes Radio Internship [30373205]
Juniper Networks, Inc. (Sunnyvale CA)         
Intern: Legal Negotiations & Contracts Specialist – 926588
Intern: Legal negotiations & Contracts Specialist – 926587
Marketing Program Coordinator – 926139
Intern: Software Engineer – 926742
Intern: Business Ops Analyst – 927101
Intern: Software Engineer – 926821
Intern: Software Engineer – 926911
Intern: Software Engineer – 926820
Intern: Supply Chain Specialist [927060]
 Intern: Software Engineer – 927009
 Posting Link:
 Corporate Treasury Analyst – 926209
 Posting Link:
 Intern Technical Marketing Specialist – 926688
 Posting Link:
 Intern: Quality Engineer – 927058
 Posting Link:
 Intern: Data Analyst – 926290
 Posting Link:
 Intern: Tech Services testing and documentation Analyst – 926748
 Posting Link:
Intern: Hardware Engineer – 926691
Intern: Product Marketing Specialist – 926559
Intern: Business Process Analyst – 926764  
Posting Link:
Intern: Software Engineer (Routing Protocols) – 926426
Posting Link:
Intern: Software Engineer – 926743
Posting Link:
Intern: Software Engineer (Data Center) – 926214
Posting Link:
Intern Supply Chain Specialist [927060]
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Intern: Supply Chain Specialist [927059]
Posting Link:
Intern: Quality Engineer [927058]
Posting Link:
Intern: Corporate Financial Analyst – 926211
Posting Link:
Intern: Financial Analyst – 926210
Posting Link:
Intern: Product Marketing Specialist – 926507 
Posting Link:
Intern: Product Manager – 926494
Posting Link:
Intern: Cloud Application/Infrastructure Developer – 926456
Posting Link: 
Intern: Cloud Application/Infrastructure Developer – 926455
Posting Link: 
Intern: Business Operations Analyst – 926423
Posting Link: 
Intern: Product Manager – 926321
Posting Link: 
Intern: Product Manager – 926320
Posting Link: 
Intern: Corporate Financial Analyst – 926213
Posting Link: 
Intern: Financial Analyst – 926212
Posting Link: 
Intern: Software Engineer – 926819
Posting Link: 
Intern: Software Engineer (Network Mgmt) – 926267
Posting Link: 
Intern: Software Engineer (Switch SW) – 926215
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Kabam, Inc. (Redwood City CA)         
Technical Operations Game Tools Engineer Intern
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Kaiser Permanente (Oakland CA)         
Community Benefit Grad Internship (230611)
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Institute for Health Policy Grad Internship (231513)
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Accounts Payable Internship (230665)
Posting Link:  
Organizational Excellence Undergrad Internship [232730]
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Thriving Schools Internship (229853)
Posting Link:  
Pharmacy Administration – Graduate Intern [233847]
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Care Management Grad Internship (232732)
Posting Link:  
Database Compliance SOX Intern (231158)
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National Medicare/Medicaid Finance Undergrad Internship (230448)
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Care Management Institute Grad Internship (231298)
Posting Link:   
National Medicare/Medicaid Finance Undergrad Internship (230449)
Posting Link:   
National Medicare/Medicaid Finance Undergrad Internship (230455)
Posting Link:   
Care Management Institute Grad Internship (231871)
Posting Link:   
National Facilities Services Finance Undergrad Internship [232342]
Posting Link:   
Financial Analyst Undergrad Internship (230508)
Posting Link:   
Delivery System Strategy Internship (226368)
Posting Link:   
National Financial Planning & Analysis Undergrad Internship [231724]
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Kaiser Permanente (Pleasanton CA)
Cyber Security Analyst Intern (227210)
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Information Security Consulting Grad (226582)
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Kaiser Permanente (San Francisco CA)
HR Process Improvement Undergrad Intern (225005)
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Southern California

2 Global Communications, Inc. (Hollywood CA)         
HR / Recruitment Internship – Summer 2014
Software Engineering Paid Summer Internship – 2014
Marketing Paid Summer Internship – 2014
Kaiser Permanente (Los Angeles CA)         
HealthWorks Grad Internship (229847)
Kaiser Permanente (Pasadena CA)          
 Community Benefit Undergrad Finance Internship (228007)
 Accounts Payable Internship (230673)

More California Internships

We know, we know… These are lots of internship postings. But we don’t want you to miss a single one — they’re all that good! This time, these internships are in both Northern and Southern California. Take a peek…

VMware, Inc. HQ (Palo Alto)
Intern – MTS [47978BR]
Posting Link:
Intern – Global Partner Marketing [47147BR]
Intern – MTS – Workstation [47757BR]
Intern – MTS – Nicira – R&D [46306BR]
Intern – Treasury Analyst [45567BR]
Intern – MTS – VCenter Operations [46314BR]
Intern – Security Engineering Opportunities [47075BR]
UnionBanCal Corp. (Los Angeles, CA)           
UnionBanCal Corp. (Monterey Park, CA)          
United Tech Otis Elevator Div (Los Angeles CA)
Internship – Various Locations in Western U.S. [122587-01]
Twentieth Century Fox Television (Los Angeles CA)
Fox Los Angeles, California Internship Program – Summer 2014 [20T000065]
Toyota Motor Sales (Torrance, CA)
2014 Vehicle Logistics Summer Internship-TMS001DX
2014 Sales, Marketing and Service (MI) Internship-TMS001E2
2014 Logistics Summer Internship-TMS001E0
 2014 Engineering Associate (EA) Internship-TMS001DZ
 Posting Link:
 2014 Automotive Technology Summer Internship-TMS001E1
 Posting Link:
HDR Engineering Inc. (Los Angeles, CA)         
Intern – Interior Design (Part-time) – (134039)
Intern – Interior Design (Full-time) – (133981)

Northern California Internship Opportunities

Hello Bay Area Zags! Today we have a whole slew of internships located in various cities around the Bay.

The Climate Corporation (San Francisco CA)

— Software Engineer/CS Internship, Posting Link:

VMware, Inc. HQ (Palo Alto)

— Intern – Treasury Analyst Job [45567BR], Posting Link:

— Intern – Security Engineering Opportunities Job [47075BR], Posting Link:

— Intern – Networking Engineering Opportunities Job [47072BR], Posting Link:

— Intern – Quality Engineering Opportunities at VMware Job [45278BR], Posting Link:

— Intern – Systems Engineering Opportunities at VMware Job [45288BR], Posting Link:

— Intern- MTS- Virtual Graphics ESX Platform Job [46164BR], Posting Link:

— Intern- MTS- Virtual Machines and Software Lifecycle Platform Job[46163BR], Posting Link:

— Intern- MTS- Fault Tolerance Job [46165BR], Posting Link:

Yahoo! Inc. HQ (Sunnyvale CA)

— Yahoo Legal Internships – Washington DC or Sunnyvale [1352316], Posting Link:

— Security Operations Intern [1351658], Posting Link:

Disney ESPN, Inc. (San Francisco CA)

— Mobile Marketing Internship, Disney Interactive/Palo Alto- Spring 2014 [152799BR], Posting Link:

URS Corp. (San Francisco CA)

— Engineering Intern [IE85924], Posting Link:

URS Corp.  (Fresno, CA)

— Intern [IE85569], Posting Link:

Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco

— Part-Time Internship – Systems National Cash Product Office-23404], Posting Link:

— INTERN – Business Analyst-234018, Posting Link:

— Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco 2014 GOLD Summer Internship Program – 233701, Posting Link:

Hewlett-Packard Company (Roseville CA) 

— Global Cyber Security (GCS) Information Security Analyst Intern-1221923, Posting Link:

— Global Cyber Security (GCS) Information Security Analyst Intern-1217539, Posting Link:

— Firmware Software Engineer Intern-1219670, Posting Link:

Intel Corporation (Folsom, CA)

— System Validation Graduate Intern (MS/PhD Level)2014 – 723310, Posting Link:

— 2014 Summer Business Analyst Intern – 723607, Posting Link:

— Reliability Intern – 723756, Posting Link:

Intel Corporation (Santa Clara CA) 

— PDG Undergraduate Intern (BS Level) 2014 (723531), Posting Link:

Job Alert! Google Seeks Recent GU Grads! (MIS & Computer Science)

The Google Apps business is growing rapidly and is looking for bright, technical candidates from Gonzaga who are passionate about technology to join our team!

The Enterprise Support team provides technical assistance to small and large businesses, educational institutions and government agencies who have migrated their information technology needs to Google’s infrastructure. To help these organizations be successful in the cloud, our team of Technical Specialists provides solutions to challenging technical issues and helps to optimize the Google Apps experience.

The ideal candidate for this role is a recent undergraduate with a degree in Management Information Systems, Computer Science or other related field and who has a passion for working with customers and cutting edge technologies. They have an urgent need to grow the Enterprise Support team over the next 2-3 months.

The official job posting is located at and can also be found by searching They are open to hearing from rising seniors as well as graduates.

If have a serious interest in this position and have carefully reviewed the job description you are welcome to e-mail our alum contact.  Please contact the Career Center & GAMP office to request contact info for the GU alum working at Google (313-4234 or careercenter&

Can you imagine working for such a cool place….?

Another Great Trek!

So, how did you spend your Spring Break?  Was it filled with sunshine and basketball watching in Vegas?  Or did you get the chance to visit numerous Fortune 500 companies like Google, McAfee, Wells Fargo and Marsh in the Bay Area, hosted by Gonzaga friends and alumni?

Last week 35 students and recent alumni joined up in San Jose and San Francisco to participate in the 3rd Annual Bay Area Treks.  Participants were given the chance to visit corporate offices of Google, McAfee, Stryker, Wells Fargo, Blue Shield and more.

In addition to visiting the corporate offices of these esteemed companies, students were given the chance to network with enthusiastic alumni who offered advice and knowledge.

Interested in joining us?  Let us know!  E-mail: that you are interested in more information about the 2011 Treks to Portland, Seattle and Bay Area.

Next Trek?  New York City!  Applications coming soon.

Trek Deadline Approaching!

Here are the top three reasons why you should consider attending this year:

  1. Tours specifically designed for Gonzaga students at industry leaders in both Silicon Valley and San Francisco.
  2. Insight to recruiting and hiring processes for both internship and full-time positions.
  3. Networking opportunities with key alumni and friends of Gonzaga.
  • Silicon Valley Excursions will take place March 11th with visits to Google, McAfee and Stryker Endoscopy
  • San Francisco Excursions will take place on March 12th with visits to: Wells Fargo, Marsh, Blue Shield of California, Deloitte, Baker Street Advertising

Cost: $35 per day or $60 for both Treks.  If you refer a friend to join you on the Trek you receive a $10 cash referral bonus!

Bay Trek Registration Deadline is Quickly Approaching!

Deadline for registration and payment is Friday, March 5th

To register, simply go to:

If you have questions or concerns regarding this amazing career development opportunity, please contact the GAMP office at or 313-4048.

We hope you join us for the 3rd Annual Bay Area Trek!

Marketing/Sales Representative: Los Angeles, CA

Insurance Brokerage firm is seeking an outgoing and driven candidate to travel the California area as a marketing representative. This position will be based out of their LA office, building business to business relationships. There will be great growth potential and advancement opportunities.

Candidates must have a Bachelor’s degree; preferably in Marketing, Communications, Business or Public Relations. Must also possess an outgoing personality and sales aptitude. Some sales or customer service experience is helpful.

  • Salary: 50k
  • Full Benefits
  • Travel expenses

For more information or to apply contact Marla Fruit at