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Entry Level Jobs for Electrical Engineers and C++ Programmers

Hey Zags! If you are an Electrical Engineering, Mathematics, or Computer Science STUDENT or ALUM, here are some great job opportunities for you!  We received the message below from a 2009 GU grad who would like to help a fellow Zag get hired at his organization!

I work for the Hydroelectric Design Center, which is part of the US Army Corps of Engineers. My group designs the largest Industrial Controls System in hydropower! Basically, we write computer code and design the system which controls power generation and optimization for most of the dams in the Northwest and many around the nation. We are looking for some good C++ programmers to join our team. I know the positions will be announced on on March 6, 2013, and that the application window is only open for two weeks (search for Computer Scientist or Computer Engineer in Portland, OR). The job location is in Portland, OR. I am happy to help direct interested students/alumni to the announcement or go into more detail about what we do and what the job entails. As a GU Grad (2009), I’d love to see some more Bulldogs in the office!
Also, we are currently hiring two Electrical Engineering recent graduates! Click the link to the announcement below:
This posting closes March 15 and can take some time to complete. This is a similar position I took when starting with the Corps. I’m happy to answer any questions or help navigate the usajobs site.A good person to contact with questions about our office and the positions themselves would be Teri or (503) 808-4203Administrative Officer | Hydroelectric Design Center | Portland District | US Army Corps of Engineers, there will be an announcement for the jobs I mentioned last time opens tomorrow, so I’ll send that link too.


Here are the other two postings for job openings in Portland. There are 3 vacancies for either a Computer Engineer, Computer Scientist, or Mathematician for recent grads. Per usual, I am happy to field any questions or help navigate the application process 🙂


“Two additional vacancy announcements were opened this week for entry level positions with the Hydroelectric Design Center.


Two vacancies for a Computer Engineer/Mathematician/Computer Scientist (Recent Graduate) is announced under vacancy number WTHE13486415852953P at


SALARY RANGE: $40,894.00 to $78,674.00 / Per Year OPEN PERIOD: Wednesday, March 06, 2013 to Friday, March 15, 2013 SERIES & GRADE: GS-0854/1520/1550-07 POSITION INFORMATION: Full Time – Recent Graduates PROMOTION POTENTIAL: 11 DUTY LOCATIONS:  2 vacancies in Portland, OR


One vacancy for an Economist/Mathematician/Computer Scientist (Recent Graduate) is announced under job announcement number WTHE13478202852128P at


SALARY RANGE: $40,894.00 to $78,674.00 / Per Year OPEN PERIOD: Tuesday, March 05, 2013 to Thursday, March 14, 2013 SERIES & GRADE: GS-0110/1520/1550-07 POSITION INFORMATION: Full Time – Recent Graduates PROMOTION POTENTIAL: GS-11 DUTY LOCATIONS:  1 vacancy in Portland, OR”



Ben Elder, P.E.
Computer Engineer
Hydroelectric Design Center


e-mail: CareerCenter&

phone:  (509) 313-4234

location:  Crosby Student Center, Room #211

Hewlett Packard Seeks GU Electrical Engineering Seniors

Attention Electrical Engineering Seniors!

HP in Vancouver, WA contacted the Gonzaga Career Center & GAMP office requesting your resumes!

HP recruiter Brian Kuhta wrote:
“…I am still helping with our HP Vancouver college hiring, and we are still in need good EE candidates for a  couple of openings here.
Can you help get the word out to the senior EEs that we are interested in seeing some resumes? You can forward the resumes directly to my email.”

To obtain Brian Kuhta’s email address, please contact Brittany Leland in the Career Center & GAMP office at or 313-4250.