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Pacific Northwest Internship Opportunities

Check out these Pacific Northwest internship opportunities!

Boeing Company (Renton, WA)

Crane Aerospace & Electronics (Lynnwood WA) 

Disney Interactive Media Group (Seattle WA)

EMC Isilon Storage Division HQ (Seattle, WA)         

Facebook, Inc. (Seattle WA)

Bay Area Internship Opportunities

Check out these Bay Area internship opportunities!


Esurance (San Francisco CA)

KLA-Tencor Corp. (Milpitas CA)

Facebook, Inc. (Menlo Park CA)

Edelman (San Mateo CA)

Social Media and YOUR Job Search

Let’s face it, love it or hate it social media is here to stay.  Information is being shared faster and at higher volumes than ever before.  For any and all job seekers, this sharing of information can be slightly intimating (to say the least). Where then in the vast open space of the internet, should job seekers start?

My personal recommendation:  LinkedIn.  Many Gonzaga students have heard me on my soapbox for months about the literal power of the professional networking capabilities of LinkedIn.  I remember teaching a “How-to” seminar in January with an on-campus business fraternity.  Months later, I would ask the students who participated in the seminar how their profile looks.  They would look at me sheepishly and say,”Not great…”

Now, I have to wonder: where is the disconnect? What is preventing students from becoming more involved with LinkedIn?

For that, I have a simple answer: Honey vs. Molasses.

In the world of social media networking, Facebook is quick and easy.  Students have become accustomed to gaining new “friends” quickly and fluidly.  (Yes, similar to pouring honey.)  LinkedIn however, takes a little bit more time.  Relationships and contacts have to be researched and cultivated.  “Adding” contacts takes patience and time.  (Both typically are lacking when in the midst of a job search.)

To up the ante I thought I would share three major facts to drive home my point that LinkedIn is your social media answer for job seekers;

  1. As of April 10, there was approx 65 million users on LinkedIn.
  2. In a December 2009 survey of 1,200 hiring and recruitment managers, 79% of those surveyed reviewed online information about job applicants.   70% said they rejected candidates based on what they found. (For the full PDF and presentation, check it out here: “Online Reputation in a Connected World
  3. In a Google search, the LinkedIn profile will be highlighted in the top 3 search results.

LinkedIn has great training resources in their training center to get new users started.  We will feature the videos once a day to break apart the intimating LinkedIn dragon.

YouTube Preview Image

Happy networking!

Social Media, Friend or Foe?

Angel Devil

Are you curious about your on-line presence with social media? Do you have questionable information (and photos)  “up for grabs” when it comes to Facebook, MySpace or other social media? Would you want potential employers seeing this side of you?
If “Google-ing” yourself makes you slightly nervous, join us for the Career Center’s

Social Media: Friend or Foe Seminar

Wednesday October 28th at 7 pm

Road to Bali, 2nd Floor Crosby

This seminar is presented by Belinda Bobko & Cassandra Marrs.

What NOT to do After an Interview…


We always tell job seekers what to do before, during and after an interview.  From researching companies to sending a well written thank-you note, there are some “basics” when it comes to interview etiquette.  Sometimes we forget however what job seekers shouldn’t do after an interview.  Yes, there are many no-no’s for post interview but in a Facebook and Twitter world some of the rules are being re-written.

For example: HR recruiters are in fact using social media websites like Twitter,  Facebook and MySpace to find out more on individual candidates.  (Ethical implications of this is still undefined and under debate.)

With that, consider that your Facebook Status as well as your Twitter updates up for grabs for recruiters, potential bosses and individuals to network with.  It’s recommended that job seekers to never update Facebook status or Twitter regarding the success (or failure) of an interview.

Saying, “That interviewer was such a jerk, and they would be lucky to have me on their staff.”  Probably wouldn’t read very well if someone from that company comes across it.

Or, “That interview was a snap and that job is in the bag and is mine.”   Being arrogant and ostentatious about the possibility of landing the job also will not make you appealing to employers.

My tip for you?   Follow the instructions of the Twitter Bird here on the blog and know what to Tweet/Facebook and what to leave alone.