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Post Grad Service Panel – FREE PIZZA 12:10 Thur 3/1

Attention Gonzaga students interested in Service Work after graduation:  Come learn information about various opportunities from a panel of service organization volunteers!  Hear stories, ask questions, and enjoy FREE PIZZA!! AmeriCorps, Peace Corps, JVC, and ACE will all be here to answer your questions!

Date:  THURSDAY, MARCH 1, 2012

Time:  12:10 to 1 p.m.

Location:  COLLEGE HALL, ROOM 101


Hey Seniors, Proud to Be a Zag? PROVE IT.

In the past, we’ve compiled undergrad business outcomes data from hardcopy surveys disseminated during the senior comprehensive exam.  It is important that we continue to collect data on your plans after graduation (jobs/internships/academic opportunities, etc.).  This data is required for our accreditation reports.

Also, more and more parents and prospective students are requesting this type of information from the University, as well as the media (i.e. Business Week).  Naturally, we do not want to give anyone unfavorable or incomplete data.

Therefore, I am asking you to please continue to help us by completing the survey found in the link below:

*If you have already taken this survey you may disregard this request.

Jenn Klein, Career Data, Computer & Research Specialist, is coordinating this project for the University.  She is eager to begin the collection and compilation process and is well qualified to answer any questions.  You may reach her at 313-4237 or

Welcome to the Alumni Family, Class of 2010

The countdown to graduation weekend is well underway.  Within a handful of weeks, your time as an undergrad at Gonzaga will be complete.  However your time as a Zag, is just getting started!   As an alum of Gonzaga, you will always have a place here within the Gonzaga community.

And to welcome the Class of 2010 into the alumni family properly, consider joining us tonight for the annual senior social. This is a great way to see fellow classmates while learning all about the chapters in 26 cities across the country!  This event allows us to welcome you into the family of Gonzaga alumni and wish you well as you graduate.

Please join us for this evening of hors d’oeuvres and friends, old and new.

The Alumni Association is honored to invite the members of the

Class of 2010

to the annual Senior Social

on Thursday, April 22nd from 7:00 p.m.-8:30 p.m.

in the East Lobby, McCarthey Center

Semi-formal attire required.

RSVP asap to  In your RSVP, please include your name and the city you plan to move to following graduation.

Hope to see you there!

CareerBuilder’s Annual College Job Forecast: New Grads Must Step it Up

This is an eye-opening article from For the full article, click here.

The class of 2009 will face the most competitive job market in years, as companies continue to proceed with caution amid economic uncertainty, according to CareerBuilder’s newly released annual college job forecast.The percentage of employers planning to hire recent college grads is roughly half of what it was just two years ago. Only 43 percent of employers plan to hire recent college graduates in 2009, down from 56 percent in 2008 and 79 percent in 2007.


2009 Salaries

Along with the economy, entry-level salaries have taken a bit of a dive. Among those employers planning to hire recent college graduates, more than one in five (21 percent) said they will decrease starting salaries for recent college graduates in 2009 as compared to 2008. But there’s hope! A whopping 68 percent of employers plan to keep initial salary offers the same as last year, and 11 percent will increase them.

  • Thirty-three percent of employers plan to offer recent college graduates starting salaries ranging between $30,000 and $40,000.
  • An additional 17 percent will offer between $40,000 and $50,000
  • Fourteen percent will offer more than $50,000
  • Thirty-six percent will offer less than $30,000
  • “While recent college graduates are facing a highly competitive job market right now, there are still opportunities out there,” said Brent Rasmussen, President of CareerBuilder North America.

    “The biggest challenge is showing relevant experience, which employers say is one of the most important factors they look for in applications from recent college graduates. This isn’t limited to professional work experience, so don’t get discouraged. Class work, school activities and volunteering also qualify as relevant experience and can be included in your resume as well.”

So how can new graduates differentiate themselves in the current job market, and what are the absolute faux pas that today’s candidates need to be aware of — and steer clear of? Employers who participated in the survey weighed in below.

Relevant work experience?

I’m pretty sure grads (and candidates in general) should leave that week-long stint with a cult or the Britney Fan Club honorary board member award off their credentials. But with that said, what activities qualify as pertinent work experience for recent college grads to include on their resumes?

  • Internships
  • Part-time jobs in another area or field
  • Volunteer work
  • Involvement in school organizations
  • Class work
  • Involvement in managing activities for sororities and fraternities
  • Participation in sports

Hey new grads, don’t do this:

Employers also shared their opinions on the biggest mistakes new grads make when applying and interviewing. Wearers of Spandex unitards and lovers of keg stand Facebook profile pictures, take note:

  • Acting bored or cocky – 63 percent
  • Not dressing appropriately – 61 percent
  • Coming to the interview with no knowledge of the company – 58 percent
  • Not turning off cell phones or electronic devices – 50 percent
  • Not asking good questions during the interview – 49 percent
  • Asking what the pay is before the company considered them for the job – 38 percent
  • Spamming employers with the same resume and/or cover letter – 21 percent
  • Failure to remove unprofessional photos/content on social media such as social networking pages, Web pages, blogs – 19 percent
  • Not sending a thank you note after the interview – 12 percent

CareerBuilder’s Annual College Job Forecast was conducted from February 20 to March 11, 2009 among 2,543 hiring managers and Human Resource professionals. Get the full press release here.

Top 10 Cities for New Grads

Again, many congrats to the Class of 2009.  The weekend was filled was so many wonderful friends and family descending onto Spokane to celebrate graduate’s recent success!  Now that is official, you may be asking yourself, “Now what?”  Maybe, just maybe, relocating to where the opportunities, cheap(er) apartments and variety of young professionals is your next step.

MSN Careers launched this story today entitled, “Top 10 Cities for New Grads“.  The article lists the top ten cities based on the ranking of the top U.S. cities with the highest concentration of young adults (age 20 – 24) from the U.S. Census Bureau (2006), inventory of jobs requiring less than one year of experience from (2009) and the average cost of rent for a one bedroom apartment from (2009).


1.  Indianapolis 
Average rent:*

Popular entry-level categories:** salescustomer servicehealth care

2.  Philadelphia                
Average rent: $1,034
Popular entry-level categories: salescustomer servicemanagement

3.  Baltimore      
Average rent: $1,130
Popular entry-level categories: salescustomer servicehealth care

4.  Cincinnati      
Average rent:
Popular entry-level categories: salescustomer servicehealth care

5.  Cleveland
Average rent: $686

Popular entry-level categories: salesmarketingcustomer service

6.  New York      
Average rent: $1,548
Popular entry-level categories: salescustomer serviceadmin-clerical

7.  Phoenix         
Average rent: $747
Popular entry-level categories: salescustomer servicemarketing

8.  Denver           
Average rent: $877
Popular entry-level categories: salescustomer servicehealth care

9.  Chicago          
Average rent: $1,133
Popular entry-level categories: salesmarketingcustomer service

10.  San Antonio               
Average rent: $696
Popular entry-level categories: salescustomer servicemanagement



Of this list Gonzaga has chapters in a handful of these top ten cities: Phoenix, Indiana, Chicago, New York, Denver.   If you consider relocating to these or any new city, make sure to contact the Alumni Association…they can help you connect to fellow Zags in the area. 


Kate Lorenz is the editor for and its job-seeker blog, She researches and writes about job search strategy, career management, hiring trends and workplace issues. Follow her on Twitter

*Average rent of one bedroom apartment

**Using search term “entry level” in that city

A New Set of Commandments

j0439497Recently the Career Center staff ordered new books to be used as resources for both students as well as staff.  One title, From B.A. to  Payday highlighted the Ten Commandments of college grads moving back home with their parents.  




For those members of the Class of 2009 who are faced with the dilemma of moving back with the parents, here are some guidelines that will help your time at home.


  1. Remember, it may be your home, but’s not your house—so help out.
  2. Ask your parents if you can move in.  Tell them when you’re moving out.  Have a financial goal to meet.
  3. Thou shalt not freeload.
  4. Living at home is a luxury.  Treat it as such; it won’t last forever.
  5. Keep your parents in the loop about what you are doing to find a job; it reduces the nag factor.
  6. Watch out for go–nowhere jobs that provide money but no skills for advancement.
  7. Help out expenses where you can.  It costs money to have you back home.
  8. Set weekly job search goals.  (IE: mail five resumes, set up one interview).
  9. Don’t be invisible.  Spend a little time with your parents; it’s the least you can do.
  10. Remember how lucky you are to be welcomed back.  Not everyone is.


I know all of the parents of soon to be grads would agree with me that these are pretty good rules (or Commandments rather) for new/returning tenants to follow!


For more information on the book click here

Hayden. D.A., and Michael Wilder.  From B.A. to Payday: Launching your Career After College.  New York: HNA, 2008.

Congrats Class of 2009!

When you arrived at Gonzaga’s campus those four years ago, you never thought this weekend would get here.  It seemed like a far off goal in the way…way…distance.  Your time here as a bulldog has been filled with memories ranging from your Freshman Orientation to Basketball games, amazing faculty and staff, living both on and off campus, traveling abroad…just to name a few.  As a fellow Zag (Class of ’04) I want to encourage each member of the graduating class to ENJOY this time you have here at Gonzaga.  Do not become stressed with family in town, especially pesty siblings.   On graduation day, take a step back to remember that moment…walking across the stage to receive your diploma in hand.  That memory is worth all the work and stress it took to get you there!  It will zip by in a flash and before you know it, your time at Gonzaga as an undergrad is completed.


Over the next coming weeks you will attend graduation parties in your honor where you will smile and be asked the million dollar question, “So, what are you going to next?”  

I want to tell any and all graduates this one piece of advice: It is okay if you don’t have a perfect plan.  Do not feel pressured to create a life plan coming right out of college. Audit who you are and what you want before making the next move.  Still feeling stressed from your last final or from writing your thesis and need to take a bit of a break?  That’s okay, just set a deadline for when you will return to “work”.

When you get to the point when resumes, interviews and cover letters become a daily lingo for you then consider contact us here at the Career Center.  Yes, we will work with you post graduation.  In fact we are more than happy to!  We can help with your resume over the phone or via e-mail.  We can set you up with an alumni mentor or send you job postings that could be of interest to you.  


The Career Center & GAMP office is here for you after May 10th and beyond. 


Congratulations Class of 2009 and Welcome to the Alumni Family!  Enjoy your weekend of commencement events, you have earned them.