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Weebly, Part 2

After we posted last week about Greg Talbott’s Weebly page, one of our very own, GU senior Emily Piskulick decided to make the plunge into setting up her own Weebly page to provide all of you with a step-by-step process of just how easy it is! We also want to demonstrate to all of you students just how versatile of a service Weebly is. While Greg chose a darker, manlier theme, Emily chose a light and somewhat feminine theme, proving that you can truly make your site your own. All in all, it took Emily about 1 hour to set up her Weebly page, including picking the theme, creating different pages and transferring her resume and writing samples to the page. Learn more about Emily’s experience below!

“Hey GU Career Center followers! Last week for fun I decided to go ahead and create a Weebly page just to show you how easy and versatile of a service Weebly really is. I started by choosing one of the varied and diverse Weebly themes, which make your site look however you would like. For each theme, you can customize just about anything – fonts, colors, sizes… really anything you can think of! Then, Weebly makes it extremely easy to create different pages, add text and images, and even add videos, slideshows, documents or anything else you’d like to showcase your work. If you’d like to get really fancy, you can even buy your own domain (such as and get access to more complex analytics and features.”

“I would highly recommend every student takes the hour or so out of your day and set up a Weebly page – it makes it so easy to send over to possible employers with all of your information, resume and writing samples in one place!”

Be sure to check out Weebly and set up your own site – it’s a great resource, especially for students trying to score internships or jobs!


Have any of you Zags out there ever heard of Weebly? Weebly is a free service that allows you to create your own website, whether you want to create a personal blog or even just a site to house your resume and writing samples. It’s actually surprising how easy it is to create a completely unique site through Weebly – there are so many different options to choose from, so it’s simple to personalize the site however you want. All of the themes are extremely modern (plus they’re formatted for phones and tablets, which is just awesome). Basically, Weebly makes blogging easy and accessible anywhere. Not interested in starting a personal blog? No problem! Use Weebly to post your resume and create a site centered around your experience and what you’re proud of to show employers.

Want to see an example of a Weebly page? Check out Greg Talbott’s (2013 Gonzaga University Grad) Weebly Page! Greg did a great job showcasing his talents in an easy-to-read format. Check it out!