This piece of advice came to me via Linkedin  through the Gonzaga University group where I posted information regarding our new Facebook group.  (Have you joined yet? If not, check it out here.) In my discussion post I asked fellow alumni to consider what advice or tips they would give to current students and recent grads in light of our current economic conditions.  

This was Matt’s reply:

I am a GU alumnist, class of 2006. My biggest advise for recent college grads is too exaust all outlets. What I mean by this, is too post your resumes on the, kind of sites. Find local recruiters around your area that can help set up interviews for you. 

My biggest advise is too go on as many interviews as possible. Even though you may know the job is not for you going into the interview, the experience itself is worth the time. The more interviews you go on, the better in the long run. 


Matt Fergen, Account Specialist at Guy Carpenter


Any other alumni out there who would like to share some advice or tips for current GU students or recent grads? I’d love to hear from you!  Comment here or e-mail me directly at  


Thanks in advance for connecting with fellow Zags!