Again, many congrats to the Class of 2009.  The weekend was filled was so many wonderful friends and family descending onto Spokane to celebrate graduate’s recent success!  Now that is official, you may be asking yourself, “Now what?”  Maybe, just maybe, relocating to where the opportunities, cheap(er) apartments and variety of young professionals is your next step.

MSN Careers launched this story today entitled, “Top 10 Cities for New Grads“.  The article lists the top ten cities based on the ranking of the top U.S. cities with the highest concentration of young adults (age 20 – 24) from the U.S. Census Bureau (2006), inventory of jobs requiring less than one year of experience from (2009) and the average cost of rent for a one bedroom apartment from (2009).


1.  Indianapolis 
Average rent:*

Popular entry-level categories:** salescustomer servicehealth care

2.  Philadelphia                
Average rent: $1,034
Popular entry-level categories: salescustomer servicemanagement

3.  Baltimore      
Average rent: $1,130
Popular entry-level categories: salescustomer servicehealth care

4.  Cincinnati      
Average rent:
Popular entry-level categories: salescustomer servicehealth care

5.  Cleveland
Average rent: $686

Popular entry-level categories: salesmarketingcustomer service

6.  New York      
Average rent: $1,548
Popular entry-level categories: salescustomer serviceadmin-clerical

7.  Phoenix         
Average rent: $747
Popular entry-level categories: salescustomer servicemarketing

8.  Denver           
Average rent: $877
Popular entry-level categories: salescustomer servicehealth care

9.  Chicago          
Average rent: $1,133
Popular entry-level categories: salesmarketingcustomer service

10.  San Antonio               
Average rent: $696
Popular entry-level categories: salescustomer servicemanagement



Of this list Gonzaga has chapters in a handful of these top ten cities: Phoenix, Indiana, Chicago, New York, Denver.   If you consider relocating to these or any new city, make sure to contact the Alumni Association…they can help you connect to fellow Zags in the area. 


Kate Lorenz is the editor for and its job-seeker blog, She researches and writes about job search strategy, career management, hiring trends and workplace issues. Follow her on Twitter

*Average rent of one bedroom apartment

**Using search term “entry level” in that city