Winter break is quickly approaching, which means the Seattle and Portland Treks are, too! Host companies all around are getting excited to meet our career-exploring Zags. 

Treks are career development and networking programs that create opportunities for you to connect with employers and Gonzaga alumni in the key metropolitan areas.

So, who are faces at these events, and how can they help GU students of all academic levels in their career development?

As students prepare their business attire, resumes and elevator pitches for the Treks, CPD is working to offer students personal accounts from the recruiters of our host companies.

Michael McIntyre, a Senior Analyst at Chinook Capital Advisors, was more than willing to share with students what to know about CCA before the Treks, and he is looking forward to meeting the students attending very soon!


Q&A with Michael McIntyre:

Who from Chinook Capital Advisors is coming to the Seattle Trek? 

Myself, John O’Dore (GU alum ’90) and Ed Kirk (GU alum ’90). John and Ed co-founded Chinook in 2017.


What should students know about CCA as they prepare to meet employers?

Chinook Capital Advisors is a leading M&A advisory firm serving the needs of Pacific Northwest business owners. Our clients depend on us to lead them through successful business transitions, primarily full company sale and recapitalization events.  We also provide other trusted advisor roles, including advisory board leadership, valuation services, and transaction planning and preparation services for business owners – often years in advance of a transition. We serve many of the key industries that drive the PNW economy, including consumer products, business services, aerospace, and more. More information can be found at our website:


Can you give a brief behind-the-scenes pitch for your company? Why should students be excited to speak with CCA at the Trek? 

If you are looking for an internship or career path that is ambiguous, meaning that no two days are the same, you should learn more about investment banking and visit Chinook. The investment banking career path attracts people who are high achievers, attentive to detail, and have a critical finance, reading and writing background. Students who are looking for opportunities in finance and investment banking should visit Chinook!


What career and internship opportunities does CCA have for college students? What positions are you seeking to fill?

a. We bring on multiple interns during the summer who are rising seniors (meaning they are between junior and senior years). As an intern with Chinook, you will work closely with the team on every stage of the M&A process. The internship is fast-paced, and the learning curve is steep; it is expected that the ideal candidate is hungry to gain valuable experience and exposure to many aspects of the investment banking industry. Depending on your performance, the team may choose to extend a full time offer after graduation.

b. We only consider candidates who can demonstrate adherence to our five core values:

      1. Passionate, about serving our clients; helping them to achieve their personal and financial goals by closing transactions.
      2. Team Dedication, commitment to the success of the team; caring; helpful; respectful; humble; approachable; transparent; good communicator.
      3. Integrity, do what you say you will do; accountable; trustworthy.
      4. Detail Oriented, professional and accurate in all things; producing our best work always.
      5. Hungry, continuous learning and improvement; reaching our best potential professionally and personally; never settling for the status quo.

c. Each year, we open up our application on Handshake. Application for summer 2021 will begin late August/early September. 


Why is CCA a good place to consider starting a career?

a. I started my career at Chinook in June 2018, about a month after I graduated from GU. I have loved every minute of my time here. Each day is different – you can walk in the door one day and have to “fight fires”, meet with business owners or professionals in the Seattle area, or something completely different to what you were thinking about as you were driving into work in the morning!

b. My internships in college were at larger companies in the Spokane area with over 200+ employees. After a week of being on Chinook’s team (only two W-2 employees), I quickly realized that I loved working on a small team. We work in close proximity so we are constantly asking questions, providing instant feedback, and having fun! In addition, every employee and intern gets a seat at the table. We have a team meeting every Monday where everyone gets to contribute to the discussion and ask questions to the co-founders. I cannot think of a better way to start a career! 


What advice do you have for students going on the Treks? 

Professionalism Matters! Remember that you are making a first impression on employers. Prepare for at least two hours in advance of meeting each employer. Visit their website, check out their LinkedIn profiles, read any news/press releases on their firms, and also read any articles on their website.


Please add anything else that you have in mind that would be valuable to hear for GU students.

a. Over 90% of applicants for our internships do not prepare enough to meet us for the first time. Most do not even visit our website or our LinkedIn profiles! If you put in the preparation, you are already in the top 10% of candidates. Think about that!

b. Network with Gonzaga Alumni – use LinkedIn! There are over 30,000 GU alumni on LinkedIn – almost 8,000 in the Seattle area. There are alumni, like myself, who have helped GU students look for internships and jobs. Take advantage of this!


Interested in meeting Capital Chinook Advisors and other highly respected organizations?

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