Each year, marketing companies spend millions of dollars researching and creating the best of the best to be highlighted at the “championships” of commercials, that’s right: the Super Bowl.  Each year the site Super Bowl Commercials ranks by vote the top commercials of the Super Bowl.  Instead of going through the “duds”, I thought I would highlight the best of the year.

The third best in 2010,  has been awarded to the Coke Commercial that finally puts Mr. Burns with the normal people in Broke Billionare.  (Talk about social commentary.)

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The runner up for 2010 is the Snickers commercial featuring a muddy Betty White.  I’ll be honest, this commercial cracked me up at the end but had me curious throughout.  And, it was one funny commercial.

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The “winner” of the 2010 Super Bowl Commericals (again according to: http://www.superbowl-commercials.org) is the simple Google commercial, that after watching it had me in near tears.  Mock me all you’d like but the commerical showcased the power of the Google search, and how it has become a verb in our daily lives.

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So, I have to ask…what makes all of these commercials great?

  • Memorable: I don’t know about you, but I am not forgetting Betty White getting tackled anytime soon.
  • Relevant:  How long have us Simpson’s fans waited for Mr. Burns to finally join the “working class” of Billionaires? ( I know I have.)
  • Focused:   The Google Ad’s message was “Search On”.  Fairly simple and focused if you asked me.  The commercial never lacked direction or insight, necessary for be awarded the best.

I’d like to challenge you to consider creating a similar commercial, but not for a Fortunate 500, but for yourself. Here are the Career Center we encourage all job hunting students and alumni to have a focused, relevant, memorable and well-research 30 Second Commercial (or an elevator pitch.)

Picture this: you are at a Career Fair and you finally have one minute with an employer you are very interested in.  What do you say?  How do you spend that time?  That is when you deliver your commercial!  Include:

  • Name/Major/Hometown
  • Opportunities that you are seeking
  • Relevant experience (work, internship, volunteer, activities)
  • Highlights of skills and strengths

Once you have it written down, practice makes perfect!  That way it sounds natural and it is delivered with confidence.

Need coaching on developing your elevator pitch?  Don’t be shy…. swing on by the Career Center (2nd Floor of Crosby)!  We are always happy to help.