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Blackboard Notes

Blackboard installed Service Pack 11 on our system on Tuesday, August 20th.

The following is a list of significant changes that may affect you:

Blackboard SP11 New features

Social Learning Tools: there is a new set of tools available in the upper right from a drop down menu next to your name.  This set of tools includes:

A list of your courses
A Home button that will take you to the My Institution Page
A list of your Blackboard Discussion Board Posts
A list of recent activity in your Courses
A list of your grades

Item Analysis for Tests – This provides statistics on overall test performance and individual questions.  Faculty members can access this through Course Tools-> Tests, Surveys and Pools-> Tests.  Click the down arrow next to a test and choose “Item Analysis”.

The Visual Text Box Editor has been replaced with the Content Editor.  This should improve HTML handling and consistency.

Test grading options for Fill-in-the-Blank questions now offer “contains” and pattern matching options using regular expressions.

Deleting courses now provides the option to delete all course files with the course, eliminating orphaned content.

An updated File Picker that looks nicer when browsing a course for files to attach, and has a few more minor features like viewing a file’s last modification date.


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