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One way to present material for your classes in an online environment is to animate Powerpoint presentations and add an audio lecture to the slides.  This is a route taken by JesuitNet and can result in a very polished final presentation, in which students may return to particular slides to replay and go over again material they are having trouble with.  For the hybrid courses JesuitNet puts together for Gonzaga programs, this is an important component.  Using a rather expensive Powerpoint plug-in called “Articulate” the course builder adds animations to slide elements AND “syncs” audio recordings to the correct slides. These hybrid courses by their nature rely on the internet, online environment to present most of the course information and interaction for working and often non-local students.

There is also a great potential for using the online environment to supplement in-class time for the on-location courses that predominate the curriculum at Gonzaga. In this case, the tools available are a lot cheaper, and often free, and the faculty member should have very little need for technical assistance in putting online presentations together.

The character of such presentations can be very different than the full-blown and polished lectures done for the JesuitNet courses. Using a desktop or laptop in ones’ own office, with a web-cam and a tablet, short presentations can be created and posted to Blackboard that have audio, video,  powerpoint slides, photos and built-in whiteboard capabilities that serve as an excellent substitute for the traditional blackboard.  Such presentations can be produced  as part of the regular scheduled material or as rather immediate responses to in-class discussions, as an effective follow-up or correction. The potential for such utilization really comes forth in the concept of “flipped classrooms”, which is essentially about time utilization and improving student mastery of material. If you would like to explore these possibilities please contact us.

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