vblog #3: The work begins

Today we got going with our videography/non-linear editing seminar with the Slovenian students. I can honestly say they’re gems. Just 3 of them, but they’re all very motivated and very anxious to start. They would have been perfect Zags! Ana Semenic is a college student majoring in Public Policy, Mateuz Cerar is a Mechanical Engineering student, and Mica Skoberne is a writer for a Catholic newspaper that’s trying to beef up its web presence. Different backgrounds, but the same goal: to become the best digital storytellers they can. Check out the latest vblog and we’d love to hear your comments at profdan@gonzaga.edu.

photo by Levi Holmes, GU Broadcasting major

  1. patrick olson’s avatar

    Another very nice tale from middle-earth.

    getting the vibe here vis-e-vis the video.

    feeling collaboration seeking understanding.


    bro p

  2. Mary Kate Garrity-Pomeroy’s avatar

    WOW Dan.. this is incredible! I cant get over how cool this is! Keep posting video of you its fun to see you on the computer machine!

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