3 Practical Learning Strategies for Success in Online Classes

For many of our students – whether they are pursuing their online masters degree in nursing or athletic administration – receiving an education online is a brand new endeavor.

And while pursuing a masters degree online means flexible learning, highly individualized lessons, and a degree from an academically rigorous program, it can also mean adopting a whole new set of classroom skills tailored toward online success.

Here at Gonzaga Online, we know that an online environment is so new to so many, we’ve compiled a list of three practical learning strategies to help you achieve success in an online class:

1. Take advantage of student services: Here at Gonzaga Online, we believe that every student deserves a talented, supportive, and accessible team of student advisors and administrators. Our Student Services Team for Online Students is available seven days a week to answer questions, give advice, and help you achieve the degree you’ve always wanted.

2. Check in every day: Though we always recommend keeping important deadlines and due dates in a calendar or assignment notebook, by checking in to your online classes every day, you’ll be able to stay on top of every paper, every quiz, and every project weeks before its due.

3. Create an effective study environment: Though the classroom itself may be online, make sure that whenever you sit down to take a test, listen to a lecture, or engage in a class discussion, you’re doing so in a quiet and productive space. Choose a desk setting in a well-lit part of your home separate from any distractions to help you focus on your studies.

4.Seek partnerships within class: We recommend reaching out fellow classmates (outside of Blackboard) about the material. This will help further your connection to the material and to your experience online. Because our students are from all over the world – creating these connections will expand your perspectives and create a more enriching learning environment.

To read additional advice about how to succeed in your online courses or to learn more about our online programs (from our online master’s degree in nursing to our M.A. in Sport and Athletic Administration) visit us today at https://online.gonzaga.edu/.

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