Where Can an Online Nursing Masters Degree Take You?

Where Can an Online Nursing Masters Degree Take You?

Though it’s no secret that pursuing an online nursing master’s degree is an incredible way to refine your skills, expand your knowledge, and advance your healthcare education, where exactly can an online nursing master’s degree from Gonzaga University take you?

From nurse managers to directors, dedicated nursing students graduating with their MSN in Health Systems Leadership from Gonzaga Online are graduating with the skills and the high-quality education necessary to go above and beyond in their field. And though there are truly no limits as to where an online master’s degree in nursing can take you, below are some positions made possible by obtaining your MSN.

  • CNO: Though the specifications of the position varies from employer to employer, CNO’s, or Chief Nursing Officers, are responsible for ensuring high-quality patient care and overseeing a nursing department’s everyday operations in their entirety. A CNO serves as a spokesperson, as a supervisor, as an innovator, and perhaps above all else, as a true leader for his or her team of dedicated nurses.
  •  Nurse Managers: Responsible for recruitment, doctor collaboration, and general supervision, nurse managers play an incredibly important role as a liaison between the facility and the nursing staff. Faced with the task of running both the managerial aspects of a facility as well as patient care, nurse managers are responsible, dependable, and filled with heart.

No matter what position you decide to pursue, with an online nursing master’s degree, anything is possible. And with the faculty and peer support and resources offered by Gonzaga, our graduates are able to achieve all that they set their minds and hearts to. To learn more about pursuing an online MSN degree, visit us today at https://online.gonzaga.edu/.

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