The Value of A Jesuit Education

Since the first Jesuit school was established almost 500 years ago, the Society of Jesus has been dedicated to providing people all over the world with an enriching education. Our centuries of experience and unique philosophy can explain why so many Jesuit schools exist today, including Gonzaga University.

Gonzaga offers a Master’s in Theology and Leadership program for students wishing to gain a deeper understanding of their spirituality and become better leaders in their communities. Our hope is to encourage students to be agents of positive change in the world, and we believe a Jesuit education at Gonzaga can help them to succeed in their goals.

While we strongly believe in the Jesuit teaching philosophy, not everyone knows exactly what it entails. These are some of the aspects of our program that will make your learning experience more valuable.

Cura Personalis

Gonzaga University’s guiding theme is Cura Personalis, meaning care for the whole person. A Jesuit education focuses not only on developing the mind but also on caring for one’s emotional and spiritual well-being. We encourage students to understand more about others and their circumstances, so together we can approach from a place of compassion, not judgment. Strong leaders are able to empower people, and acknowledging an individual’s unique abilities is an important part of achieving this.

Using a holistic approach also allows us to be better equipped to solve everyday problems. Narrow thinking prohibits true understanding, making problem-solving much more difficult. In the Jesuit tradition, educators do not want their students to memorize facts, they want them to engage with ideas and be open to different opinions. The ability to understand the whole person while discussing your own beliefs is a rare yet invaluable skill.

Servant Leadership

Our Master’s in Theology and Leadership program embraces the idea of servant leadership. We believe that if you start with a desire to serve your community and God first, you will be better able to lead others to do the same. This principle inspires our teaching because we want to help you become better leaders and ultimately better people serving the greater good.

As a student, you are probably searching for an education that will lead to a meaningful career. Graduates of our program are able to apply the concept of servant leadership to their own lives to start working towards goals they truly want to achieve. The best way to inspire and empower others is to show dedication to helping them, and our Master’s in Theology and Leadership program embodies this principle.


At Gonzaga, we believe your education will continue long after you receive your Master’s in Theology and Leadership. A Jesuit education provides you with the tools to become a lifelong learner and grow in personal and professional areas. Our graduates aspire to be better, to do better, and to make the world better. Professionally, it can also open up a wide variety of career options. Whether you’re interested in leadership, non-profit or mission work, pursuing ordination, or any other career path, a Jesuit education provides lifelong skills and theological foundations that can be applied in any profession.

A Master’s in Theology and Leadership from Gonzaga is not only an investment in your education, it is an investment into your personal development and mission. You have the potential to be a great leader and inspire positive change, and we would love to help you achieve it.

For more information about our online educational opportunities, visit our Gonzaga Online Blog. To learn more about obtaining a master’s in theology, contact us today!

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