How Your Master’s in Theology Fits in Your Journey

There are times when we reach a point and are given the chance to make a choice – continue down the same path or move in a new direction. A master’s in theology could be the decision that takes you the road you were meant to travel. Designed to meet you where you are in life, Gonzaga’s Master’s in Theology and Leadership Program strives to give students the opportunity to grow both personally and professionally despite the hurdles and commitments we all face.

  • Gonzaga’s MATL program is offered online, meaning it can be accessed from anywhere in the world, and you can work on it at any time. This flexibility is beneficial to those who already have a career or family and do not have the time to enroll in full-time, in-person educational programs.
  • While the program is online, you still get the benefits of an education from a prestigious university, and you are placed in a small cohort In which you move through the program with the same group of students creating a collaborative and supportive learning environment. Our Student Services team is also available to answer any questions you may have, so your familiarity with technology is not a barrier to receiving a great education.
  • The online experience also means you will be able to interact with a diverse group of people. Students who enroll in our MATL program come from all over the world and at every stage of life. You might be a recent graduate, or you might be looking for a mid-life career change: the adaptability of the program means a diverse group of people are able to enroll and enhance their lives through education.

MATL students at Gonzaga want to make the world a better place by devoting their lives to serving others. We understand that you are pursuing this degree because you truly want to make the world a better place, and we want to make sure you are equipped with the knowledge and leadership skills you need to achieve your goals. Your journey in life is unique, and a master’s in theology could help you pursue what you believe in.

For more information about our online master’s in theology and leadership program, contact us today! To learn more about the online educational experience, follow our Virtual Campus Blog.

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