How Does an Online Theology Degree Promote Diversity?

Whether you are following the lead of others or developing your own leadership abilities, some of the best education comes from your classmates. An online theology degree allows graduate students the freedom to pursue these experiences, coupled with a structured educational program. A point of pride for our online theology degree is the unique opportunity it affords our graduate students to learn in an atmosphere of unparalleled diversity.


An online education is more flexible and affordable than the traditional classroom experience and it allows people from all walks of life to learn and communicate with each other. Students in the online theology degree program interact with other students, regardless of their location or experience, which can offer a distinctly different perspective as they learn and grow together.


Contrary to what one may perceive about online learning, our students are not anonymous or disconnected from their fellow learners. In addition to meeting one another face-to-face at our two residency experiences on campus, the electronic classroom is designed to keep students connected through discussion boards and video connectivity. These rewarding interactions allow students to discover the variety of cultures and ideas present in their cohort, while sharing their own.

Cura Personalis

The accessibility and interaction of online courses enables students of the online theology degree program to fully embrace the idea of cura personalis, or care of the whole person. Through both online and in-person communication, students can grow spiritually and emotionally by sharing their true selves with their academic cohort. An online education builds a community of diverse students, challenging and encouraging them to love those who are different and embracing all they have to offer.

Gonzaga provides scholarship opportunities to new students entering the Master of Arts in Theology and Leadership program, with the goal of opening the online classroom to as many students as possible, regardless of financial situation. If you want to know how an online theology degree from Gonzaga University can strengthen you personally, contact us. Visit our M.A. in Theology and Leadership program page to download our scholarship application and learn more about what Gonzaga University can do for you.

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