Spotlight: Picking a Major

So you’re about to start your first year at Gonzaga University, and while you try to play it cool, some of you probably feel a little like this:

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Let’s talk about picking a major.

18 Reasons Why Choosing A College Major Is Impossible

At graduation parties, your relatives incessantly ask you what you plan on studying. And you probably don’t have a solid answer.

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But maybe,  you are the lucky few who are 100% sure of what your major will be.

 Others aren’t so sure…

But first things first: it’s not as scary/difficult/impossible as you think it is.

It is perfectly normal, in fact expected, to be totally unsure about your major. Have your freak out, a donut (or two), and realize there are  numerous people at GU who’s sole purpose is to aid your academic and professional success.

Mindy Donut

Academic Advising and Assistance is one of the offices who can help you with selecting a major. Along with the help of your personal adviser (who you will be assigned to you during Orientation Weekend), they’ll work with you to discern what program is right for you.

18 Reasons Why Choosing A College Major Is Impossible

The Career Center also has rad resources that allow you to explore majors that play to your passions and strengths. They also have a great resource that lays out what career options a major can provide. We are here for YOU.

There are people here who can be the spark that ignite your journey of selecting a major. Just remember, you got this!

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