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Internships that are STILL OPEN on ZagTrax…

Have you given up on that great summer internship for 2009? My advice: Don’t throw in the towel quite yet.  Below are just a handful of the open internships ranging in geographical areas as well as fields of study.  Does one catch your eye?  Log in to today for the full position list as well as how to apply.  Remember, GU Alumni are also encouraged to create profiles on as well as current students.  Need help logging into the system?  Contact Cassandra at and she will get you all set.  

Happy hunting!

Business Development Unpaid Intern, ID #3101 Spokane, WA 8/31

• This internship will give a very broad view of marketing, advertising, community outreach, event planning and management.
• Tasks include: Assisting Business Development team with productivity, occupancy, presentation and operation of the Specialty Leasing Program; coordinating licensee set-up and tear down; working with mall team and general manager to prepare and send out information to prospective retailers; canvassing area to find and develop new retail concepts for our centers; and other tasks as directed.

Editorial Intern, ID #681  Internship Filled

• We don’t pay, but we offer the hectic pace of gathering information and writing for an alternative newsweekly – and references afterwards.
• Compile information, fact-check, do Web research, write occasional short articles.
• We write on local and regional politics and the environment; books, theater, film, visual art, dance, food; classical, jazz, indie, emo, folk, reggae and salsa. We also have contests over who can insert words like “antepenultimate” and “postprandial” into their stories each week in a fiendishly apropos way.

Graphic Design Intern, ID# 659, Spokane,WA

• Between our special events, bimonthly magazine, and marketing outreach, we need fliers, postcards, advertisements, and sometimes other fun stuff.
• Under the guidance of our marketing director and special events director, create eye-catching designs while still saving enough room for all the text we need to get across.
• Figure out creative uses of color that don’t cost an arm and a leg. Play with fonts!

Financial Services Internship, ID #637   Internship Filled

• Assisting in client services, which include developing business and communication skills, researching target markets, scheduling appointments, creating informational databases, and learning the corporate culture.

Internship In Real Estate, ID# 2759

• Busy real estate agent (current Gonzaga MBA student and undergrad alum) is open for internship opportunities in local real estate office.
• Activities include marketing, website development, press releases, conducting surveys, writing copy and customer service delivery.

Journalism Internship, ID# 2730, Spokane, WA

• College student who is majoring in journalism, English, or communications to serve as an intern for a Spokane-area magazine for summer or fall term in exchange for credit.
• Successful candidates should be creative thinkers, sharp writers, self starters, and detail oriented people.
• Duties: Help plan stories and photographs, conduct interviews, write articles, and proofread.

Marketing & Business Development Internship, ID #3078  Internship Closed

• Developing press release talking points
• Writing and editing case studies and project profiles
• Coordinating with marketing and business groups
• Supporting client and association database development and management
• Researching market trends
• Supporting business development

Podcasting Internship, ID #675

• Learn the process for creating podcasts, share SPR audio on a worldwide basis.
• Fix audio broadcast for volume and compression rate.
• Add podcasting introduction file to the beginning of audio files.
• Write and edit identification tags for audio, including content description and keywords *
• Create RSS feed (XML file). SPR uses Feeder for Macintosh. Each feed takes between 20 minutes to one hour to process, depending on where you are in the learning curve.

Public Relations/Fundraising Internship, ID #1350, Spokane, WA Closes 7/16

• Assist with maintaining and updating fundraising database.
• Assist with all activities related to special events fund raising, including, but not limited to marketing, promotion, organization and planning of event(s), volunteer oversight, etc.
• Research and document prospective funding sources including foundations, potential sponsors, grants, and other potential donors of cash, materials, and/or services.
• Assist with fundraising and publicity campaigns: solicitations, sponsor relations, press releases, public service announcements, follow-up calls, preparation of solicitation and press packets, etc.

Electrical Engineering Summer Internship, ID #832, Tacoma, WA

• Looking for real-world electrical engineering experience?
• From day one, the electrical engineering students and graduates who intern at the utility are immersed in utility projects under the guidance of the utility’s experienced electrical engineers.

Hey Ladies, are You a Rockstar Public Speaker and a HUGE Sports Fanatic?


15918332681Recently, Nike posted through ZagTrax for a Field Reporter position looking for  a lady who is a  real mover and shaker who has high communication skills while being comfortable both in front of a camera as well as a celebrity.

As the Nike Field Reporter, you’ll jetset around the country on Nike’s dime talking to athletes, artists and culture makers. You’ll report back in the form of photos, videos and blog entries.

You have to be ready for anything and anyone. As this is being written, the current Nike Field Reporter is spending a few days just hanging out with Kobe Bryant.

Think you could keep up? Remember this isn’t a job for the camera shy. Or the easily intimidated. You’ll need to show us you can talk a good game, as well as play one. Make us laugh. Impress us with your quick wit and storytelling. Prove to us you are Nike’s next star in a 2-minute audition video and sample blog post.

 Here are the job requirements from Nike:

+ Must be an 18-24 year old girl (Sorry guys!)
+ Sorry gals, we can’t accept college or high school sports team athletes. Eligibility issues. Besides, you’re busy enough already. 
+ When picking your wardrobe, you must avoid wearing items with your school or sports team names, or logos of any sort (except Nike, of course!) 
+ Don’t reference any other teams, companies, or organizations. 
+ If you have anyone else in the video, they need to sign this waiver. 
+ No music please. We love music, it’s a rights thing. 

Maximum audition tape length: 2 mins
Deadline for submissions: June 15th, 2009 7PM PST

Finalists are announced July 1st, 2009
The Next Nike Field Reporter will be announced at the end of July


 To view the post on ZagTrax, use reference ID# 3093.   Or visit NikeWomen by clicking here

Hot Internship Lead

Software Developj0236357er Internship in Spokane!

Are you a college student or graduate? Are you dynamic and motivated? Do you have some software programming experience but are not an expert? Do you enjoy online gaming? 


A current Zagtrax posting  is looking for an honest, entrepreneurial, detail oriented, sincere, well mannered, and professional Software Developer to participate in our skyrocketing growth. We deliver the highest standards to our clients and we expect the highest standards from our employees.  We provide excellent software development and online gaming services to our clients.  You’ll also work closely with Product Management, Marketing, Operations, Strategic Planning, Quality Assurance, Technical Support, and Enterprise Services. You do not need to be a programming expert for this position, just have broad knowledge of programming techniques, technologies, online gaming, and be well organized and financially astute. We seek an individual, who has technical vision, is capable of understanding complex business requirements quickly and who preferably has a background in Microsoft programming technologies. 

To apply and for full internship description go to: with reference ID# of 753.  

If you need help logging into Zagtrax do not hesitate to contact the Career Center at!

Tip from ’06 Grad:

This piece of advice came to me via Linkedin  through the Gonzaga University group where I posted information regarding our new Facebook group.  (Have you joined yet? If not, check it out here.) In my discussion post I asked fellow alumni to consider what advice or tips they would give to current students and recent grads in light of our current economic conditions.  

This was Matt’s reply:

I am a GU alumnist, class of 2006. My biggest advise for recent college grads is too exaust all outlets. What I mean by this, is too post your resumes on the, kind of sites. Find local recruiters around your area that can help set up interviews for you. 

My biggest advise is too go on as many interviews as possible. Even though you may know the job is not for you going into the interview, the experience itself is worth the time. The more interviews you go on, the better in the long run. 


Matt Fergen, Account Specialist at Guy Carpenter


Any other alumni out there who would like to share some advice or tips for current GU students or recent grads? I’d love to hear from you!  Comment here or e-mail me directly at  


Thanks in advance for connecting with fellow Zags!

Beets, Bears and Your Next Career?

00008368-308865_4001My title, for any fans of NBC’s hit show The Office it is obvious which character I am referring to:  Dwight K. Schrute of Dunder Mifflin Scranton.   Not only does he love his beet farm as well as warding off bear attacks, Dwight also loves his job.   As I settled in to watch my #1 favorite show last night, I began wondering about Dwight’s passion on a day-to-day basis.    He wakes up with the goal of bringing the best of himself to the table and sales force on a daily basis.  Although his energy is relatively annoying and exhausting there is something to be said for his drive to be the Best Mid-Regional Paper Salesman in Pennsylvania.   It is apart of who he is as a person, part of his identity of his whole.  

But wait, reality check…Dwight is a character who only lives in fiction.  Even in fiction however there is a lesson that we can all learn from our Assistant to the Regional Manager:  discovering one’s passion.    

I know for college students or even young Alumni, it is overwhelming and intimidating to create or discover your passion to level of intensity of a character like Dwight.  That is when you take it step by step through a process of self discovery.   If you find yourself questioning or wondering your next step or “move”, just try something new.  Maybe a new city or company or organization.  If an opportunity presents itself to you that has a hint of possibility.  Go for it.  If it doesn’t work out, that’s okay.   Learning what you don’t like is just important as well!

By trial and error you will begin to define your ideal career path which may or may not include selling paper or beets.  🙂

Where the Jobs Are: Mission Critical Opportunities for America

Over the next two years, our largest federal agencies project that they will hire nearly 193,000 new workers for “mission-critical” jobs. These jobs cover almost every occupational field, will be available across the country and all of them advance the interests of the American people. This report confirms that no matter what your area of expertise, or where you live, if you are looking for a job where you can develop your professional skills and make a difference in the lives of others, the federal government has a job for you.
Go to: or

PAID Summer Marketing Internship

PrintWe had this PAID internship come our way for a Summer Marketing Internship in Bellevue.   Anyone in that area (yes, even recent graduates) looking for a Summer gig, this could be a great opportunity.

Netstar Communications, Inc., located in Bellevue, WA, is a telecom audit, cost-reduction and management company which helps companies reduce telecom and wireless costs and eliminate the stress of day-to-day telecom management. 



What’s In It For You

  • A Paid internship, $10-$14/hr depending on experience
  • Real world experience
    • Beginning of June – end of August
    • Work hours 9AM – 4PM M-F
    • Extended hours during one trade show – dates & times TBD
  • A learning laboratory – because Netstar is a small business you will have opportunities to learn about different areas of a quickly growing business
  • A final work product you can add to your portfolio
  • Flexibility – we will accommodate up to 1 week of unpaid vacation time during the internship


What You Will Do

  • The main objective of this position is to increase Netstar’s brand recognition and generate leads for prospective clients
  • The marketing intern will work on a variety of tasks and projects, depending on Netstar’s needs
  • Projects and tasks may include, but are not limited to:
    • Developing a plan for online social networking and digital media.  This includes creating guidelines & standards and training Netstar team members on how to use this medium effectively
    • Assisting in the development of trade show booths, marketing tactics, and research about how to target specific audiences
    • Participating in trade shows and interacting with potential clients
    • Researching different marketing and advertising activities
    • Writing and evaluating cost benefit analyses to recommend whether or not to take action on certain projects
    • Creating unique and creative marketing strategies that either increase brand recognition or generate leads
    • Developing metrics for how we measure & track marketing initiatives
    • Modifying the current style guide to incorporate new marketing initiatives
    • Writing content and publishing our “Customer Newsletter” through ConstantContact
    • Collaborating with outside vendors to complete projects


What It Takes to Succeed

  • An interest in marketing and an understanding of how it impacts the entire business
  • A belief that marketing’s function is to support the sales team and generate awareness about the company
  • Attention to detail
  • Ability to learn quickly
  • Initiative
  • Resourcefulness
  • Common sense
  • Creativity
  • Dedication
  • Self-confidence and being comfortable making recommendations and communicating with upper-management
  • Ability to work independently, as required
  • Self-motivated and results oriented
  • Ability to self-manage and strive for the best
  • Proficiency with Microsoft Office
  • Preferred, but not required:
    • Marketing experience with other companies
    • Knowledge of social media/networking
    • Sales or customer service
    • Business, marketing, entrepreneurship and communications majors.

How to Apply

Send the following items to

  1. Cover letter
  2. Resume
  3. Either: a letter of reference from a professor OR a writing sample.

You may also fax them to 425.865.0159.  In the cover letter, tell us why you are the best candidate for the job, and what you’re looking for in an internship experience.  Sell yourself!


Netstar Communications, Inc. is an Equal Opportunity Employer.  Only those authorized to work in the US need apply.

 Check for more opportunities and details.

Jesuit Volunteer Corps Northwest Opportunity

JVC Northwest is hiring two Area Directors (ADs) to begin in July, 2009. The full-time positions based in Portland, OR, are highly collaborative and involve significant travel. The AD supports and challenges 20-25 full-time volunteers living in intentional communities and working with people who are marginalized in society. One AD position is for communities in Alaska and the other for communities in the lower 48. The position requires experience in social activism, pastoral ministry and/or counseling, spiritual growth development, community building, retreat planning and work with diverse peoples. Organizational skills are important. Bachelor’s Degree required, post graduate schooling preferred. Former Jesuit Volunteer preferred. 

For the full listing details or to apply, check out  make sure to refer to ID#:2996 when searching for the position opening.

Position closes June 15, 2009

CareerBuilder’s Annual College Job Forecast: New Grads Must Step it Up

This is an eye-opening article from For the full article, click here.

The class of 2009 will face the most competitive job market in years, as companies continue to proceed with caution amid economic uncertainty, according to CareerBuilder’s newly released annual college job forecast.The percentage of employers planning to hire recent college grads is roughly half of what it was just two years ago. Only 43 percent of employers plan to hire recent college graduates in 2009, down from 56 percent in 2008 and 79 percent in 2007.


2009 Salaries

Along with the economy, entry-level salaries have taken a bit of a dive. Among those employers planning to hire recent college graduates, more than one in five (21 percent) said they will decrease starting salaries for recent college graduates in 2009 as compared to 2008. But there’s hope! A whopping 68 percent of employers plan to keep initial salary offers the same as last year, and 11 percent will increase them.

  • Thirty-three percent of employers plan to offer recent college graduates starting salaries ranging between $30,000 and $40,000.
  • An additional 17 percent will offer between $40,000 and $50,000
  • Fourteen percent will offer more than $50,000
  • Thirty-six percent will offer less than $30,000
  • “While recent college graduates are facing a highly competitive job market right now, there are still opportunities out there,” said Brent Rasmussen, President of CareerBuilder North America.

    “The biggest challenge is showing relevant experience, which employers say is one of the most important factors they look for in applications from recent college graduates. This isn’t limited to professional work experience, so don’t get discouraged. Class work, school activities and volunteering also qualify as relevant experience and can be included in your resume as well.”

So how can new graduates differentiate themselves in the current job market, and what are the absolute faux pas that today’s candidates need to be aware of — and steer clear of? Employers who participated in the survey weighed in below.

Relevant work experience?

I’m pretty sure grads (and candidates in general) should leave that week-long stint with a cult or the Britney Fan Club honorary board member award off their credentials. But with that said, what activities qualify as pertinent work experience for recent college grads to include on their resumes?

  • Internships
  • Part-time jobs in another area or field
  • Volunteer work
  • Involvement in school organizations
  • Class work
  • Involvement in managing activities for sororities and fraternities
  • Participation in sports

Hey new grads, don’t do this:

Employers also shared their opinions on the biggest mistakes new grads make when applying and interviewing. Wearers of Spandex unitards and lovers of keg stand Facebook profile pictures, take note:

  • Acting bored or cocky – 63 percent
  • Not dressing appropriately – 61 percent
  • Coming to the interview with no knowledge of the company – 58 percent
  • Not turning off cell phones or electronic devices – 50 percent
  • Not asking good questions during the interview – 49 percent
  • Asking what the pay is before the company considered them for the job – 38 percent
  • Spamming employers with the same resume and/or cover letter – 21 percent
  • Failure to remove unprofessional photos/content on social media such as social networking pages, Web pages, blogs – 19 percent
  • Not sending a thank you note after the interview – 12 percent

CareerBuilder’s Annual College Job Forecast was conducted from February 20 to March 11, 2009 among 2,543 hiring managers and Human Resource professionals. Get the full press release here.

Top 10 Cities for New Grads

Again, many congrats to the Class of 2009.  The weekend was filled was so many wonderful friends and family descending onto Spokane to celebrate graduate’s recent success!  Now that is official, you may be asking yourself, “Now what?”  Maybe, just maybe, relocating to where the opportunities, cheap(er) apartments and variety of young professionals is your next step.

MSN Careers launched this story today entitled, “Top 10 Cities for New Grads“.  The article lists the top ten cities based on the ranking of the top U.S. cities with the highest concentration of young adults (age 20 – 24) from the U.S. Census Bureau (2006), inventory of jobs requiring less than one year of experience from (2009) and the average cost of rent for a one bedroom apartment from (2009).


1.  Indianapolis 
Average rent:*

Popular entry-level categories:** salescustomer servicehealth care

2.  Philadelphia                
Average rent: $1,034
Popular entry-level categories: salescustomer servicemanagement

3.  Baltimore      
Average rent: $1,130
Popular entry-level categories: salescustomer servicehealth care

4.  Cincinnati      
Average rent:
Popular entry-level categories: salescustomer servicehealth care

5.  Cleveland
Average rent: $686

Popular entry-level categories: salesmarketingcustomer service

6.  New York      
Average rent: $1,548
Popular entry-level categories: salescustomer serviceadmin-clerical

7.  Phoenix         
Average rent: $747
Popular entry-level categories: salescustomer servicemarketing

8.  Denver           
Average rent: $877
Popular entry-level categories: salescustomer servicehealth care

9.  Chicago          
Average rent: $1,133
Popular entry-level categories: salesmarketingcustomer service

10.  San Antonio               
Average rent: $696
Popular entry-level categories: salescustomer servicemanagement



Of this list Gonzaga has chapters in a handful of these top ten cities: Phoenix, Indiana, Chicago, New York, Denver.   If you consider relocating to these or any new city, make sure to contact the Alumni Association…they can help you connect to fellow Zags in the area. 


Kate Lorenz is the editor for and its job-seeker blog, She researches and writes about job search strategy, career management, hiring trends and workplace issues. Follow her on Twitter

*Average rent of one bedroom apartment

**Using search term “entry level” in that city

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