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The Good, the Bad, and the Career Fair


Career fairs are still successful in today’s economy! It is easy to think “why are there career fairs when the job market is so down?” One answer, the market still needs employees and colleges have an abundance of eager students chomping at the bit, and rearing to go.

In one part of the movie “The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly” there are two rival hit men who team up to look for gold hidden in a cemetery, each keeping their half of the clue to themselves, I would not call that team work!

However, Career Fairs: the employers, Career Centers: the mediators, and Students: the future employees are a team that share ALL their clues to find the treasure.

The Bad:

  • The economy!
  • The job market!
  • Employers still come to career fairs but their attendance rate is predicted to have a slight drop for 2009. To counter this, “employers may put more emphasis on social networking as a recruiting tool.”

The Good:

  • A NACE (National Association of Colleges and Employers) survey showed that students who used career center resources intensely were more likely to land a job or get a job offer than others who didn’t use or used the career center in a limited way.
  • 50 percent of those who reported intense use had a job offer compared to 43 percent of those who didn’t use the career center.

Colleges and their Career Centers have made adjustments to the ways they market career fairs and prepare students. The marketing has shifted towards seniors and alumni who “need jobs more now than ever.” There is a new focus on the marketing of Career Fairs like live video cam and blogging during the fair. Career Centers are doing everything to promote the event to make these events worthwhile for their students and the employers. A new addition in preparation for career fairs is to “ensure that students and alumni have a competitive edge are: miniature series of workshops to learn about resume preparation, what to say to recruiters at the career fair, what is proper business attire, and participate in a mock interview.

The Career Fair:

Some universities are taking advantage of ASK (Alumni Sharing Knowledge) at career fairs, ready to “assist students on how to maximize their time at the fair and present their 30 second pitch” to recruiters. Some career fairs are focusing events just on graduating seniors so that they have a smooth transition from college to career.

The economy has had a tangible impact on career services operations. But offices that are successful have identified challenges and adapted the way they deliver resources and services.

Today is not the time to skip career fairs, employers are coming out of their way to colleges to find employees, when people are already coming to them. Career Fairs are a privilege and having them ready and waiting for students and alumni to start networking is a huge benefit to your job search. Career fairs require a joint effort employer-employee. So when they come to campus, go to them, and get a leg up in the job hunt! Like Clint Eastwood you can ride away at the end with the loot in your saddle bags…maybe.

For further information on this NACE article

Written by: Amanda Gilliam, Class of 2012

Zags Wall Street Bound!

NYC Trek 2

Gonzaga students continued their time in New York last week from Sept. 24-27th, with the GAMP Trek focused on financial careers. Here's a pic at Rockefeller Center. Watch out Wall Street!

•	The Gonzaga NY Trek to Wall St. briefly visited Federal Hall where George Washington took his oath for president!

The Gonzaga NY Trek to Wall St. briefly visited Federal Hall where George Washington took his oath for president!

Live from NYSE!

Andrew Rieder of the Alumni Association shot the video from last week’s New York Trek from the New York Stock Exchange.  Among the various stops along the tour, the eight selected Gonzaga students were able to see first hand the workings of the NYSE.

Interested in attending the NYC Trek next year? Space is limited and application are made available in the Spring.   If you don’t want to wait until then for an eye-opening Trek experience, consider joining us for the Portland (Jan, 5th) and Seattle (Jan. 7-8) Treks this winter.  Be on the look out for registration announcements!

Finding a Perfect Match:

Does Your Resume Reflect your Personality & Accomplishments?

When a woman thinks about her most prize possessions, her mother’s gold locket maybe comes to mind, her new car with the zebra print seat covers, and of course, her shoe collection. Years of collecting these precious jewels to accent any outfit, a woman’s shoe collection is definitely something to showcase her personality. Like the beloved shoe assortment that sits at the bottom of every woman’s closet, the adoration they have for these should be echoed in their feelings towards their resume. Let’s take a small adventure into how our resume can take some tips from our shoe collection, from the flats to the stilettos.


Every lady has that pair of “steppin’ out” high heels that add a good four or five inches onto her height. They’re flashy to show off some of her greatest assets and get her noticed wherever she goes. A resume should show off your greatest assets just like a pair of five inch, silver, peep toe stilettos do.  Now is not the time to be humble– if you have great legs and the ability to lead a group effectively and creatively, then let it be known to the world.

A pair of beat up tennis shoes is an essential element in a complete shoe wardrobe. It shows that you’re not afraid to work hard, be persistent in the tasks you take on, and are always ready to get down and dirty with a volunteer job or leadership opportunity.  A resume should highlight the commitments or services that showcase a dedication and a time commitment to something. This is something that employers look for when selecting a candidate for a job or internship.

Not to go old school on anyone, but a classic pair of black pumps is a staple in a shoe collection just as pizza delivery is to a college student. Because they can be worn with almost any outfit, from your favorite pair of skinny jeans to that little black dress, the pumps show versatility and the ability to adapt to any situation. It shows how you can walk into a brand new company and find a place within the mission that every employee strives for.


Last essential element to every woman’s shoe collection is a pair of something that is uniquely you—whether that is a pair of Cookie Monster house slippers or your favorite pair of Nike Dunks. Corporations look for people based on their distinctive accomplishments and something unique that they can bring to the company atmosphere. A resume needs to illustrate what makes you who you are because if you eloquently and correctively present yourself and if that’s a right fit for the company, they will hire you.

So, just like your favorite pair of shoes, your resume should be something that you are proud to wear with your cover letter and references as matching accessories. Who doesn’t love a little professional bling bling?

Need help with your resume?  Are you feeling like it doesn’t reflect all of your personality? We are here to help! Here are upcoming resume “polishing” opportunities:

  • Drop In Hours: Every Tuesday & Wednesday from 12-1 pm.
  • Resume/Cover Letter Workshops: October 13th (4:00pm Rd to Bali, Crosby); Oct. 21st (7:30pm Rd to Bali, Crosby); Oct. 28th 93:30pm Road to Bali, Crosby); Nov. 4th 97:30pm Rd to Bali, Crosby).
  • Resumania: Oct. 15th 12-1.  (Free Pizza!)

Written by Courtney Jacobsen, Class of  2011.

From Boone Ave to Wall Street: Update from New York Trek 2009

NYC Trek

Several Gonzaga students are in New York this week for the Annual GAMP New York Trek. Today the students had an opportunity to visit several high profile financial institutions in New York including the New York Stock Exchange, Deutsche Bank and the J.P. Morgan Chase headquarters. Students have the chance to sit down with several high ranking officers from these organizations and ask key questions about careers in the financial industry. Here’s a great photo of our students in front of the famous Wall Street Bull in the financial district.

We’ll send you more updates as the week unfolds.

Let the Workshops Begin!

resume-writingAre you struggling with polishing your resume after your summer internship? Are you at a loss for how to even begin drafting a cover letter?  Well, you’re in luck!

The Career Center is having our first of the year Resume & Cover Letter Workshop on Tuesday, September 22nd at 3pm. Come to second floor Crosby, Road to Utopia to learn more about how to make your resume and cover letter stand out from the pack.

For the best workshop experience, we ask you bring your current resume and cover letter (no matter how it looks!) with you.  That way, we can assist you throughout the presentation.

If you can’t join us for this workshop consider swinging by for one of Drop-In Hours, every Tuesday from 12-1pm.

Looking for a Free Lunch?


I thought the idea of a “free” lunch would get your attention.  (Very smart and budget consciou Gonzaga students!)

Today the Career Center is hosting our first Resumania of the school year.  Hmmm, are you wondering what Resumanina is?  Simple.  Swing by our office (2nd Floor of Crosby) from 12-1 today with a resume and we will review it for you…while you snag some slices of the free pizza pie.

No need for an appointment or to RSVP, just come on by.

Q’s?  Give us a call at 313.4234 or

Various Seattle Opportunities….

These opportunities caught my eye in a Linkedin Group (Job Spot Seattle) and thought it would be a good idea to share them with our blogging audience.
REI Headquarters – Kent, WA (Multiple Opportunities)

* Human Resources OD Rep Northeast
* Enterprise Architect (IT)
* Internet Marketing Program Manager, Paid Search
* Senior General Accountant

Details about these and/or other REI Headquarter job postings can be viewed at:

Alaska Airlines (Multiple Openings AND 2 Payoll Opportunities)

* Payroll Analyst (apply on or before September 8, 2009)
* Payroll Business Analyst

Details about these and/or other Alaska Airlines job postings can be viewed at:

Various Communications Positions

Washington State Dept of Labor and Industries: Communications Consultant 5
Seeking communication professionals with exceptional writing skills and equally strong communication planning skills to serve as key communication adviser and support to the agency’s largest division.

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