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Month: May 2010

Step Three: Who do You Want to Be?

Ah, the aged old dilemma: What do you want to be when you grow up?   You find yourself searching on job boards all around the internet with little to no luck.  Sometimes, adding a bit of focus will amp up your search by narrowing down types of industry or field you want to work in.

Through groups and professional networking, LinkedIn can give solid guidances for “next steps” in your career.

  • Search LinkedIn to learn about career paths, industries, and geographic locations
  • Engage with industry groups to keep up on hot topics and trends
  • Visit company pages and follow companies to see who’s coming and going
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Step Two: Discover Your Brand

Are any of these logos familiar to you?  They should be. These logos represent the brands of some of the world’s most recognized companies.   Time and energy has been spent to develop brands to highest potential while maintaining quality repuation.  What, does this have to do with your job search?  In one word: everything.

If you are a recent graduate, your time at Gonzaga and tuition expenses is your investment in your potential brand as a potential professional.  Now, it’s time to sell that personal brand to the world!

The highlighted video from LinkedIn today discusses branding yourself as a professional on LinkedIn. From your profile photo to an appropriate headline, this video will guide you step-by-step to bringing out your brand.

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Not quite sure where to start?  The Career Center staff is happy to help during the summer! Send us an e-mail at

Social Media and YOUR Job Search

Let’s face it, love it or hate it social media is here to stay.  Information is being shared faster and at higher volumes than ever before.  For any and all job seekers, this sharing of information can be slightly intimating (to say the least). Where then in the vast open space of the internet, should job seekers start?

My personal recommendation:  LinkedIn.  Many Gonzaga students have heard me on my soapbox for months about the literal power of the professional networking capabilities of LinkedIn.  I remember teaching a “How-to” seminar in January with an on-campus business fraternity.  Months later, I would ask the students who participated in the seminar how their profile looks.  They would look at me sheepishly and say,”Not great…”

Now, I have to wonder: where is the disconnect? What is preventing students from becoming more involved with LinkedIn?

For that, I have a simple answer: Honey vs. Molasses.

In the world of social media networking, Facebook is quick and easy.  Students have become accustomed to gaining new “friends” quickly and fluidly.  (Yes, similar to pouring honey.)  LinkedIn however, takes a little bit more time.  Relationships and contacts have to be researched and cultivated.  “Adding” contacts takes patience and time.  (Both typically are lacking when in the midst of a job search.)

To up the ante I thought I would share three major facts to drive home my point that LinkedIn is your social media answer for job seekers;

  1. As of April 10, there was approx 65 million users on LinkedIn.
  2. In a December 2009 survey of 1,200 hiring and recruitment managers, 79% of those surveyed reviewed online information about job applicants.   70% said they rejected candidates based on what they found. (For the full PDF and presentation, check it out here: “Online Reputation in a Connected World
  3. In a Google search, the LinkedIn profile will be highlighted in the top 3 search results.

LinkedIn has great training resources in their training center to get new users started.  We will feature the videos once a day to break apart the intimating LinkedIn dragon.

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Happy networking!

Check Out These ZagTrax Openings!

Although summer is here, your Gonzaga Career Center is still open!  We are here to coach you throughout the summer through resume reviews, job search tips and coaching along with interview prep!  From recent graduates to current students, consider us your one stop shop for your career development!   If you need to kick start your career development, e-mail us at  Our friendly staff is willing and happy to answer your questions.

If you are still job hunting (or even internship hunting for that matter) keep in mind ZagTrax! The positions listed below are about to close on our internal job board… does one spark your interest?  Consider applying!  Go to ZagTrax, under Job Postings search with the listed ID #.  Make sure to note the various deadlines!I s your resume not quite perfect yet?  That’s okay, we can help with that too!

  • Advertising Coordinator (Full Time), ID# 4615 (Closes 5/12)
  • Senior Electrical and Controls, ID# 4732 (Closes 5/12)
  • Accounting Internship, ID# 4180 (Closes 5/15)
  • E-Commerce Internship, ID# 4181 (Closes 5/15)
  • Finance Internship, ID# 4178  (Closes 5/15)
  • IT Internship, ID# 4719 (Closes 5/15)
  • Marketing Specialist, ID# 4517 (Closes 5/15)
  • Inside Account Service Rep (Full Time), ID # 4775 (Closes 5/17)
  • Commercial Real Estate Trainee (Full Time),  ID# 4793 (Closes 5/21)
  • Engineer (Full Time), ID# 4784 (Closes 5/21)
  • Software Engineer Intern, ID# 4714 (Closes 5/21)
  • Membership Services Representative (Full Time), ID# 5 (Closes 5/22)
  • Reservation Agent (Summer Job), ID# 4711 (Closes 5/22)
  • Student Development & Retention (Full Time), ID# 4755 (Closes 5/25)
  • Area Director Non-Profit, ID# 4731 (Closes 5/25)
  • Proprietary Equities trader, ID# 4446 (Closes 5/26)
  • Human Resources Internship, ID#  4753 (Closes 5/28)
  • Online Marketing Internship, ID# 4619 (Closes  5/28)
  • Technology Instructor, ID# 4804 (Closes 5/28)
  • Information Technology Entry-Level, ID# 3763 (Closes 5/29)
  • Public Information Intern, ID# 4763 (Closes 5/29)
  • Summer Purchasing Intern, ID# 4776 (Closes 5/29)
  • Traffic Intern, ID# 4762 (Closes 5/29)
  • Journalism Internship, ID# 4137 (Closes 5/31)
  • Mathematics Instructor, ID# 4745 (Closes 6/1)
  • Mathematics/Science Instructor, ID# 4746 (Closes 6/1)
  • Middle School Teacher, ID 4789 (Closes 6/1)
  • Tax Manager, ID# 4549 (Closes 6/1)
  • Tax Manager-Wealth Services, ID# 4550 (Closes 6/1)
  • Radio Street Team Intern, ID# 4250 (Closes 6/4)
  • Events Production Coordinator  (Full Time), ID# 4772 (Closes 6/6)
  • Analysts Internship: Trading/Wealth Management/Research, ID# 4657 (Closes 6/7)
  • Clinical Services Manager, ID# 4791 (Closes 6/9)

(Can’t remember your ZagTrax password?  Not a problem!  Give us a call at 313-4234 or e-mail: to get it reset!)

Hey Seniors, Proud to Be a Zag? PROVE IT.

In the past, we’ve compiled undergrad business outcomes data from hardcopy surveys disseminated during the senior comprehensive exam.  It is important that we continue to collect data on your plans after graduation (jobs/internships/academic opportunities, etc.).  This data is required for our accreditation reports.

Also, more and more parents and prospective students are requesting this type of information from the University, as well as the media (i.e. Business Week).  Naturally, we do not want to give anyone unfavorable or incomplete data.

Therefore, I am asking you to please continue to help us by completing the survey found in the link below:

*If you have already taken this survey you may disregard this request.

Jenn Klein, Career Data, Computer & Research Specialist, is coordinating this project for the University.  She is eager to begin the collection and compilation process and is well qualified to answer any questions.  You may reach her at 313-4237 or