Above: The T-Mobile Magenta Cobra’s kickball team 

At Career and Professional Development, our staff and Pro Reps are excited for what is in store for those students choosing to attend the Seattle and Portland Treks!

Treks are career development and networking programs that create opportunities for you to connect with employers and Gonzaga alumni in the key metropolitan areas. But who are the faces at these events, and how can they help GU students in career exploration? 

As the Treks approach, CPD plans to give students deeper, more personal information on the host organizations and their representatives, 

Glynn Baxter, Associate Marketing Manager at T-Mobile, was beyond willing to email responses in a Q&A format. Glynn is excited to inform students about what T-Mobile, one of the host organizations, has to offer students, as well as overall trek and career advice. 


Q&A with Glynn Baxter:

Who from T-Mobile is coming to the Trek?

We will have quite a few Zag alumni from across headquarters coming to the Trek, I would guess around 15 people across 14 different teams.

What should students know about T-Mobile as they prepare to meet employers?

T-Mobile is famous for being the “Un-Carrier”, and changing the industry for the better. I recommend students research what that means as far as brand messaging, what products/services we launch, and how we position ourselves in the market.

Can you give a brief behind-the-scenes pitch for T-Mobile? Why should students be excited to meet your company on the Trek?

T-Mobile is a highly respected and recognizable brand across the world. We are consistently rated one of the best places to work and well as a company that finds new and innovative ways to give back to causes we care about. Our company is spearheaded by bold and audacious leaders who challenge the status quo at work and in life. We don’t just go to work. We’re a powerful team transforming an entire industry, and we won’t stop.

What career and internship opportunities does T-Mobile have for college students? What positions are you seeking to fill?

T-Mobile has one of the best internship programs in the tech industry. Our interns take on meaningful work through which we realize true customer benefits. Interns have many special events and activities throughout the summer: everything from going to T-Mobile Park for a day with the Mariners to meeting everyone on our Senior Leadership Team (i.e. meet and greet with CEO John Legere). There are typically a couple hundred internship positions opened across headquarters for either rising seniors, recent grads, or MBA students. These are highly sought after positions and quite competitive to land one of these roles. Our goal is to always hire our interns at the end of their internship if they have proven to execute on goals with timeliness, quality, and personality.

Why is T-Mobile a good place to consider starting a career?

T-Mobile has given me opportunity to learn from the brightest minds in the industry. We play to win and have a ton of fun doing it. We have a culture of shared success because we focus on our people. All we ask is that you are willing to learn, question, and be yourself.

What advice do you have for students going on the Treks?

Network, network, network. You never know where your connections can land you a gig. Be patient with the process of landing your first real job, sometimes it takes longer than expected and that’s okay! Don’t feel pressured by your friends’ timelines.

Please add anything else that you have in mind that would be valuable to hear for GU students:

Shoot for what you really want: set short and long term goals, and create contingency plans for yourself. Nothing is scripted for you, go ahead and write down what you want for yourself and work hard to make it happen. I am happy to chat and offer advice based off my experiences in searching for a job, resumes/cover letters, interviewing, and how to make an impact once you’re hired.


What else goes on inside the T-Mobile company?


On-campus work out classes                     T-Mobile Teams bond in escape rooms!      



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