Hard to believe, but the recruiting season for accounting summer internships for 2011 is right around the corner!  The Career Center is here to help you to navigate the application process each step of the way!

Our recommendations is for these steps to be completed by September 1st to ensure that all deadlines for application process are met in plenty of time.

What do I need to do before I can apply for accounting recruiting?

  • Create a ZagTrax Account– If you are new to ZagTrax.net you will first need to create a profile to assist you with your employment search.
    • To begin, go to www.zagtrax.net to access the login screen
    • Click on the “for students/alumni” link
    • Click on “Register”
    • Enter your GU student ID number (NOT YOUR SS#).
    • Fill in the asterisked fields and select a username (preferably your GU email) and click Submit.  You will receive a verification email from the Career Center including your password soon. Click on the link in the email, this will verify that the email entered is yours. NOTE: Please allow 24 hours for your account to be approved by the Career Center.
    • After receiving confirmation, login to your new ZagTrax.net account and complete your profile.  Click on Profile at the top of the screen.  Complete your personal and academic information thoroughly.  Employers use these fields to find target students that meet their criteria and the Career Center uses them for statistical information.
    • After completing all necessary fields for your profile click Save Changes And Continue (You may update your information at any time as your status changes).
  • Make sure your resume is in good shape
    • Drop-in Hours are Tuesdays from noon to 1:00.
    • Make an appointment by call 313-4234 or email careercenter@gonzaga.edu
    • Click the Events tab at the top of your screen to see the available options for Resume Workshops
  • Upload your resume
    • Create your resume using Microsoft Word or similar word processing program (not a template).
    • Log into your account using the username and password you created.
    • Click on Documents at the top of the screen.
    • Click Add New at the bottom of the screen.
    • Create and enter a name for this resume in the “label” bar that will distinguish it from others you upload.
    • Select document type: “resume.”
    • Click Browse to locate the resume you saved.  When you locate the resume, click on the title.
    • Click Submit.
  • Make sure you have an unofficial copy of your transcript in ZagTrax. Some Employers do require it, it is your responsibility to contact the Career Center after your grades are in at 313-4234 or email us at careercenter@gonzaga.edu and give us your name and ID number, we will order the transcript, scan it and upload it to your documents.
  • Make sure you have letters of recommendation in ZagTrax. Have the letter writer send their letter directly to the Career Center by Fax, Email or hard copy.

Fax: 509-313-5872
Email: careercenter@gonzaga.edu
Address: 502 E. Boone Ave MSC 2462
Spokane, WA 99258

  • Where do I find the Accounting Jobs?
  • Go to ZagTrax.net
  • Select Students
  • Login with your username and password, if you have difficulty logging in use the ‘forgot password’ feature or contact the Career Center at 313-4234 or careercenter@gonzaga.edu
  • Click the Jobs tab
  • Select ZagTrax Jobs
  • Change the “Show Me” box to: ‘All interviews’ and the “Industry” to “Accounting/Finance/Insurance”

This information will be updated as information comes in from the Accounting firms and firms will be added frequently.

How do I apply for the job?

  • Once you have found the job you want to apply for click the job title.
  • To the right you will see an “Application Status” box, select which resume, which cover letter and which transcript you would like to send and click Submit. If you do not have one uploaded you do have the option to add one in the Application Status box as well.

***IMPORTANT NOTE: Make sure you are watching the “RESUME SUBMISSION END” dates.  That is the date you have to submit your materials and every employer will be different. ***