Graduation is quickly approaching, and here at Career and Professional Development, it is our goal to make this life transition easier. For today’s post, we asked some of the career coaches on our team for some of their best advice, things they wish they had known, and things they would like to share with you.

Portrait Photo of Ray Angle

Ray Angle – Assistant Vice President at Career & Professional Development

● If you’re not sure what you want to do with your degree or major, take some time to research career options with an emphasis on honing in on some careers that interest you.

● Spend time connecting (both online and socially-distanced in person) with successful professionals in the fields that interest you and conduct informational interviews with them to get insider information on trends, employment processes and vacancies. Keep building professional relationships long after you’ve landed a job.

Karen Franks-Harding – Manager, School of Engineering & Applied Science

● Wherever you are, there is most likely an alumni chapter and you should get involved. Alumni are a great support system if you are in an unfamiliar city and are great for career support as well.

● Remember that CPD services are available to you for life!

Vicki Hucke – Assistant Director, Employer Engagement

● Be open to experiencing new opportunities, even if it is something you had not pictured yourself doing.

● Continuously build your network – including professors, family friends, co-workers, Gonzaga alumni and staff. They can all be helpful in job searching now and in the future.

Patricia Hetu-Tkacik – Recruiter in Residence, retired CIA

● Always be flexible and accepting for whatever opportunities present themselves.

● Make it a priority to conduct yourself both personally and professionally according to the reputation you want to build for yourself.

Katherine Brackmann – Assistant Director, Graduate & Professional School Engagement

● Remember you are not alone in your career planning. There are so many resources and people, including CPD staff and alumni mentors, who can support you on your journey –just ask!

● Practice gratitude and find joy in celebrating the success of others.

Thank you to all of the amazing staff who shared their input, it means the world!

To all graduating Zags, we are so proud of you and want you to know that here at CPD we are always going to support you and will help you no matter where you are in your journey. Stay connected!


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