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Author: Brooklyn Popp

Careers with the U.S. Armed Services


Armed Services Panel on Feb 10 from 12-1pm in the Crosby Seminar Room

Have you considered working for the U.S. Armed Services after graduation, but felt your chosen major stopped you? Patty Hetu-Tkacik, the recruiter in residence at Career and Professional Development, is informing all students that it is not too late to pursue their interest in working in the armed forces, whether that be in the U.S. Navy, Marines, the Army, Coastguard, or the Air Force. Regardless of what your major is or what academic year you are, there are plenty of opportunities for all students to get involved with the Armed Services.

On February 10, Patty is hosting a U.S. Armed Services panel, where five armed services recruiters will come to campus from around the country to inform students on careers in the armed services and answer any questions students may have.

“We’ll have it here at Crosby and the 5 representatives (recruiters) will sit on a panel, address the audience, tell them who they are and what they represent, and we’ll run that through so the students can see the similarities as well as the differences that each military arm has to offer. That way students can find out what they might be interested in. And then we will leave it open for questions and answers,” explained Patty.

The panel will take place on main floor Crosby from 12-1 and lunch will be provided for all students in attendance.

The invitation for the panel is open to students of all majors.

“Everyone [can benefit], because the military reaches and has job opportunities for almost every major there is,” said Patty.

Patty is excited to finally get students the information that has been missing on Gonzaga’s campus about careers in government.

“Here in CPD we try to come up with specific programs that will help the students look at other career paths or pursue other options. And since I’ve come to Gonzaga for the last two years, I’ve centered around government jobs, whether it be the federal government, the local government or state government,” said Patty.

Whether students have considered a career path in government services or not, Patty insists that the panel is a good way to simply learn about what jobs are out there.

“I believe it’s another opportunity, another venue, another pursuit, or career path,” said Patty. 

“I’m not sure a lot of other colleges offer that, it’s usually about businesses and about the particular paths that you can go with these companies,” said Patty. “I’m not sure that students are given the same information when it comes to government or being part of the military. So, I want to bring that to light, because that is a true path for many.”

Patty herself served in government work as an operations officer for the Central Intelligence Agency for 30 years, and after retiring came to Gonzaga to help guide interested students in a similar line of work. Even though Patty was with the CIA, she had much experience working and familiarizing herself with the arms of the military forces.

“During part of my career I did spend some time overseas in the war zones in Iraq, as well as a lot of the operations for the last 20 years of my career I worked with the armed services either overseas or in the United States. That could’ve been the marines, the navy seals, the army. And so, what we do together is complement each other in operations. We both collect intelligence and a lot of times we get it from different sources, and a lot of times we collaborate and share. So, working with a lot of the military and figuring out what they’re allowed to do and what we’re allowed to do is how we work together very closely. In addition to that, I also had a lot of military people who wanted to retire from the military, but they still wanted to continue service so they wanted to come work for the agency, so I would help them make that gap and make that transition. So, that is why I say I know a little bit about the military and what they used to do and how they used to help us, but then again how they wanted to work in the civilian sector.”

One thing Patty hopes to accomplish at the panel is to crack any myths that students may have about working with the armed services: “I think a lot of students believe that if they are contacted by a recruiter, that recruiter normally hounds them until the day they sign up. Which is not true.”

There are also ways for students to get involved with the U.S. Armed Services during their undergrad that may be helpful to hear about.

“They have training opportunities throughout the year that they can offer students, usually during summer, and a lot of students have partaken in that,” Patty clarified. “Even to the point where they graduate after going two, three summers training with the academy, and decide that that’s to the avenue they want to take. That’s okay, you can walk away from that. It’s not like you have signed up yet.”

The Armed Services panel held on Feb. 10 is the first time CPD has brought careers in military services to campus, and Patty is excited to give students first-hand resources to learn about career paths with U.S. government and forces.

“This has never been tried before, I don’t think we’ve ever had a military panel like this on campus before,” said Patty. “And again, we are just trying to open up other opportunities for students to let them know of another avenue.”

For more information, or to RSVP for the panel, visit the event page on Handshake.

SAP Concur and the Seattle Trek

As we’ve mentioned before, the Seattle and Portland Treks are fueled by the Gonzaga Community from all over the workplace. Fellow zags Erica Overfield and Julia Donovan from SAP Concur are looking forward to the Seattle Trek to meet our career-searching Zags! Julia and Erica are not the only two Zags from SAP coming to the trek – they will be accompanied by 8 other Zags who work at SAP Concur! To read their trek and career advice, see below!


Fellow Zags Erica Overfield and Julia Donovan

Picture 1 of 2

Q&A with Erica and Julia:

What are your job titles at SAP Concur?

Julia: I am the Corporate Social Responsibility and Diversity and Inclusion Specialist on the People Connection Team at SAP Concur – it’s a mouthful!

Erica: I am a Senior HR Business Partner

Who from your company is coming to the Trek?

We have 10 Zags total coming to the Trek day from SAP Concur. They are Stephanie Forsyth (’18), David deRecat (’11), Emily Nichols (’16), Colleen Fogerty (’14), Erica Overfield (’09), Julia Donovan (’18), Kennedy McGahan (’17), Megan Lombard (’10), Phil Gray (’14), and Evan Anderson (’11).

What should students know about SAP as they prepare to meet employers?

SAP is a tech company that drives innovation to help companies run at their best through a variety of software applications. SAP Concur is an entity of SAP focused on travel and expense software. Our original tagline was “The expense report that writes itself.”

Can you give a brief behind-the-scenes pitch for your company? Why should students be excited to speak with SAP at the Trek?

The best run businesses make the world run better, which is why SAP is rooted in helping customers and future clients succeed through our products. At SAP, there’s something here for everyone including a huge focus on giving back to our local communities, which we know is important to Gonzaga students. One of Julia’s favorite products is TripIt – an app that makes traveling simple and less stressful by giving you real time information and updates. Erica loves Concur locate – a software that helps keep Concur employees safe, whether in the office or while they are traveling.

What career and internship opportunities does SAP have for college students? What positions are you seeking to fill?

Every summer SAP hosts interns through the Internship Experience Program (iXp). There are tech and non-tech positions, and we do most of our hiring from January to March. Check out any postings  here! 

Why is SAP a good place to consider starting a career? 

SAP is a great place to start a career because there is a huge focus on career development for early talent. There are numerous resources available to employees from finding a mentor, to online learning sessions, and free professional coaching. Since SAP is a large global tech company, your networking opportunities are endless, and you can grow your career in many directions.


What advice do you have for students going on the Treks? 

Julia: “Don’t be afraid to ask questions, and stretch yourself to learn something new about a company or industry that might be outside of your scope of what you are studying at GU. Also, Zags help Zags! Lean on the network that you build here at the trek –Zag alums love to connect and can help you in your future career journeys.”  

Erica: “Bring your authentic self, because you don’t want to work somewhere that doesn’t align with your personal values. Take in every moment of the trek, even if that means putting away your phone and being present. You’ll get out what you put in.


Please add anything else that you have in mind that would be valuable to hear for GU students 🙂 

#GOZAGS and good luck with finals coming up!


Interested in meeting SAP Concur and other highly respected organizations? Click here to reserve your spot on the Seattle or Portland Trek?

Cambia Health Systems


As the Portland Trek approaches, the host companies are preparing to meet our students. Michelle Schwartz, the Manager of Diversity and University Programs, is excited to introduce Cambia Health Systems to our trekkers. So that students are able to come to the Trek fully equipped, Michelle sent in her set of networking tips and career advice for the Portland Trek. 


Q&A with Michelle Schwartz:

Who from your company is coming to the Trek?

 Former interns now working full-time and managers/leaders from different teams including Artificial Intelligence/Data Technology Solutions, Marketing, Accounting/Internal Audit, Strategic Communications and other areas of the business.


What should students know about Cambia as they prepare to meet employers? 

We are a not-for-profit organization seeking to transform healthcare. Our team members and leaders care deeply about the work we do and are excited to share how we are shaping the health care experience of the future. Cambia is a great place to learn and grow. We take pride in cultivating a culture of belonging.

Here is a blog of a summer intern’s experience you can review!


Interns of Summer 2019 at an annual Intern Innovation Challenge event


Can you give a brief behind-the-scenes pitch for your company? Why should students be excited to speak with Cambia at the Trek? 

Cambia Health Solutions, headquartered in Portland, Oregon, is dedicated to transforming health care. We are a family of over 20 companies that work together to make the health care system more economically sustainable and efficient for people and their families. Our solutions empower nearly 70 million Americans nationwide, including more than 2.6 million people in the Pacific Northwest who are enrolled in our regional health plans.


What career and internship opportunities does Cambia have for college students? What positions are you seeking to fill? 

We are seeking to identify candidates who are a match for both internship and full-time positions post graduation. We hire approximately 65 interns annually. On average, fifty of these internships tend to be full-time summer internships in our Seattle or Portland office.

With an internship at Cambia, you’ll have the opportunity to cultivate real-world experience in the workplace using everything you’ve got—from academic experience to life skills. You’ll collaborate with directors and participate in projects delegated by senior management, plus network with other interns on exciting assignments.

Engaging in challenging assignments is a given for interns at Cambia. You might formulate health care premiums, refine the claims process, develop training programs and software, engage in risk-assessment or develop customer-driven marketing solutions. One thing is certain: Your work will be crucial to the transformation of health care.

In addition to providing all interns competitive pay, we offer these extras:

  • Activities and networking events exclusive to interns
  • Personal interactions with senior leaders
  • Weekly Brown Bags headed by corporate management
  • On-site fitness center membership (Portland and Seattle only)
  • Career development through training opportunities


Why is Cambia a good place to consider starting a career? 

We’re not just working. We’re changing lives. Join our Cause to transform health care, creating a person-focused and economically sustainable health care system. At Cambia, we believe that diverse voices and perspectives drive innovation and the achievement of our Cause.

Why join the Cambia team?

  • Work with and learn from diverse teams building innovative solutions that are changing the way people experience health care
  • Earn a competitive salary and enjoy a generous benefits package
  • Take advantage of Career Development Opportunities
  • Give back by participating in community outreach programs supported by the company
  • Participate in our Award-Winning Wellness Programs
  • Connect with colleagues who share like-minded interests and backgrounds through our Employee Resource Groups


What advice do you have for students going on the Treks? 

Be prepared. Learn a little about the organization and ask questions. This is your opportunity to stand out to a potential employer as well as make sure an organization is the right fit for you. Make sure your resume reflects your personality as well as clearly outlines your experience and interests. It is your opportunity to brand yourself. Invest the time in making sure it is a good reflection of you.


Please add anything else that you have in mind that would be valuable to hear for GU students 🙂 

At Cambia, we value the communities we serve, our members and our employees. We are committed to attracting top talent to serve our consumers, bringing together individuals with diverse talents, skills, backgrounds and abilities. We recognize that our team members not only contribute to the success of our organization but also assist in our goal of transforming health care from the inside out.

One of the ways we are committed to diversity, equity and inclusion is through our community investments. We strive to break cycles of poverty through the support of programs like Bridge Meadows in Oregon, mobile dentals vans in Washington, or Community Action Partnership in Idaho. We partner with organizations to empower girls through the work of the YWCA of Utah, Mary’s Place in Washington, and Girls, Inc. and the Center for Women’s Leadership at Portland State University in Oregon. We also support organizations that highlight challenges facing specific minority groups like the LGBTQ, Hispanic and immigrant communities.


Interested in meeting Cambia Health Systems and other highly respected organizations? Click here to register for the Portland or Seattle Treks!

Hear What PACCAR Has to Say about Networking, Treks, and the Career Center!



Here at Career and Professional Development, we understand that networking with Gonzaga alumni is a huge resource in career advancement that can take students and grads anywhere! That being said, we focus on bringing Zag alumni to the Treks we host so that students may practice networking skills, and get familiar with the Gonzaga community in the work place. Of course, it is never too early to begin making connections, so we encourage all students to come to the Seattle and Portland Treks over winter break to start building their network!

PACCAR, a global technology leader in the design, manufacture and customer support of the trucking industry, is another Trek Host company that is full of Zags to connect with. Kelsey Olmstead, a senior recruiter at PACCAR, wrote in a Q&A that one of the best things about Gonzaga is the post-grad community that continues the Zags Help Zags mentality and work culture.  


Fellow Zags Erica Overfield and Julia Donovan

Picture 1 of 2


Q&A with Kelsey:

What should students know about PACCAR as they prepare to meet employers?

 PACCAR is really passionate about our company history. Do your homework and come prepared with questions about our business! As a Sr. Recruiter, I love it when students ask me specific questions that I don’t know the answer to. There is so much to learn about the company, and I love when GU students ask educated questions!


Can you give a brief behind-the-scenes pitch for your company? Why should students be excited to speak with PACCAR at the Trek? 

PACCAR is a 114-year-old company with deep roots in the Pacific Northwest. There is more to PACCAR than trucks. PACCAR is a global technology company, a finance and leasing company, a parts distributor, and so much more! Whether you want to build the trucks, sell them, purchase parts, design the technology that goes into the trucks, support teams in an HR or customer service role, and beyond, the sky is the limit when it comes to career growth at PACCAR!


What career and internship opportunities does PACCAR have for college students? What positions are you seeking to fill?

 PACCAR offers Internships in all areas of our business, and throughout the US. If you are open to being mobile after completing your Internship, that is a huge plus! Our largest groups that we hire Interns are in our Purchasing and Accounting departments.  Other areas that we hire Interns are in Marketing, HR, Credit, Engineering, Sales, Truck Assembly, Legal, IT, Contract Administration, Supplier Quality, Facilities and the Environmental department.


Why is PACCAR a good place to consider starting a career?

 PACCAR promotes from within. I have never worked for a company that truly lives this like PACCAR does. Our division leaders design succession plans for top performing employees to develop them. Whether you want to stay in the same department, transfer divisions, take on an international assignment, or move throughout the US, our leaders listen and help employees grow and succeed. In my time with PACCAR, I have been promoted 3 times in less than 3 years, and have had the opportunity to travel to our plants and truck shops in Texas and Illinois! PACCAR is also supporting me as I begin studying for my Master’s in Organizational Leadership at Gonzaga.


What advice do you have for students going on the Treks?

 Be open to where the Trek may lead you! I first participated in the Trek as a Sophomore at Gonzaga. Through the excursion to Nordstrom, I was introduced by a Zag in HR to the Store Manager, who knew another Store Manager, who hired me as a salesperson at that store. I was then promoted to a Retail Management Intern, the Buying Office and Corporate Recruiting. Every job I have had since graduating in 2012 has been through networking with Gonzaga alumni.  Networking with a Zag led me to a job opportunity in San Francisco,  and back home to Washington through a Zag who worked at PACCAR, and here I am today! It’s normal to be nervous, but don’t be! It’s amazing how many seasoned career professionals and alumni (like myself!) want to mentor and hire Zags!


Please add anything else that you have in mind that would be valuable to hear for GU students 🙂 

Utilize the Career Center! They are super friendly and genuinely want to help you navigate your career and find your passion. It’s normal to try an internship and maybe not like it. No big deal – try something else! You will find your calling. Don’t be afraid to reach out to Gonzaga alumni. I truly want to give back to students the way alumni have given to me.


Interested in meeting PACCAR and other highly respected organizations?

Click here to register for the Portland or Seattle Treks! 




What Chinook Capital Advisors wants you to know before the Seattle Trek

Winter break is quickly approaching, which means the Seattle and Portland Treks are, too! Host companies all around are getting excited to meet our career-exploring Zags. 

Treks are career development and networking programs that create opportunities for you to connect with employers and Gonzaga alumni in the key metropolitan areas.

So, who are faces at these events, and how can they help GU students of all academic levels in their career development?

As students prepare their business attire, resumes and elevator pitches for the Treks, CPD is working to offer students personal accounts from the recruiters of our host companies.

Michael McIntyre, a Senior Analyst at Chinook Capital Advisors, was more than willing to share with students what to know about CCA before the Treks, and he is looking forward to meeting the students attending very soon!


Q&A with Michael McIntyre:

Who from Chinook Capital Advisors is coming to the Seattle Trek? 

Myself, John O’Dore (GU alum ’90) and Ed Kirk (GU alum ’90). John and Ed co-founded Chinook in 2017.


What should students know about CCA as they prepare to meet employers?

Chinook Capital Advisors is a leading M&A advisory firm serving the needs of Pacific Northwest business owners. Our clients depend on us to lead them through successful business transitions, primarily full company sale and recapitalization events.  We also provide other trusted advisor roles, including advisory board leadership, valuation services, and transaction planning and preparation services for business owners – often years in advance of a transition. We serve many of the key industries that drive the PNW economy, including consumer products, business services, aerospace, and more. More information can be found at our website:


Can you give a brief behind-the-scenes pitch for your company? Why should students be excited to speak with CCA at the Trek? 

If you are looking for an internship or career path that is ambiguous, meaning that no two days are the same, you should learn more about investment banking and visit Chinook. The investment banking career path attracts people who are high achievers, attentive to detail, and have a critical finance, reading and writing background. Students who are looking for opportunities in finance and investment banking should visit Chinook!


What career and internship opportunities does CCA have for college students? What positions are you seeking to fill?

a. We bring on multiple interns during the summer who are rising seniors (meaning they are between junior and senior years). As an intern with Chinook, you will work closely with the team on every stage of the M&A process. The internship is fast-paced, and the learning curve is steep; it is expected that the ideal candidate is hungry to gain valuable experience and exposure to many aspects of the investment banking industry. Depending on your performance, the team may choose to extend a full time offer after graduation.

b. We only consider candidates who can demonstrate adherence to our five core values:

      1. Passionate, about serving our clients; helping them to achieve their personal and financial goals by closing transactions.
      2. Team Dedication, commitment to the success of the team; caring; helpful; respectful; humble; approachable; transparent; good communicator.
      3. Integrity, do what you say you will do; accountable; trustworthy.
      4. Detail Oriented, professional and accurate in all things; producing our best work always.
      5. Hungry, continuous learning and improvement; reaching our best potential professionally and personally; never settling for the status quo.

c. Each year, we open up our application on Handshake. Application for summer 2021 will begin late August/early September. 


Why is CCA a good place to consider starting a career?

a. I started my career at Chinook in June 2018, about a month after I graduated from GU. I have loved every minute of my time here. Each day is different – you can walk in the door one day and have to “fight fires”, meet with business owners or professionals in the Seattle area, or something completely different to what you were thinking about as you were driving into work in the morning!

b. My internships in college were at larger companies in the Spokane area with over 200+ employees. After a week of being on Chinook’s team (only two W-2 employees), I quickly realized that I loved working on a small team. We work in close proximity so we are constantly asking questions, providing instant feedback, and having fun! In addition, every employee and intern gets a seat at the table. We have a team meeting every Monday where everyone gets to contribute to the discussion and ask questions to the co-founders. I cannot think of a better way to start a career! 


What advice do you have for students going on the Treks? 

Professionalism Matters! Remember that you are making a first impression on employers. Prepare for at least two hours in advance of meeting each employer. Visit their website, check out their LinkedIn profiles, read any news/press releases on their firms, and also read any articles on their website.


Please add anything else that you have in mind that would be valuable to hear for GU students.

a. Over 90% of applicants for our internships do not prepare enough to meet us for the first time. Most do not even visit our website or our LinkedIn profiles! If you put in the preparation, you are already in the top 10% of candidates. Think about that!

b. Network with Gonzaga Alumni – use LinkedIn! There are over 30,000 GU alumni on LinkedIn – almost 8,000 in the Seattle area. There are alumni, like myself, who have helped GU students look for internships and jobs. Take advantage of this!


Interested in meeting Capital Chinook Advisors and other highly respected organizations?

Click here to register for the Portland or Seattle Treks! 



Trek and Career advice from Company Host, T-Mobile

Above: The T-Mobile Magenta Cobra’s kickball team 

At Career and Professional Development, our staff and Pro Reps are excited for what is in store for those students choosing to attend the Seattle and Portland Treks!

Treks are career development and networking programs that create opportunities for you to connect with employers and Gonzaga alumni in the key metropolitan areas. But who are the faces at these events, and how can they help GU students in career exploration? 

As the Treks approach, CPD plans to give students deeper, more personal information on the host organizations and their representatives, 

Glynn Baxter, Associate Marketing Manager at T-Mobile, was beyond willing to email responses in a Q&A format. Glynn is excited to inform students about what T-Mobile, one of the host organizations, has to offer students, as well as overall trek and career advice. 


Q&A with Glynn Baxter:

Who from T-Mobile is coming to the Trek?

We will have quite a few Zag alumni from across headquarters coming to the Trek, I would guess around 15 people across 14 different teams.

What should students know about T-Mobile as they prepare to meet employers?

T-Mobile is famous for being the “Un-Carrier”, and changing the industry for the better. I recommend students research what that means as far as brand messaging, what products/services we launch, and how we position ourselves in the market.

Can you give a brief behind-the-scenes pitch for T-Mobile? Why should students be excited to meet your company on the Trek?

T-Mobile is a highly respected and recognizable brand across the world. We are consistently rated one of the best places to work and well as a company that finds new and innovative ways to give back to causes we care about. Our company is spearheaded by bold and audacious leaders who challenge the status quo at work and in life. We don’t just go to work. We’re a powerful team transforming an entire industry, and we won’t stop.

What career and internship opportunities does T-Mobile have for college students? What positions are you seeking to fill?

T-Mobile has one of the best internship programs in the tech industry. Our interns take on meaningful work through which we realize true customer benefits. Interns have many special events and activities throughout the summer: everything from going to T-Mobile Park for a day with the Mariners to meeting everyone on our Senior Leadership Team (i.e. meet and greet with CEO John Legere). There are typically a couple hundred internship positions opened across headquarters for either rising seniors, recent grads, or MBA students. These are highly sought after positions and quite competitive to land one of these roles. Our goal is to always hire our interns at the end of their internship if they have proven to execute on goals with timeliness, quality, and personality.

Why is T-Mobile a good place to consider starting a career?

T-Mobile has given me opportunity to learn from the brightest minds in the industry. We play to win and have a ton of fun doing it. We have a culture of shared success because we focus on our people. All we ask is that you are willing to learn, question, and be yourself.

What advice do you have for students going on the Treks?

Network, network, network. You never know where your connections can land you a gig. Be patient with the process of landing your first real job, sometimes it takes longer than expected and that’s okay! Don’t feel pressured by your friends’ timelines.

Please add anything else that you have in mind that would be valuable to hear for GU students:

Shoot for what you really want: set short and long term goals, and create contingency plans for yourself. Nothing is scripted for you, go ahead and write down what you want for yourself and work hard to make it happen. I am happy to chat and offer advice based off my experiences in searching for a job, resumes/cover letters, interviewing, and how to make an impact once you’re hired.


What else goes on inside the T-Mobile company?


On-campus work out classes                     T-Mobile Teams bond in escape rooms!      



Interested in meeting T-Mobile and other highly respected organizations?

Click here to register for the Portland or Seattle Treks!

7 Links to Get You on Your Feet

Looking to do research on major or career paths? AT CPD it is our mission to provide guidance and support for our students in the hunt for opportunistic internships and jobs. We offer many resources to all students, from one-on-ones with career counselors to info sessions with companies that visit campus. 

We understand how busy zags are, so whether you’re passionate to enter a specific field of work or you’re a student whose options are endless, you can take CPD home and explore career paths in the comfort of your bed with our handy search engines!  

If you want to investigate where you can take a major or practice professional skills, see the following sites:

What Can I Do With This Major…?                                   

Curious where to take a major? Check out this page! This online database is great for freshman or sophomores trying to nail down a major. If a major sounds interesting, look it up here and see where professionals have taken that area of study!


This online database screams “Zags Help Zags.” It serves as a great platform for mentoring and networking. Check out Zag alumni who have graduated with similar degrees or experiences, and learn about the career paths they’ve taken! On ZagsConnect students are welcome to message professional Zags and build professional connections within the Gonzaga community.


Looking for solid interview skills? Try out Interview Stream to practice your interview skills by video recording yourself answering a variety of questions. InterviewStream also allows you to watch interviews and score yourself using a provided rubric. Interviews are all about numbers, so get them in here!


If you’re looking to apply for work, check these out:



Handshake is a great place to start because each student has an account under Gonzaga. This means all information is pertinent to only GU students.  On Handshake you can find out which employers are coming to Spokane, learn about events hosted by Career and Professional Development, set up one-on-one meetings with Career Counselors, reach out to other students, and see job postings that Handshake collects from multiple databases.


CareerShift is the #1 site for job searches. At CareerShift, you will find the companies, jobs and contacts to assist you in pursuiting career opportunities. Not only that, but CareerShift offers online tools and tips to help you stand out in the professional work place.


If you’re a free spirit, and can or want to go anywhere for work after graduation, then GoinGlobal is a great database for you! GoinGlobal provides employment and internship information for positions for 30 countries.


Gonzaga students are especially lucky to have free access to the entire GlassDoor site. With your GU I.D. and password, students can enter the career community that offers the world an inside look at jobs and companies. What sets GlassDoor apart is the “employee generated content” – anonymous salaries, company reviews from inside partners, interview questions, and more.


Visit our home CPD’s home website for other online resources such as Resume and Cover Letter tutorial videos.

Student Success Story: Career Found in Pepsi at the Fair

Meet Valerie Fetzer!
Valerie is a senior from Walnut Creek, California. Valerie has dedicated her last four years at GU to studying Public Relations, International Relations and Spanish, and she is excited to take her academic career into her job at Pepsi Co., which she was offered at the end of the summer before she began her senior year.
Valerie’s success story may seem incredibly impressive, and it is! But believe her when she says, “Finding beneficial work and experience is easier than you think. Just remember to consider all your resources to make the most of it!”
Val began internship searching in the Spring 2019, and after a summer of hard work, the opportunity for a full-time job with Pepsi Co. presented itself to the dedicated zag.

Her Post-Grad Career Began at the FUSE Career Fair
Nearing the end of her junior year at GU, Valerie hopped aboard the school bus that was shuttling GU students to the Convention Center, where an array of employers were stationed to meet capable students and young professionals.

“I was encouraged to go to the Career Fair by a CPD Officer, Alyssa Rustik,” said Valerie.
CPD Officers, also known as ProReps, give guidance to GU undergrad and grad students in resume and cover letter building and professional development skills.

Soon after Valerie decided she had seen enough at the fair, she stumbled across Pepsi’s table on her way out. She was feeling tired and was not expecting to speak with anymore companies, but she persevered for one more interaction. To her surprise, that final push of dedication led her to a great conversation with a zag alumnus and a potential internship with Pepsi.

Valerie shared that “The Career Fair was very helpful with getting connected because there were a lot of a zag alumni, and it was Spring time so employers were anxious to hire. Maybe that is why Pepsi Co. was very enthusiastic about me applying, which in turn helped me lift my spirits. I felt really confident applying to that internship.”

About Valerie’s Internship
Far from home, Valerie spent the summer working as the Sales Management Intern in Portland. Valerie had little experience in sales, but entered the summer with confidence knowing she had a lot of support from the company.
“I learned a lot but never felt lost because people were so willing and excited to pass on their wisdom to me, and this is from every role from unit general manager all the way down to the people who stalk the shelves,” she said. “It was a very top-bottom experience, which was cool because it helped me make sense of the company, and I can take that perspective into whatever I go into next.”
Especially because Valerie, a non-business student, went to work for a business-heavy company, there was a lot of business jargon she didn’t know. However, Valerie got the chance to develop hard skills such as interpreting financial data, localizing a national business initiative, supply chain and sales, and strategic planning all through the every-day tasks of her internship. In terms of professional practice, Valerie learned how to communicate with higher ups, public speaking and speech delivery, how to network, and most of all how to have confidence.

Advice to Students Seeking Internships
On opening doors to possible internships and careers, Valerie said, “Be incredibly open to any possibility. I feel like more often I get stuck in wanting a glamorous dream job, and I’ll end up overlooking very sensible opportunities that will help me grow as a professional.”

While giving networking advice, Valerie shared that “Talking to as many people as you can, because you need to let people know you are more than a resume and cover letter. Networking is one of the most powerful ways to gain opportunities and insight from other people.”

“If you’re hesitant about taking the internship, take the internship,” said Valerie. “Either way, you will learn something about that kind of work, and whether it was a good or bad experience, that experience will always be beneficial.”

“Finally, my last piece of advice is to be confidence when you are talking to people. Have confidence in your writing, in yourself, everything, even when you’re lost. Because no one is going to believe you until you believe in yourself,” concluded Valerie.