I wanted to take this chance to highlight two excursion hosts for the Bay Area Treks, Marsh & Spencer Stuart.  This pair is a perfect fit for liberal arts and business majors, of all years.

Marsh: A world leader in providing risk management, risk consulting, insurance broking (and more) to over a 100 countries.  If analytical skills (from problem solving to number crunching) are a personal specialty a visit to Marsh is for you.   Marsh’s clients range from Olympic events, renewable energy, health care and more. Looking for a company that has the ability to take you across industry and the globe?  Then this visit is for you.

Spencer Stuart: One of the world’s leading executive search consulting firms.  When top firms and organizations are looking to fill their top leadership, they turn to Spencer Stuart.   From Facebook to Sephora, Spencer Stuart has worked on executive searches across industry and around the world. With 51 offices in 27 countries, Spencer Stuart completed 4,000 assignments last year alone.

Our visit to Marsh and Spencer Stuart will be taking place on March 11th as part of the Bay Area Trek: San Francisco.   For more information and to register, simply go to: https://gonzaga-csm.symplicity.com/events/index.php?