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Create an Internbound Profile so Employers can Find YOU!


We did it! We expanded Internbound’s website and its profile feature to help match you with employers.

We’re keeping it private for now and giving only a couple schools, including Gonzaga, first dibs to connect at:

In the upcoming days, employers will be invited to discover potential interns from Gonzaga through this site! You just need to complete your student profile.

The process is simple…

Step 1: Register – create an Internbound username (with your email) and password, if you have not already done so.


Step 2: Complete at least 5 fields on your student profile template. This enables your information to slide into the Gonzaga University college folder. This is where employers will look when seeking Gonzaga students for internships!

The 5 fields to be completed are:

  1. Summary (think “elevator pitch” –goals, passions, achievements, ambitions)
  2. Default hub
  3. Education
  4. Skills
  5. Outside Interests

…And don’t forget to add a photo. 

The more info you include, the better your chances of getting an email from an interested employer.

How it works…

Your last name will not be included on your profile. It will appear to employers as first name and last initial, such as “John S.” followed by Gonzaga University, your major, and the first sentence or two of your summary (along with your photo). Once an employer clicks on your profile, they can see all that you’ve entered (except your full last name). Interested employers can then click a “connect with student” button on your profile page, which will allow them to send you an email.

Sampling of Internbound employers…

Tesla Motors, Union Bank, Marvel Technologies, CreatTV, Hitachi Data Systems, KLA-Tenor, City Of San Jose, Intuit, Adobe Systems, eBay, Lexus Dealerships Northern California, TiVo, Lockheed Martin Corp, Intuitive Surgical, PwC (Pricewaterhousecoopers), Technology Credit Union

We made it super simple. So check it out! If you already have a profile on Internbound make sure your information is up to date. If you have any questions, please contact us at We are here to help!

Good Luck and let the match begin!

-The Internbound Team

Special Gonzaga link to use:

Top Hiring Industries

New research just posted by the National Association of Colleges & Employers (NACE)
See article here:


Salary Survey: Top-Hiring Industries

Spotlight for Career Services Professionals
Spotlight for Recruiting Professionals
October 1, 2014

Educational services is the top-hiring industry for Class of 2014 bachelor’s degree graduates, according to results of NACE’s September 2014 Salary Survey.

These graduates received starting salaries that average more than $40,000. (See Figure 1.)

Employers in other top-hiring industries for Class of 2014 bachelor’s degree graduates paid starting salaries that averaged more than $50,000. These industries include professional, scientific, and technical services; federal, state, and local governments; and finance and insurance.

Meanwhile, healthcare and social assistance grads earned an average of more than $45,000 in their first year.

Data for the September 2014 Salary Survey report were retrieved in July 2014. An executive summary of the September 2014 Salary Survey report is available at

Figure 1: Top-Hiring Industries and Their Average Starting Salary

Top-Hiring Industries Average Starting Salary
Educational Services $41,923
Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services $55,535
Healthcare and Social Assistance $45,222
Federal, State, and Local Government $50,026
Finance and Insurance $57,683

Source: September 2014 Salary Survey, National Association of Colleges and Employers. All data are for bachelor’s degree graduates.

– See more at:

Career Center Bucket List

Screen Shot 2014-02-24 at 12.44.32 PM

Have you ever visited the Career Center webpage? It’s a great resource for students to take advantage of — you can learn more about our resources & services, all in one place. Some key tools to be aware of are:

If you’re confused as to where to start, check out our “Career Center Bucket List” and knock these items off of your list before you graduate from GU!

  1. Make an appointment on ZagTrax or use our drop-in hours (M-Th, 2-5pm). During these appointments, you can begin building you résumé or cover letter or have an employee or Career Center Representative look over a current résumé or cover letter. You can also ask any questions you may have about your major, internship or job search or professional development in general.
  2. Order business cards. It’s $5 for 100 cards, so really how can you not take advantage? They’re extremely professional looking + necessary for networking.
  3. Get linked with GAMP Mentors. You can find fellow Zag graduates in the city of your choice + in the field of your choice or company you choose. The process is extremely simple — and worth it!
  4. Search for jobs on ZagTrax. There are tons of internships and jobs just waiting for students to apply, so take advantage now!
  5. Go on a Trek. We visit New York, Seattle, Spokane, Portland and the Bay Area. You get to visit a company from our list of exceptional companies we visit on each trek + network with employees.
  6. If you don’t know what you want to do after graduation yet, check out “What Can I Do With This Major…?”! This helpful resource gives so much information re: what fields/jobs you can go into and get with your particular major.
  7. Want to know how much you’ll be making out of graduation? Check out this salary calculator.


What Can We Help You With?

Here in the Career Center, we’re all about helping Zags. If you need help with professional development, networking, finding opportunities or even the little housekeeping things, we’ve got you covered. Check out our below Menu of Career Center Offerings to know what resources are available to you as students. And, remember, all of our services are available to both current and former Zags.

  • Appointments – make an appointment to get your resume or cover letter edited, help with internships and job searches or just chat with an expert in our office about your major, how to get the job you want or anything else. Please come to us with any of your questions – even if we can’t help you, we will lead you in the right direction.
  • Scheduled a Mock Interview. Sit down with an employee in our office for a real interview for a job you’re interested in. Interviews can either be held in person (with full business professional attire), on the phone or through Skype. In-person interviews can either be one-on-one or a panel, depending on which style you need practice in. We’re also able to record interviews so that you can go back and view how you look during an interview.
  • Attend our events. Throughout the school year, we put on many different events – everything from speed mock interviews (get practice answering interview questions quickly and precisely!) to Career Fairs to find Internships or Jobs to our Treks (more information on those below).
  • Use ZagTrax. is a great place to find available internships or jobs and to register for events and treks. Make yourself familiar with this service so that you can get the most out of it, and please drop by our office with any questions or concerns you may have.

Please contact us at (509)313-4234 or if you have any questions. You can also stop by Crosby 211!

Maine Conservation Corps Has Fantastic Opportunities for 2014!

We at the Maine Conservation Corps (MCC) are dedicated to accomplishing outdoor recreation and conservation projects for the public, promoting and managing volunteer opportunities, providing conservation education, building self-esteem and leadership, and raising the aspirations of members and volunteers! 

Below are all of MCC’s 2014 opportunities. 

Don’t miss out on this great chance to serve your country and earn and AmeriCorps education award (where applicable)!


Current Opportunities

Check out all of the positions here!

Spokane Trek Week | RSVP!!

If you’re planning on attending Spokane Trek Week next week (October 14-17) be sure to RSVP now at, especially for Speed Mock Interviews on Monday the 14th and the Trek Excursions on Thursday the 17th. There’s no reason to not RSVP – get involved and learn as much as you can!


Have any of you Zags out there ever heard of Weebly? Weebly is a free service that allows you to create your own website, whether you want to create a personal blog or even just a site to house your resume and writing samples. It’s actually surprising how easy it is to create a completely unique site through Weebly – there are so many different options to choose from, so it’s simple to personalize the site however you want. All of the themes are extremely modern (plus they’re formatted for phones and tablets, which is just awesome). Basically, Weebly makes blogging easy and accessible anywhere. Not interested in starting a personal blog? No problem! Use Weebly to post your resume and create a site centered around your experience and what you’re proud of to show employers.

Want to see an example of a Weebly page? Check out Greg Talbott’s (2013 Gonzaga University Grad) Weebly Page! Greg did a great job showcasing his talents in an easy-to-read format. Check it out!


Experience the magic behind the stories you grew up with…

YouTube Preview Image

Semester-long intern program and opportunities for recent grads

Network with leaders, take part in personal and career development, build transferable skills like problem-solving, teamwork, guest service and effective communication.

Here’s a preview to the application. Please feel welcome to bring questions on information night!
Application requirements:

  • Be enrolled as a Full-Time or Part-Time Student and Taking Classes in the United States
  • Meet any school requirements for participation (ex. G.P.A., grade level, # of credit hours earned)
  • Be at least 18 years of age by the time the Program Begins
  • Possess Unrestricted Work Authorization

For international students

  • Be currently enrolled in a college/university in the U.S. and possess unrestricted US work authorization (studying on a F-1 or J-1 visa).
  • Contact your international student advisor with questions on eligibility.
  • Be sure to have a US Social Security Number issued to you. Should be invited to participate, you will be required to submit verification of your legal right to work in the U.S. at the time you arrive.

Locations in Anaheim, California (Disneyland ® Resort) and Lake Buena Vista, Floriday (Walt Disney World ® Resort). Career opportunities all across the country.

From Andrew Kover Class of 2011

During the spring of my junior year, I decided to do a semester long internship at Disneyland to work at the Happiest Place on Earth. I worked in Custodial Operations, maintaining the levels of cleanliness only Disney knows how to do. While that may not sound like an internship, I was able to learn how a theme park maintains their show standards after hosting over 250,000 guests a week. From this initial internship, I networked with leaders and executives throughout The Walt Disney Company, and was able to return after graduation to take part in a Professional Internship in the Finance department. I managed the monthly forecasts for multiple Business units and created the yearly Annual Operating Plan for those departments. Since then, I have held multiple “roles” (since all Disney employees are “Cast Members” in the show we provide), before moving to Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida. I have had many memorable moments throughout my time with Disney, but the one thing that makes me want to stay is seeing the satisfaction from the guests that visit us day after day. For many, visiting is a once in a lifetime experience, and we all play a part in making that experience as memorable as possible, from the sweepers, to the chefs, to the executives. Gonzaga played a major role in bringing me to where I am today, and I still use those values in every part of my life. My education is put to use in the most unique and fascinating ways possible.

You, too, can experience the magic like Andrew!

Disney offers 20 Different Positions to from. For full descriptions, visit Role Descriptions

Audition for a Character Performer Position* offered only at Walt Disney World ®)Resort in Florida

See Restaurant Environments for information about the Disney Culinary Program
Careers for ALL MajorsDisney encourages a career where you “Make a world of difference.” Being part of the Disney family offers job positions in:







Students/Recent Grads

10/17 Disney Information Session Wednesday, College Hall 135  5:30-7 p.m.

The key to your dream future? Let your Ideas simmer

It’s rare when advice columns about future goals (schools, jobs, fellowships) are narrated like a story. It’s even more rare when they’re enticing.

A post from English professor James M. Lang on earlier this week beautified the application process. In his words, and from advice from experts, the key to success and standing out in an applicant pool is to “let your ideas simmer.”

Be unpredictable.

Teachers and professionals want to see rich imagery and descriptive details. Those vivid elements clarifies your seriousness and intention for applying to a job, fellowship, or grad school to align your goals both short-term and long-term.
It takes interactive storytelling, clear prose, and no cliché endings.

Lang calls “shopworn language,” the endings to open-topic essays tend to go something like this: “reach for your dreams, the sky is the limit,” a surefire way to homogenize in the applicant pool. It’s Pollyanna type writing. It’s ideal but not tangible.

Lang suggests the best way to approach post-graduate applications to aim for three steps, all three, to go the extra mile and achieve as a savvy applicant. This article includes expertise from the College of Holy Cross, where students have won 30 Fulbright Scholarships.

1. Applicants have to tell their story, with an eye to the opportunity they are seeking.

• Tell your story well

• The selection committee has 10-15 minutes to get to know you. It’s longer than an elevator pitch, but trim down your biography, especially awards and recognitions.

• In that time, focus the reader on parts of your story that relate MOST to your goals.

• Pick original, unique character traits. Almost everyone is going to note creativity and hardworking. o The Career Center has terrific handouts with power words and action verbs to describe yourself and diversify from the norm.

2. Applicants must “articulate a vision for their future.”

• Clear through the fog by thinking of ideal and practical short goals within a 3-year span then 5+ years. If you envision life beyond that, clearly, and know you’re not bound to what your personal statement says, make it noteworthy. That’ll reflect direction and show time invested in thinking about your future.• Committee members know that what you have down on paper does not determine your actual future.

• Think, how can grad school, Fulbright, etc. help you (besides giving you direction for or an answer to where you’re going)?

3. Applicants have to explain how the specific opportunity for which they are applying will connect their past achievements with their future goals.

• It’s answering that question you’ve heard in every English class… “So what?”

• How will this opportunity embellish your story? Better yet, how will it make you a better storyteller by having this valuable, untradeable chance to grow, learn, and explore?

• You’ll be noticed. By intentionally preparing for this last part, the “last paragraph” of your application process. Most students neglect this part and fall short.

“Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go.” – T.S. Eliot

Demonstrate how the school, fellowship or scholarship will help you in the short and long term. Look at your values – education, family, advocacy, professional pursuits and yourself now. Will you change? Will the idea of your dream shift?
Think beyond your first idea, writes Lang. Contemplate, ponder, ask, think it through. Develop a master plan and envision a Technicolor, textured and layered picture, not just a rough sketch for your future. Keep those ideas simmering. You never know what exciting turns life will take.

Curious to learn more? Read full article here.

Searching for jobs in Colorado?


If you’re searching for jobs in Colorado, you might try subscribing to Andrew Hudson’s Job List (weekly email job blast).  There are more than 200 jobs in today’s edition of AH Jobs List!

please view the online version here


Use this link to subscribe to the email:,18311,0&S=ilknqioxryv



Best wishes from your Career Center & GAMP office!

509-313-4234 or careercenter&

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