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Top Hiring Industries

New research just posted by the National Association of Colleges & Employers (NACE)
See article here:


Salary Survey: Top-Hiring Industries

Spotlight for Career Services Professionals
Spotlight for Recruiting Professionals
October 1, 2014

Educational services is the top-hiring industry for Class of 2014 bachelor’s degree graduates, according to results of NACE’s September 2014 Salary Survey.

These graduates received starting salaries that average more than $40,000. (See Figure 1.)

Employers in other top-hiring industries for Class of 2014 bachelor’s degree graduates paid starting salaries that averaged more than $50,000. These industries include professional, scientific, and technical services; federal, state, and local governments; and finance and insurance.

Meanwhile, healthcare and social assistance grads earned an average of more than $45,000 in their first year.

Data for the September 2014 Salary Survey report were retrieved in July 2014. An executive summary of the September 2014 Salary Survey report is available at

Figure 1: Top-Hiring Industries and Their Average Starting Salary

Top-Hiring Industries Average Starting Salary
Educational Services $41,923
Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services $55,535
Healthcare and Social Assistance $45,222
Federal, State, and Local Government $50,026
Finance and Insurance $57,683

Source: September 2014 Salary Survey, National Association of Colleges and Employers. All data are for bachelor’s degree graduates.

– See more at:

Tues 3/26 Connect Event: Leveraging Your GU Experience + Job Search Advice

“I think we all need a little pep talk…”

What can I do with a Gonzaga Liberal Arts Degree?


Don’t Miss This Event!


Tuesday, March 26th @ 5:30 p.m.

Foley Teleconference Room

Hear Career Advice from a GU Alum who Works at Microsoft as he talks about Leveraging Your GU Experience in Your Job Search and Career Path!

Great tips for Liberal Arts & Business majors alike!

RSVP appreciated through

Rick Collins will provide insights on how students can translate the knowledge and experience acquired at Gonzaga into a meaningful career field. Rick has taken a number of twists and turn in his own career and he will discuss how he was able to transfer his prior academic and career experiences into a variety of new and emerging career fields. Rick will also discuss the importance of personal branding and how to differentiate your Gonzaga experience in ways that have relevance for employers and sets you apart from your competition.

Bio of Rick Collins:

A GU alum with a Bachelor of Arts in Business and Communications, Rick Collins is currently Director of Business Development at Microsoft, with a focus on partnerships with Mobile phone companies and Broadband service providers to jointly distribute Microsoft devices and services to consumers and businesses around the world.

With a career spanning multiple industries including broadcasting, corporate marketing and communications, business training and education, and consumer software and services, Rick has consistently called on important learnings from his GU experience to help drive his own personal success and the success of the people and companies he has worked with throughout his career.

He joins us Tuesday, March 26th to share his insights on career success, and his thoughts on using the unique value of the GU experience and education for career advancement and growth.



WINNERS! Announcing Our New Twitter Followers & Facebook Likes!


Announcing Our New “Twitter Followers” & “Facebook Likes”

Zag Swag Prize Pack Winners!

Thank you to ALL of our new followers and likers as well as our “originals”! It’s important to the Career Center & GAMP to get relevant and timely career information, including jobs, internships, and event info, out to students and alumni of Gonzaga University!  We are thrilled to have each of you as part of our audience!!


50th and 100th New Twitter Followers from the 9/25/12 Outreach Campaign:

50th:  Stephanie Clay (@Steph_Clay)

100th:  Danielle Moorhouse ‏ (@danimoor17)

50th and 100th New Facebook Likes from the 9/25/12 Outreach Campaign:

50th:  Danielle Bushmaker

100th:  Brett Konzek

5th, 25th, 50th, 100th New Student Twitter Followers from the 9/5/12 “Italian Soda Social” Outreach Campaign:

5th:  David Sanchez (@dsanchezgu)

25th:  Izze Carter-Vincent (@izzecv)

Sadly, we did not reach 50 or 100 during this campaign.


Stop by the Career Center & GAMP Office to pick up your prize pack beginning Monday 10/8/12!

Get Ready to Rock… the Fair

As “Career Week” and the “Business & Liberal Arts Career Fair” rapidly approach, we would like to make you aware of the ways that the Career Center & GAMP is here to support and

Here is a schedule of the upcoming Career Week Events for:

(Monday, November 8th –  Friday, November 12th)

Monday, Nov. 8:

Speed Mock Interviews 6:30-8:30pm                 Herak Room

Tuesday, Nov. 9:

Career Fair 12:00-4:00pm                 Cataldo

To view a list of the employers attending the fair visit:

Wednesday, Nov. 10:

Corporate Excursions 1:30-3:30pm                   Downtown Spokane

Inland Northwest Health Services, 1:30-3:30

Visit St. Luke’s Rehabilitation Institute to learn about INHS’ various cutting edge technologies, patient care and more.  Meet staff members from various sectors of the INHS business to learn more about  career opportunities in fields in health care.

Focus on Academic Majors: Nursing, Biology, Biochemistry, Chemistry, Human Physiology, Computer Science. ***MBA, Health Care Administration***

(Note: Students interested in the general field of health care are highly encouraged to attend this Trek track.)

For more information, go to:

Desautel Hege Communications, 1:30-3:30

Learn about the brand of Desautel Hege Communications in a presentation aimed at highlighting the communication agency function as well as pro/cons of different professional avenues within the field.

Focus on Academic Majors: Public Relations, Applied Communications, Advertising, Marketing, Liberal Arts

(Note: On this excursion, space is extremely limited.  Per request of host, students who have not been exposed to the brand of Desautel Hege are encouraged to participate.)

For more information, go to:

Next IT, 1:30-3:30

Have you asked Spike a question on Gonzaga’s website?  Or asked Jenn a question on Alaska Airlines site?  If so, you have been a customer of Next IT’s innovative real-time customer service interface using their Human Emulation Software.  On this track learn how Next IT recruits all majors from business to psychology to form a cutting edge service.

Focus on Academic Majors:  Computer Science, Communications, Business, Marketing, Computer Engineering or any liberal arts degree.

For more information, go to:

Thursday, Nov. 11:

Résumé & Cover Letter Workshop                             12-1 pm                                                Road to Bali

Friday, Nov. 12:

How to Work a Room Workshop 12:00-1:00pm    Road to Bali

Spokane Trek Networking Social 5:30-8:00pm     Barrister Winery

To register and learn more about Career Week Events please visit:

We look forward to working with you!

Not Job Hunting? Six Reasons to Still Attend a Career Fair…

Dr. Joseph Barber

If you are a Freshman or Sophomore, sometimes it’s confusing of why to attend a Career Fair.  (Especially that our Engineering & Computer Science Fair is right around the corner on Oct. 4th) Well, courtesy of UPenn’s Career Center, check out these six things you can do at career fairs even if you aren’t actively looking for a job.

1) Hand people your well-formatted, mistake-free, Career Services’ critiqued resume. OK, if you are not looking for a job, this is one that you might be able to skip. But…, what happens if you are chatting with employers (see below), and someone asks about your experience, and then says, “do you have a resume I can take away with me?”. As you don’t want to miss this opportunity to network, which is the better answer:

  • “Errr…., no, but I can write my name and email on this napkin”
  • “Yes, this reflects my experience to date, and obviously I am going to be gaining more experience over the next few months/years. If I were interested in this type of opportunity, can you see any areas where additional experience might help me in this career field?”
  • “What’s a resume?”

2) Network. People with effective networks build them continuously over time, and may not seek anything from their contacts for many months or years. They spend their time developing and maintaining their network so that when they do need help, the network is already there for them, and the people within the network know and trust them. The best time to network from a career perspective is when you are not actively looking for a job. You have more time, and you come across as less desperate. If you work hard to help people remember you by staying in contact, then you increase the likelihood that they’ll be thinking of you when future job opportunities arise. So, take time at career fairs to share your information with people in different career fields, think of creative ways to maintain contact with them over time to establish an effective relationship, and ask the most important question of all to gain access to their network: “Do you anyone you think I should talk with to find out more information?

3) Think about Plan B. You may have your heart set on one type of job, or working at one specific organization, and it is important that you work hard to achieve what you want. However, it never hurts to have a back-up plan, your career Plan B. If you are a graduate student, then you may be planning on following the tenure track, and seeking only academic teaching or research positions. The academic job market is hard to predict, and will always be changeable, but it will always be highly competitive, and there will always be someone who does not get the job they interviewed for. We hope that person is not you, and we’ll work hard with you to help you be the successful one, but it never hurts to be thinking about Plan B. If you need to switch tracks at a future date, will you have enough transferable skills and experiences to make you a competitive candidate in a completely different career field? At the career fair you can ask recruiters what they are looking for in resumes for the types of jobs they have available now. They might be able to help identify the kind of experiences you can gain in the present, and over the next few months/years, that might make you competitive for other types of jobs in the future.

4) Tell people about yourself. The question “tell me about yourself” will come up whenever you meet new people (whether spoken or inferred), but can also be asked during phone and in-person interviews. You need to have an interesting, succinct, and confident answer. You are the expert in the subject of you, and so it is the one topic that you should have no hesitation talking about. Career fairs are a great place to practice talking about yourself, as you need to summarize who you are, what skills you have, where you want to be going in the future, and how the person you are talking with might be able to help, all within about 30-60 seconds. When you are networking, people need to know what your network goals are so that they know how they can help you. For example, are you looking for information, opportunities, or future contacts?

5) Talk about your research. Graduate students have two types of tricky questions to answer in terms of what they have been doing with themselves. When telling people about yourself, you will of course mention the research you do, but research is not the only topic you should talk about. The “tell me about yourself” answer needs to be slightly broader (e.g., what brought you to Penn, what are some of the key skills you have, how have your experiences changed the way you think about aspects of the world, and how do you see yourself using your knowledge and skills in the future). When talking more specifically about your research, you will need to summarize what you do in a way that makes your subject understandable to a range of different people with differing degrees of expertise in your specific area. Can you tailor a summary about your research on ancient Aramaic texts or Tribble genes to experts in the field and to HR representatives? Can you make your research interesting and relevant to them? Again, career fairs are a great way to practice talking about your research, and it does take practice.

6) See how it is done. You don’t want your first career fair to be the one where you need to find a job. You want to work out all of your career fair nerves beforehand. Even if you don’t talk to any employers (and you really should – they won’t bite), you can still watch how your peers handle themselves at career fairs? You can see how they are dressed, and whether they are keeping their right hand free to shake hands with people they meet, without having to juggle paperwork and drinks (and that means thinking about which shoulder to hang your bag on, so it doesn’t slip off when extending your hand). Small things can sometimes count when you are trying to make a good first impression. You can listen to the types of questions they ask, and you can learn to emulate or avoid the good or bad approaches they use.

Be sure to join us for our Career Fair season!

  • Engineering & Computer Science Fair, October 4th
  • Business & Liberal Arts Fair, Nov. 9th
  • Portland Trek Career Fair, Jan. 4th
  • Seattle Trek Career Fair, Jan. 7th
  • 17th Annual Partnership in Employment Fair, Feb. 24

From the University of Pennsylvania’s Blog “Penn & Beyond”

Accounting Students: Check It Out!

Hard to believe, but the recruiting season for accounting summer internships for 2011 is right around the corner!  The Career Center is here to help you to navigate the application process each step of the way!

Our recommendations is for these steps to be completed by September 1st to ensure that all deadlines for application process are met in plenty of time.

What do I need to do before I can apply for accounting recruiting?

  • Create a ZagTrax Account– If you are new to you will first need to create a profile to assist you with your employment search.
    • To begin, go to to access the login screen
    • Click on the “for students/alumni” link
    • Click on “Register”
    • Enter your GU student ID number (NOT YOUR SS#).
    • Fill in the asterisked fields and select a username (preferably your GU email) and click Submit.  You will receive a verification email from the Career Center including your password soon. Click on the link in the email, this will verify that the email entered is yours. NOTE: Please allow 24 hours for your account to be approved by the Career Center.
    • After receiving confirmation, login to your new account and complete your profile.  Click on Profile at the top of the screen.  Complete your personal and academic information thoroughly.  Employers use these fields to find target students that meet their criteria and the Career Center uses them for statistical information.
    • After completing all necessary fields for your profile click Save Changes And Continue (You may update your information at any time as your status changes).
  • Make sure your resume is in good shape
    • Drop-in Hours are Tuesdays from noon to 1:00.
    • Make an appointment by call 313-4234 or email
    • Click the Events tab at the top of your screen to see the available options for Resume Workshops
  • Upload your resume
    • Create your resume using Microsoft Word or similar word processing program (not a template).
    • Log into your account using the username and password you created.
    • Click on Documents at the top of the screen.
    • Click Add New at the bottom of the screen.
    • Create and enter a name for this resume in the “label” bar that will distinguish it from others you upload.
    • Select document type: “resume.”
    • Click Browse to locate the resume you saved.  When you locate the resume, click on the title.
    • Click Submit.
  • Make sure you have an unofficial copy of your transcript in ZagTrax. Some Employers do require it, it is your responsibility to contact the Career Center after your grades are in at 313-4234 or email us at and give us your name and ID number, we will order the transcript, scan it and upload it to your documents.
  • Make sure you have letters of recommendation in ZagTrax. Have the letter writer send their letter directly to the Career Center by Fax, Email or hard copy.

Fax: 509-313-5872
Address: 502 E. Boone Ave MSC 2462
Spokane, WA 99258

  • Where do I find the Accounting Jobs?
  • Go to
  • Select Students
  • Login with your username and password, if you have difficulty logging in use the ‘forgot password’ feature or contact the Career Center at 313-4234 or
  • Click the Jobs tab
  • Select ZagTrax Jobs
  • Change the “Show Me” box to: ‘All interviews’ and the “Industry” to “Accounting/Finance/Insurance”

This information will be updated as information comes in from the Accounting firms and firms will be added frequently.

How do I apply for the job?

  • Once you have found the job you want to apply for click the job title.
  • To the right you will see an “Application Status” box, select which resume, which cover letter and which transcript you would like to send and click Submit. If you do not have one uploaded you do have the option to add one in the Application Status box as well.

***IMPORTANT NOTE: Make sure you are watching the “RESUME SUBMISSION END” dates.  That is the date you have to submit your materials and every employer will be different. ***

Another Great Trek!

So, how did you spend your Spring Break?  Was it filled with sunshine and basketball watching in Vegas?  Or did you get the chance to visit numerous Fortune 500 companies like Google, McAfee, Wells Fargo and Marsh in the Bay Area, hosted by Gonzaga friends and alumni?

Last week 35 students and recent alumni joined up in San Jose and San Francisco to participate in the 3rd Annual Bay Area Treks.  Participants were given the chance to visit corporate offices of Google, McAfee, Stryker, Wells Fargo, Blue Shield and more.

In addition to visiting the corporate offices of these esteemed companies, students were given the chance to network with enthusiastic alumni who offered advice and knowledge.

Interested in joining us?  Let us know!  E-mail: that you are interested in more information about the 2011 Treks to Portland, Seattle and Bay Area.

Next Trek?  New York City!  Applications coming soon.

Trek Deadline Approaching!

Here are the top three reasons why you should consider attending this year:

  1. Tours specifically designed for Gonzaga students at industry leaders in both Silicon Valley and San Francisco.
  2. Insight to recruiting and hiring processes for both internship and full-time positions.
  3. Networking opportunities with key alumni and friends of Gonzaga.
  • Silicon Valley Excursions will take place March 11th with visits to Google, McAfee and Stryker Endoscopy
  • San Francisco Excursions will take place on March 12th with visits to: Wells Fargo, Marsh, Blue Shield of California, Deloitte, Baker Street Advertising

Cost: $35 per day or $60 for both Treks.  If you refer a friend to join you on the Trek you receive a $10 cash referral bonus!

Bay Trek Registration Deadline is Quickly Approaching!

Deadline for registration and payment is Friday, March 5th

To register, simply go to:

If you have questions or concerns regarding this amazing career development opportunity, please contact the GAMP office at or 313-4048.

We hope you join us for the 3rd Annual Bay Area Trek!

Best Foot Forward

Today the 16th Annual Partnership in Employment at the Spokane Convention Center is being hosted.  Here are some last minute tips before you go….
  • Find and meet the companies you planned to contact with.
  • Greet recruiters with confidence, enthusiasm, and focus.
  • Use a firm handshake, smile and maintain eye contact.
  • Take business cards with the intention of using them for follow up!
  • Interview with as many companies as possible, even if you don’t know much about the company.
  • Approach it as a learning experience.
  • Take notes of recruiters you interviewed with and ask the best way to follow-up.
  • Avoid eating, drinking and smoking around the recruiters.

Event Details: TODAY, 2-6 pm

Who: All students and alumni of Gonzaga, Eastern, Whitworth and WSU Spokane

Why: 71 Employers who want to meet and potentially recruit you!  Need a better reason than that?

Do you need a parking permit for the event?  Go here!

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